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How to Find LinkedIn ID with First Name, Last Name and Company

How to Find LinkedIn ID with First Name, Last Name and Company

When you have a list in your CRM without LinkedIn IDs, it’s difficult to email or call those leads without any context. Unless you know some background about them, how do you frame your intro email or phone call? Questions like ‘what are they really responsible for’, ‘what are their interests’, ‘do we have something in common’ – these questions go unanswered with just a name, title and company. So, the next obvious solution would be to find LinkedIn ID of those prospects and research that.

How to Find LinkedIn ID

Now that’s a great solution! But what if you have hundreds of records that doesn’t have LinkedIn profile URL? How are you going to fill them up? Finding LinkedIn IDs manually is going to take a large amount of time from your schedule; you could be using this time for more productive things. This is where a software such as LeadGrabber Pro can help you Find LinkedIn IDs of your Targeted Prospects with Name & Company.

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Automated way to Find LinkedIn URL in a Click

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to append LinkedIn URLs of hundreds of prospects with a click of a button. All you have to provide is Name and Company.

Here’s how you can do it in 3 steps:

  1. Import your Names and Companies from your CRM into LeadGrabber
  2. Click the Append LinkedIn ID button
  3. Once the Append process is done, export the updated list from LeadGrabber to CSV / Excel / your CRM

How does LeadGrabber Pro Find LinkedIn ID?

LeadGrabber is an automated, expert-level, Internet research tool. The software searches public documents and search engines to find LinkedIn ID. It instantaneously does real-time live research, so that all the data is correct and updated. It does not refer to any pre-built database, because those databases decay at the rate of ~2% a month.

How to find LinkedIn ID if a person no longer works in the same company?

LeadGrabber has the smarts to figure that out. It helps you Find LinkedIn ID even if a person has moved companies. And it will also mark that record with a different color so that you know the person has moved companies.

Can I get the updated business email address and phone number of the person who moved companies?

Yes, LeadGrabber does that for you too. Just click another button called “Append Email and Phone” – we made it that simple.

Can I try a few samples to see if Find LinkedIn ID works for me?

Yes, of course. Fill up this form and we will get back to you with a trial. Just make sure to tell us you are looking for the Append LinkedIn ID when we call you.

Automated List Building: Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible

Automated List Building: Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible

As a leadgen person, my primary job is to build targeted prospect lists from professional and social networking sites, run email campaigns, fix appointments with key decision makers and then pass on the baton to the sales team.

To do this, I would search for prospects based on the title, industry, location, company size, etc and build a list of prospects. Most often, these prospect lists will not have any business contact information. It means that I would only have a list of prospects with name and company name. I had to find business email addresses and phone numbers for those prospects to make the list usable. Once the list is ready, I would schedule them for email campaigns.

I wished if I had an LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool that can automate the above process, it would do a world of good to me.

My wish was granted.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool for Automated B2B List Building

Yes. eGrabber has come up with a powerful tool called LeadGrabber Scheduler that completely automates the B2B list building process.

All you have to do is search for your target prospects. Then you can go 100% hands free!

Yes, I mean it. This unmanned build scheduler tool does all the list building tasks for me.

How LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool  Works

Now, with the new tool what I do is,

Search for prospects based on title, location, industry, company size, etc. Most of the times, I would search for CEOs, CTOs, Founders, VPs, Directors, etc. The search results display thousands of profiles that run across many pages.

The next thing I do is add the search result to the scheduler. The entire search result is now split into smaller chunks of search results. For example, if the search result displays 2000 profiles, Scheduler splits the results into 4 sets of 500 profiles each. Scheduler can help you build up to 50,000 leads at one go.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler automatically schedules the B2B list building process on a daily basis. The Build Queue folder displays the daily builds. Based on the schedule, LeadGrabber Build Scheduler builds the list of prospects and then appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers of the prospects.

Automated List Building – No Manual Intervention

What’s more? Once the list is ready, the tool automatically sends an email along with the list to the specified email IDs.

I don’t have to manually intervene anymore. It’s all set!

Build lists even if you are out of office

I had to be out of office for a week and LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool came in handy for me.

I just set it up before I left for 1 whole week. During my absence, LeadGrabber Build Scheduler automatically built prospect lists for me. To be precise, 500 leads per day along with business email address and phone numbers. Also, the list was emailed to my colleague on a daily basis without any hassles.

What more can a leadgen person ask for?

Now, I run the tool and work on other tasks that need my attention.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool takes care of my list building tasks – It’s completely automated. You can’t find a better tool to automatically build targeted prospect lists.

Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible!

  • My B2B list building process is completely automated and taken care of.
  • I am able to save a huge amount of time which I would otherwise spend on building lists.
  • Now, I am able to spend more time with my prospects, follow up with them and close more sales than ever.

What are you waiting for?

Try Now.

How to Build an Email Marketing List for your Recruitment Agencies

How to Build an Email Marketing List for your Recruitment Agencies

This article is meant for Recruitment Agencies who are looking to find new clients. We focus on where you can go to build an email marketing list for outbound emailing purposes.

Read on to learn how you can build an email marketing list for your recruitment agencies.

2 Steps to build an email marketing list

  1. Define your target persona
  2. Search for your target persona:
    • A: On Job Boards – people who are hiring right now
    • B: On LinkedIn – people who are hiring right now
    • C: In Startups – they may need their first VPs
    • D: Finding people in groups you are not part of (LinkedIn X-Ray)
    • E: Finding companies by the Technology they use
    • F: Finding companies who are missing key players right now
    • G: Finding companies which are growing fast
    • H: Setting Email Alerts for Team Leads who move

If you are looking for the ways to build an email marketing / recruiter email list to communicate with current and potential employers who advertised on job boards, professional networks, forums etc. Try our free Email Marketing List Building Tool – Management Finder.

Step 1: Define your target persona

Take the last 10 clients you had. Visit their personal and company LinkedIn profiles, note down the following aspects of their profiles. We are going to use these aspects in searches that we will perform later on.

  • (the usual aspects)
    • current job titles they hold – yes, multiple titles
    • past job titles they have held – there are times when the decision maker’s early experience clearly defines what people they will hire in the future
    • industry of the personal profile – note this, but don’t give this too much weight; you’d be amazed how few people change their industry to keep up with their current position
    • company size
    • industry of the company profile
    • keywords in the Specialties section of the company profile
    • any unusual keywords in their personal profile
  • (the unusual aspects)
    • number of employees on LinkedIn – this is a different number than the company size parameter on LinkedIn – lots of companies grow and forget to update the Company Size field on their LinkedIn company page
    • which school they went to – useful while writing cold emails later on
    • which LinkedIn groups they are part of – remember, “A” players hang out where other “A” players are found
    • which skills are they recommended for – we have had amazing results from here

Write all these down in a scribble pad. Yes, use the pen and paper. It’s only 10 profiles. Its’ amazing what patterns you see when you write down stuff.

If writing does not work, use an Excel sheet. It’s useful when you repeat this exercise a few weeks or months later, if you so decide.

Step 2: Search for your target persona

In this section we are going to do actual searches with real results. Bookmark some of the links shared here and learn how to modify them for your needs. Bookmark this article too – because link formats change over time and sometimes break – if you remember this article, then you can always come back and work through the concepts again.

A: On Job Boards – people who are hiring right now

You probably know these places by now – but if you have a list of companies to capture, you should try the eGrabber Management Finder to build your list quickly.

A.1. Finding on Indeedcompanies which have posted their jobs more than 90 days ago ..

And they might still need help in filing their vacancies – chances are these companies are also forgotten by other recruiters. Besides, it’s not easy finding these companies, unless you know how to hack the indeed search url.

Copy this link and paste it in your browser. This link shows you Indeed Job posts for companies hiring DEVOPS.

Or, click this link. All the results you see will be between 90 and 120 days old. You will be seeing companies who have a need for DEVOPS.

The job posting itself might say “30+ days old”, but if you know how to check the underlying HTML source code, you will be able to find the actual date of posting! It’s amazing!

Here’s the breakdown of the link, for the expert reader…

The secret is in the &fromage=120&toage=90 part of the link. This part has a hidden command to to give back all job postings which are from 90 to 120 days old. If you like to increase that number upwards, you can do that too. Just change the 90 or the 120 part of the link. You cannot get to this special command from the Advanced Search of and no other Job Board offers this way of hacking the URL to get older job postings.

The sr=directhire part of the link removes all recruiting agencies from the results, so that you only get the actual companies who have a need ( and not a competitor )

The q=DEVOPS part of the link is where you put in your specialty. So if you are not selling DEVOPS outsourcing, type in the keywords of your specialty in place of the word DEVOPS.

Edit the link – put in your specialty. The link gives you results for those hiring DEVOPS. But you can edit that and put in your own specialty. For example,"Appointment Setting"&fromage=120&toage=90&sr=directhire

Or, click this link. Just make sure you edit the link in the browser address bar – DO NOT edit the text in the web page – if you edit the search keyword in the page instead of the browser address, then you lose the special 90-120 days power.

A.2. On LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Companies which are hiring right now – and are paying for LinkedIn Job Ads

Someone who is paying for LinkedIn Job Ads definitely has money – or the urgency. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has his hidden search function in the Accounts Search section that I am surprised to find that many people don’t know about. All the companies coming out of this search have live job ads.

When you are using the Company Search, use the “Company Specialties” that you noted down in Step 1. Also use the Company Industry, Department Headcount (we researched these as the number of employees on LinkedIn) to narrow down your searches. Once you have these, then use the check-marks next to the companies you like and then click the “View Current Employees

You will be taken to a people search where all the companies which have been check marked are added to the search results. (phew! imagine adding all those manually). Now use the Job Titles that you researched in Step 1 to Narrow down the people you need to contact in those companies. I highly recommend you also use the skills keywords too, if you found a pattern to them – I’ve found them highly accurate in narrowing down to the right decision maker.

If you still see people who are not in your target set, try using the LinkedIn Exclusion search filters to remove people you don’t want to see.

LeadGrabber Pro can get you the email addresses of all these decision Makers. Give LeadGrabber Pro a trial run or ask us to give you a quick demo.

A.3. Filling up vacancies which are not advertised

Extending from the same example above in A.2, if you proceed to the search results, you will find a section of the results which surprisingly few people pay attention to.

That section shows you the companies which have new hires. You will also see the actual people who have been hired.

There is a hidden gold mine here, because once you look at the new hires, you immediately find the company that they left. And chances are, that old company is still looking to fill the vacant position! This makes for a great cold call email as well: “Hi , we noticed that Jane Doe recently took a new appointment, would you like help to fill her role?”

B: On LinkedIn – people who are hiring right now

Here is a LinkedIn search of typical keywords decision makers use in their LinkedIn Headlines when they are hiring right now. You can also use this link to get the search (requires LinkedIn Sales Navigator).

If you are an expert at Boolean Search, then take a look at this curated list of LinkedIn Headlines of recruiters – perhaps you can figure out another way of finding people who are hiring.

C: In Startups – they may need their first VPs – this is our favorite site to search for startups. It’s got very good search filters and you can browse as many as you want for free. Try this AngelList search – it has the recently funded Series A and Series B companies. After the page loads, you should click on the “Joined” column header so that you get the recent-most additions first. Here are some other places where you can find a list of Startups.

Series A & Series B companies list from angelist

AngelList also gives you the list of founders. If you need the email addresses and the phone numbers of these founders, try eMail Prospector Pro. This link gives you the trial download where you can get 50 business email addresses for free.

D: Finding people in groups you are not part of (LinkedIn X-Ray)

When you were researching your existing clients in Step 1, did you note down the LinkedIn Groups that your clients were part of? Good. We are going to use those Groups now. You might be wondering how to search those groups because you can only be a member of the group through permission. Some groups which are exclusive to decision makers will not allow a recruiter in.

LinkedIn X-Ray works here. Try this search. It yields the members of the “Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Startup Group” on Google. Add extra keywords which you researched in Step 1 to narrow down your results. Or change the group name to your targeted group. “Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Startup Group”

E: Finding companies by the Technology they use

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has recently updated its Technology filter so that you can find companies who use a particular technology. For instance, this search gives you companies which use Salesforce and this search gives companies which use Infusionsoft. The list of technologies is not exhaustive, but there are a few niche ones in there. You should take a look at the list.

Do you have a list of companies, and you want the Decision Makers, along with business email address, phone numbers? Give eGrabber Management Finder a try. Paste the list of companies, and tell it what job titles you are looking for. It does the rest for you, finding Name of the decision maker, verified business email, phone number, and social profile links.

If you want an online demo of the Management-Finder tool, fill up this form and we will get back to you.

F: Finding companies who are missing key players right now

The key in this technique is searching for the profile of the candidates you would normally place first, and then finding those candidates who moved recently. Why? That’s because if key candidates moved, then their older company might be still looking for a replacement. In your Sales Navigator, use the second tab “Changed Job in the last 90 days” to find candidates who recently moved – then target the older company they moved from

G: Finding companies which are growing fast

Try the new “Company Headcount growth” filer in Sales Navigator. I’ve usually found good results with companies growing 10% or more. The idea is, if a company is already growing, chances are they will be stretched thin to fill up positions which are still existing, or positions which are going vacant because of the normal turnover rate. Now might be a good time to reach out, if they need some help.

H: Setting Email Alerts for Team Leads who move

A trick strategy I learned from an Expert Recruiter was to keep tabs on the Key Leaders, Top Performers and Team Leads in hot companies. Whenever the leader shifts companies, it is time to harvest :ahem: recruit-out the rest of the team.

Here is how you setup an email alert system so that you know when the leaders change jobs… this is an arduous process to setup, but once setup, you have an amazing alarm system that will go off whenever there is an opportunity. Here’s how you setup the email alert system:

  1. Find the key players, key decision makers and top performing managers and team leads in your industry
  2. TAG them in your LinkedIn
  3. Once tagging is done, do a search on them so that only those people turn up in the search results.
  4. In the search results, click the second tab
    Changed Job in the last 90 days“. If you don’t have this tab in your search results, add this text to the end of the url “&spotlight=RECENT_POSITION_CHANGE” – don’t worry if no results show up
  5. Now Save this LinkedIn search and request to be alerted by email. Set a frequent polling rate.

Now watch your Inbox for people who move.

How to setup LinkedIn Email Alerts for Team Leads Who Move – Video only no audio

What are you waiting for?

Use Management Finder to build an email marketing list for your recruiting agencies.

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How to Get in Front of Top Decision Makers

How to Get in Front of Top Decision Makers

Top Decision Makers – You have a world-class product that can help your prospects’ businesses to improve productivity, streamline processes, acquire more clients, earn more revenue and soar high; how would you get this across to your prospects?

how to get infront of decision makers
Find Decision Maker in a Company

Get in front of Top Decision Makers

You cannot just get in touch with any employee of the company and be assured that you get the desired results.

Especially in B2B, you have to get in front of ‘right person’ in your target companies. You have got to find the “right” person in the company who makes the decision to buy your product and also has the authority to do it.

Most of the decision making authority belong to the C-Suite including the CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, Directors, VPs, Founders, Co-Founders, and other top management executives.

These people are always busy attending meetings, participating in events, travelling and a lot of other things.

Challenges to reach Decision Makers

Gaining access to these decision makers is a daunting task for B2B marketers. Also, they are well guarded by gatekeepers as well.

Another interesting thing is that you could not find the decision maker contact information easily on the website or anywhere else on the web.

You have no other choice but to reach the decision maker but you couldn’t.

How would you go about it?

Some marketing folks manually search the Internet, professional and social networking sites, company websites and other web sources to look for decision-making person and their contact information.

They spend a lot of time and effort but don’t get the expected results that they would like to have. This is where an automated lead generation software such as LeadGrabber MF Pro comes handy.

Smart tool to get you ‘right person’ in the company

LeadGrabber MF Pro is a powerful software that helps you to quickly find decision makers based on industry, location, title, etc. The software intelligently performs deep web searches and finds the ‘right person’ in your target companies.

What’s more? The software also helps you find decision makers contact information. It helps you to append verified business email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers in no time.

If you have a list of targeted companies, LeadGrabber MF Pro finds key decision makers in those companies and appends their business contact information.

Import Companies List in to Management Finder
Import Companies List into Management Finder

Your targeted prospect list is ready!

Now, you don’t have to think about tackling gatekeepers. LeadGrabber MF Pro helps you bypass them.

All you have to do is email your well-crafted marketing message to get in front of top decision makers in your target companies.

Download your Free Trial Today, Get 50 Contacts for FREE!


LinkedIn – How to remove Non-Decision-Makers from your search

LinkedIn – How to remove Non-Decision-Makers from your search

As a regular user of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, many times I’ve been overwhelmed with the search results from LinkedIn. For instance, the other day I was looking for people who were responsible for marketing and revenue in my target demography; I was expecting to find CEO’s and CMO’s. However, LinkedIn also offered me Board Members, Chief Happiness Officers, and other “Chief”tains.

Not only did the wrong results clutter my search, they also distracted me. I found myself clicking to find out what the “Chief Happiness Officer” did – not exactly the right thing to do when working on a deadline!

Get to the Right people by removing the Wrong people

Part of my problem – and I’ve found this is true for a lot of people – I don’t want to lose out on anybody in my potential market. There are times when I have found the Co-Founders to be responsible for revenue, and at other times, there are rare job titles that I want to catch, like “Chief of Revenue”, or “Chief Sales Officer”.

So I find myself using the “Seniority” filter in the LinkedIn search very often. This way, I can specify “CXO” and get a list of the top executives. I don’t lose anybody – but I also get a lot of people I don’t want to talk to.

I DON’T want to speak to Board Members, …

Introducing the “Exclude” filter of LinkedIn

Lucky for us, LinkedIn has introduced the “Exclude” filter recently. It’s a great tool so that you can zoom out to a larger audience, and then hand-pick the sub-categories you don’t want and remove them from the search results. This is a Search Expert’s dream come true. YOU DON’T LOSE ANYBODY.

LinkedIn has support for the “NOT” boolean command, but that was previously restricted to the keyword filter alone. I’ve never been happy with the results of the “NOT” keyword. You can’t use the “NOT” keyword without supporting parenthesis and the other tools of the advanced boolean searcher. But that argument is for another day.

Here’s how to use the new “Exclude” filter of LinkedIn

Here’s how I used the Exclude filter to remove the “Board members” from my search. I want to remove “Board member”, “Board advisers”, “Board Advisory”, “Board Chair”, “Board whatever“,… so I just type in “Board” first.

Step 1: Type in the title you want to remove and hit Return on your keyboard

Once you press Enter on your keyboard, the title gets added with a blue color. You will get MORE Board members on your search result… but bear with me for a moment.

Hover your mouse cursor over the blue “pill” with the word “board” inside it. It will now see a “stop” icon. CLICK THE STOP ICON.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the word and click the STOP icon

Magic! All the Board Members Gone! in a SNAP! 😉

Moving ahead, as I went through the various pages of search results, I added in titles that I didn’t want to see. Here’s the complete list, and here is the link to the search result, in case you want to copy it and save it as a search template

Did you find this useful? SHARE THIS ON LINKEDIN! You never know when a friend might need it!

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

LeadGen is faster when you have a Lead-List. Introducing the Fastest way to Build a list of Leads: it’s a software called LeadGrabber Pro.

Pull up a list of prospects who you are interested in. Press a button in LeadGrabber Pro > You get a spreadsheet of Names, Companies, Job titles, along with Verified Business Email addresses & Phone numbers.

You can use the spreadsheet of contacts for:

  • Building a new audience list
  • Getting fresh prospects into your pipeline
  • Inviting them for webinars and events
  • Email outreach campaigns
  • Phone campaigns
  • Reaching out on LinkedIn
  • Google or Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Beta user sign-ups
  • many more…

Download LeadGrabber Pro. Build a list of 50 contacts immediately, for free.

Fill the form and you will get 1 license key for LeadGrabber Pro delivered to the email address you provide. You will also get the download-setup of LeadGrabber Pro.

How to Build an Telemarketing Lists from Google Maps

How to Build an Telemarketing Lists from Google Maps

Telemarketing lists – Google Maps has become one of the most favorite tools for sales & marketing professionals these days.

Sales & marketing pros? Yes, you read that right.

Google Maps is no longer a tool that helps you to only navigate routes. It also helps you drive sales for your business. Google Maps helps you to build telemarketing phone numbers lists based on the location and industry.

Location-Based Telemarketing Lists

Let’s say you search for “Plumbers in California” in Google Maps.

Google Maps displays the list of plumbers in California. The company names are listed on the left hand side and their corresponding locations are displayed on the map.

Build Plumbers Contact List from Google Maps
Search for plumbers in California

The company names listed on the left-hand side also includes their consumer rating, location and working hours details. The list runs to multiple pages. When you click on the desired company name, it displays more details about the company.

Information such as company address, plus code, company website URL, business phone numbers, etc. You can also see if the firm is open, closed or open 24 hours, etc. In addition, driving directions, nearby locations and options to share the location are also displayed.

So Google Maps helps you to find the list of plumbers in California.

The next step is to get those companies and their business contact information into an Excel sheet or your database.

How would you go about it?

You have to manually click each company name and copy-paste the company information into your database.

Extract Plumbers Business Mailing List from Google Maps
Extract plumbers phone numbers list from Google Maps

Your search result runs to multiple pages and you have to do it manually for all the companies in the search result if you want to build a telemarketing phone numbers list which is very tiresome and time consuming. Also, manual data entry is prone for typos that will affect the quality of the list. This is where a Google Maps extractor software such as ListGrabber can be handy.

One-Click Solution to build Telemarketing Phone Numbers Lists

ListGrabber helps you to build telemarketing phone numbers lists in a single click. All you have to do is just select the search results and click on the Grab button.

Extract Telemarketing Contact Lists from Google Maps
Telemarketing contact lists

ListGrabber instantly extracts the company name, address, phone number, website URL etc. and helps you to build your telemarketing list. You don’t have to manually navigate to the next page in your search result. ListGrabber automatically navigates to the next page and builds you the contact list. You can build any number of telemarketing lists based on any location and industry.

What are you waiting for?

Use ListGrabber to drive sales leads from Google Maps.

Download your FREE Trial Today, Get 50 Contacts FREE!

To extract contacts/data from Google Maps, you must install ListGrabber google chrome plugin also after installed this software on your computer– Watch Video