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How To: Configure a LeadGrabber for a MAC user (using Amazon WebSpaces)

How To: Configure a LeadGrabber for a MAC user (using Amazon WebSpaces)

Clinton Rozario

Clinton Rozario

Product Manager at eGrabber
Clinton Rozario is a B2B List Building technology expert and architected LeadGrabber Pro, the B2B List Building Tool from eGrabber. Clinton joined eGrabber in 2003. He held key roles in R&D, developing strategic and proprietary technologies. He is now responsible for development of eGrabber's List Building and List Completion Tool Suite. He is also available on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Clinton Rozario

Please make sure you follow this step-by-step instruction set to avoid customer issues.

You need to first connect yourself to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC (step #1).
Then you need to set it up (steps #2-#4).
Then you need to connect the customer to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC (step #5).


Step #1: Collect Credentials and connect yourself to Amazon WebSpaces

  • Download and install a Client for your Windows:
  • Launch the client and enter the following registration code: WSpdx+GZB???  -> get this from Surendra
  • Login with your password. Your username: xxxxx , password: xxxxx -> get these from Surendra
  • Client Installation will look like this – just move ahead with the screensamazon_client_step1
  • After installation, the client looks like this
  • When connecting from behind our network, you need to enter the proxy details

Step #2: Install LDG and plugins on Amazon

  • Now that you are connected to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC,
    Install LeadGrabber on it, with all the Live Updates.
  • Complete the Purchase Key registration also.

Step #3: Install Third Party Apps on Amazon

Install HMA: This is the usual method you are familiar with

Install Box:  You need a way to export the grabbed data from Amazon to the client’s MAC. You cannot copy-paste a file from Amazon to the Mac. So, we take an alternate route.

  • Register for the the Personal (free) edition of Box ( ) – You need the CUSTOMER to register with Box using their personal/business Email ID – (we have chosen the Box file sync’g solution because this is reliable, is free, and installs on Amazon – DropBox does not install on Amazon)
  • Download the Box client in the Amazon Windows PC
  • Download the Box client in the Customer’s MAC
  • Use the SAME Box login credentials in both – only then can you transfer from the Amazon Windows PC to the Customer’s MAC

Step #4: Install LDG CSV-Export Plugin on Amazon

  • This is the final step to get LDG data out of Amazon.
  • Typically the “Copy” button in LDG will export the grid contents to the Desktop. This INI setting change allows LDG to export the grid contents to the Box folder.
  • Once the grid contents are saved in the Box folder, Box makes a copy of the file on the Customer’s Mac system
  • Install this plugin to LDG.
  • After installation change this INI-FILE setting:INI-FILE PATH: %ProgramData%\eGrabber\LeadGrabber Pro\Settings.iniAdd this text to the bottom of the file. Edit the LOC to the actual Box folder location. The  'trialuser‘ part changes from one installation to another.[EXPATH]
    LOC= "D:\Users\trialuser\Box Sync"

Step #5: Install Amazon client on customer machine(s) and train them on LeadGrabber

  • Download and install Amazon client in CUSTOMER’s MAC:
  • Enter credentials and train them to use LeadGrabber



1. You can install the Amazon Windows Client on any number of devices, any number of times. The customer should use the same login credentials.

2. Only one person can access the Amazon Windows PC at one time. If another tries to access the same login, the earlier person is cut off from the session – (works just like Windows Remote Desktop)

3. If the customer wants to view the Excel files on the Amazon Windows PC, you can install the free Microsoft Excel Viewer (on the Amazon Windows PC) – setup is available here

Why Pay for Bad Leads When you can Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster

Why Pay for Bad Leads When you can Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster

All companies, big and small, have one thing in common to say about leads – that the leads are bad. Many companies can’t afford to spend time on lead generation and therefore opt to buy lists.

But the question is, though it is one of the easiest ways to acquire a prospect list, is that investment worth it? You spend thousands of dollars on a list believing you can improve your ROI by 10/20/30x in a very short time. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Why?

The reasons are:

  • The data is unreliable & outdated –  List vendors usually store data over a period of time. Therefore chances are that they might be very old data, not updated for a while, incomplete or even obsolete. A Hubspot study says that marketing databases degrade about 22.5% every year. So if your marketing data is not reliable, updated and accurate, all your marketing efforts & campaigns would turn into a disaster.
  • Lists from vendors are highly expensive – Some of the popular online database companies charge you exorbitantly. Moreover, you pay and receive the list what your vendor provides and therefore you don’t have the liberty to choose the leads. If you are going after niche markets, the chances are that only a handful leads will be useful. So whatever money that you spent on other leads goes in vain.
  • You lose your competitive edge – Your list vendor sells the same list to your competitor as well and many more companies like you as well.

So all you get is a list of suspects that is often incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable and not exclusive.

If you don’t have a B2B prospect list with complete business contact information, how would you reach them and what difference will it make even if you have the world’s best product or service. This is where a B2B lead generation tool such as LeadGrabber Pro can make a huge difference.

LeadGrabber Pro Helps You Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster!

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to:

  • Generate fresh B2B sales leads – From online directories, social and professional networking sites.
  • Find business email addresses of the prospects and their co-workers as well – Also helps you to intelligently project email addresses.
  • Find C-Level executives/decision makers along with their contact information.
  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Transfer leads to any popular database with a click.
  • Generate B2B sales leads cost-effectively.

Download Free Trial Now!


How to generate Leads from Marketing and Advertising industry for free?

How to generate Leads from Marketing and Advertising industry for free?

The traditional marketing and advertising don’t attract consumers anymore as it did some years ago. Consumers are tired of it. That is why the marketing and advertising industry is moving into a digital era that is well supported by the latest technology and innovation.

Some of the latest trends in the industry are leveraging the mobile platform to reach consumers through interactive & interesting video content, developing mobile-friendly apps, etc. Influencers are going to make a huge impact on the consumers in making buying decisions.

In addition, Internet and data will have a major role, and also, companies are using wearable technology to know the audience behavior and habits. So there is a lot of personal approach to all the marketing activities.

With a lot of buzz in and around the marketing & advertising industry, there is always going to be a lot of business opportunities.

Let us see how we can generate leads from marketing and advertising industry for free from the Internet.

Free? Yes, you read that right.

We’ll show you how to generate leads for free from the Internet.

How to Generate Marketing and Advertising Leads Based on Title

Some of the job titles related to the marketing and advertising industry are: Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Vice President Global Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Marketing Strategist, Online Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Digital Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, etc.

For example, if you are looking for Digital Marketing Strategist profiles, the search syntax is:

“Title” “industry” –intitle:profiles –inurl:dir/ ( OR

The Google search script is:

“Digital Marketing Strategist” “Marketing and Advertising” -intitle:profiles -inurl:dir/ ( OR

How to Generate Marketing and Advertising Leads

The above search script provides results from across the globe.

If you want to narrow down your search to a specific location, you can do that by tweaking the search script.

How to Find Marketing and Advertising Leads based on Specific Title & Location

For example, if you want to find “Digital Marketing Strategist” profiles from “Greater San Diego Area“, the search script will be:

“Digital Marketing Strategist” “Marketing and Advertising” “Greater San Diego Area” -intitle:profiles -inurl:dir/ ( OR

How to Find Marketing and Advertising Leads

Similarly, you can replace the title and location to search profiles based on your requirements.

For example, if you want to find Chief Marketing Officer profiles from San Francisco Bay Area, the search script will be:

“Chief Marketing Officer” “Marketing and Advertising” “San Francisco Bay Area” -intitle:profiles -inurl:dir/ ( OR

how to find chief marketing officer profiles

Alternatively, you can also use the following script to find Chief Marketing Officer profiles from San Francisco Bay Area

“Chief Marketing Officer” “Marketing and Advertising” “San Francisco Bay Area”

How to Generate Marketing and Advertising Leads through LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a goldmine of leads. But LinkedIn has a lot of limitations that will handicap your chances of leveraging it to its fullest potential. But you can search LinkedIn groups through Google.

For example, let’s say we want to search for profiles from a group called Mobile Marketing & Advertising that has over 200,000 members. The search script is:

“Mobile Marketing & Advertising” “united states”

How to Generate Marketing and Advertising Leads through LinkedIn

The above search script will help you find members of the group ‘Mobile Marketing & Advertising‘ who are from the United States.

If you want to find members from other countries, you can just change the location. Say if you want to find member profiles from Canada, the search script is:

“Mobile Marketing & Advertising” “Canada”

X-ray search LinkedIn for Marketing and Advertising Profiles

One of the advantages of using custom search engines is that you don’t need to struggle with the search scripts.

All you need to do is just enter the keywords for the profiles you are searching for. You will get a more refined search results.

For example, if you are looking for “Digital Marketing Consultant” profiles in “California”, you need to just enter those keywords and search.

How to Generate Leads from Linkedin Group


B2B Lead Generation Software

How to find Retail Finance Director Profiles in London?

How to find Retail Finance Director Profiles in London?

The retail industry landscape is getting more complex each day and is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Some of the significant changes are changing demographics, more educated customers, new sales channel formats, people, technology, etc.

Industry experts have predicted that one of the major challenges in the retail industry would be people, be it employees or prospects.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can find retail finance director profiles in London, using Free Sources on the Internet.

You would agree that you cannot find C-level executives such as finance directors easily; however, the following tips will help you find them quite easily.

1. How to search Google for Finance Director profiles

Let us see how we can use Google to find finance director profiles from retail industry in London.

The search syntax is:

“<Industry>” “<Job Title>” “<Location>” ( OR -“pub/dir”

The search script is:

“Retail” “Finance Director” “London United Kingdom” ( OR -“pub/dir”

How to search Google for Finance Director profiles

Some of the similar titles for Finance director profiles are CFO, VP Finance, Financial Controller, etc. and you can find below the search results for these C-level profiles.

If you are looking for “CFO” profiles, then the search script is:

“Retail” “CFO” “London United Kingdom” ( OR -“pub/dir”

If you want to find “VP Finance” profiles, then the search script is:

“Retail” “VP Finance” “London United Kingdom” ( OR -“pub/dir”

If you want to find “Financial Controller” profiles, the search script is:

“Retail” “Financial Controller” “London United Kingdom” ( OR -“pub/dir”

If you want to search for other titles such as “Chief Accounting Executive”, “Chief Accounting Officer” or any other title you are looking for, you can just replace the title, industry and location to find C-level profiles based on your requirements.

2. Search finance director profiles via LinkedIn Advanced Search

LinkedIn Advanced search is another way to find C-level executives. The advantage here is that you will get a more refined search results.

Just login to your LinkedIn account.

Click Advanced and enter the search criteria.

Click Search.

The results are displayed instantly.

Search C-level profiles via LinkedIn Advanced Search

3. How to search LinkedIn Groups through Bing

LinkedIn Groups is a goldmine for prospects and candidates. You can find the desired people profiles from groups, contact and reach them.

The interesting part is, you can find profiles from LinkedIn groups even if you don’t belong to those groups.

Here, we will see how we can search for profiles from LinkedIn Groups through Bing.

For example, if you want to find profiles from Retail Industry Professionals Group,

The search syntax is:

“<LinkedIn Group Name>” “<Job Title>” “<Location>” ( OR -“pub/dir”

The search script is:

“Retail Industry Professionals Group” “Finance Director” “London” ( OR -“pub/dir”

How to search LinkedIn Groups through Bing

Similarly, if you want to look for “CFO” profiles from the group “Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Network – The #1 Group for CFOs” the search script is:

“Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Network – The #1 Group for CFOs” “Finance Director” “London” ( OR -“pub/dir”

How to find CFO profiles

4. How to search twitter for finance director profiles is a place where you can search lists based on categories.

Note: You have to login to using your Twitter account credentials.

Once you have logged in, click on Categories.

It displays the various lists based on categories.

In the search box, enter ‘retail’ and click Search.

The results are displayed.

Select the relevant list based on your requirements. You will find profiles related to it.


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How to Generate Sales Leads in Healthcare industry for Free?

How to Generate Sales Leads in Healthcare industry for Free?

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry with more than 780,000 companies and 16.8 million employees in the US alone. Generating sales leads in this huge industry with various subgroups such as Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Healthcare and Medical Devices is not an easy task.

You have to spend a lot of time looking for prospects from various sources and at the same time, you got to be very specific in your search to get the desired results.

When you hear the word ‘search,’ you would instantly think of Google. Yes, that’s true. But in addition to Google, you can also leverage other popular search engines such as and to search for prospects.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can generate sales leads by leveraging the top search engines and professional networking sites for free.

Here we go!

How to search product manager profiles from AOL

Let us see how we can search for product manager profiles from pharmaceuticals industry in San Francisco Bay Area using AOL.

The search syntax is:

“<Industry>” “<Job Title>” “<Location>” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

The search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “product manager” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Product manager Leads

Job titles can be tricky. You may not have the same job titles across all companies. So you got to identify similar job titles to search prospects.

For example, ‘marketing manager’ – ‘chief marketing officer’

Some companies might have either one of the above or both. To ensure that you don’t miss out your targeted prospects, you can try searching both.

If you are searching for marketing manager profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “marketing manager” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals marketing manager Leads

If you are searching for chief marketing officer profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “chief marketing officer” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Similarly, you can replace the industry and location to get the results based on your requirements.

If you are looking for doctors in hospitals, you cannot expect the titles to be the same across all hospitals as well. Some hospitals might have Chief of Radiology, some might have Section Chief – Radiology or Oncology or Hospital Section Chief or Hospital Section Administrators and so on. So you got to be careful in identifying and searching for profiles.

How to search profiles via LinkedIn People Search

Another way to generate sales leads is through LinkedIn People Search. It provides a lot of filters to narrow down your search results. We will see how we can make the most of it.

All you need to do is, log into your LinkedIn account.

Search for people, click All Filters and enter the search criteria as shown in the image given below.

generate healthcare sales leadsClick Apply.

The results are displayed with a click of a button.

generate healthcare sales leads list

How to search LinkedIn Groups through Google

LinkedIn Groups is one huge source where you can find targeted prospects. But some of the challenges are, you need to join the respective groups to view its members and then look for ways to reach your prospects. Another limitation is that you cannot join more than 50 groups in LinkedIn, and most of the groups are restricted and doesn’t allow everyone to join.

But the following search script will help you to search LinkedIn Groups through Google.

You can search for prospects from LinkedIn groups through Google even if you are not a member of that group.

For example, if you want to search prospects from the group Healthcare Executives Network, the search syntax is:

“”<LinkedIn Group Name>” ” “See who you know in common” “<Job Title>” “Location * <Exact Location>”

“”Healthcare Executives Network” ” “See who you know in common” “product manager” “Location * San Francisco Bay Area”

Search results for Helathcare Executives

Similarly, if you want to search prospects from the group Medical Device Guru, the search script is:

“Medical Device Guru” “See who you know in common” “Location * San Francisco Bay Area”

How to search Twitter for Product Manager profiles

Twitter is also one of the sources to look for prospects.

The following search script will help you to search product manager profiles from San Francisco Bay Area. –inurl: (search|favorites|status|statuses|jobs) -intitle: (job|jobs) -recruiter -HR -careers “product manager” “san francisco bay area”

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B lead generation software that enables you to generate sales leads from healthcare industry (or any other industry). You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually search for prospects or generate sales leads. The B2B lead generation tool enables you to find targeted sales leads, append verified business email addresses and phone numbers, and build your own targeted prospect list that no one has.

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Mail, Phone, Fax, Email are dying. How do you reach your prospects now?

Mail, Phone, Fax, Email are dying. How do you reach your prospects now?

Nishi Kanth

Nishi Kanth

Product Marketing Manager and Prospecting Expert at eGrabber Inc
I am an expert in social lead generation and social media prospecting. I use and market tools and can help sales and marketing professionals in targeted prospecting for improved responses and conversions.
Nishi Kanth

eGrabber’s social selling academy asks Flyn Penoyer on the present and future of B2B selling.

eGrabber recently launched the Social Selling Academy. The aim of this academy is to offer professional advice by experts with proven track record of results. This academy is designed for sales and marketing professionals involved in cold calling, email marketing, lead generation to prospecting and prospect follow up. As a part of this initiative, we present to you our first personal interview with Flyn Penoyer.

Flyn is a seasoned sales trainer and coach and has helped numerous companies define, refine and redefine their sales organizations. He has authored several articles and blog posts that give some very fine and unique tips on how sales managers can achieve their targets better and easier.

It is indeed our pleasure to present excerpts of this interview

Flyn, at the outset thanks for your time. I know you are a very busy man. Please tell our readers what keeps you busy

Well, the thing that is making me most busy at this time is finishing up a book on selling, “The Sales Pro’s Bible” that will be published by Motivational Press. I also have a number of clients I’m currently helping to install my training system so they can drive their own training.

You have been around for a bit. Would you mind telling us a little about your background?

What motivated you to do what you are doing now?

Well I’ve been in sales for ever. My first job in sales was working for a magazine distributor selling magazines to housewives, when there were housewives, in 1972. When I graduated in 1973 I was promoted and given my own office. Then, I spent 7 year in consumer sales, much of that managing call centers. I then spent another 7 or 8 years running inside sales for companies like Dysan, Memorex, and Logitech.

In late 1985 I started my sales consulting practices and have been doing it ever since. And from 1997 to 2000 I worked for the American Management Association writing a book on telephone sales then teaching and developing sales courses for their public seminar series. I wrote the original version of their Time and Territory Management program.

I notice that you have helped some of your customers achieve a 300% increase in the run rate of their sales teams and that is in less than 8 months. What did you actually do? Please can you share the secret with us!

Actually, I’ve had an even better result; I got a 285% increase in about 3 months with one of my consulting clients. Recently I got a 97% result in about 3 weeks.

Part of my secret may be just a gift for inside sales groups. I’ve always gotten immediate double digit increases after taking on a new group as manager or in a consulting role.

The first secret is that I focus all of my skills training through the sales process. I make an attempt to add the skill to the sales process first, and then teach it as part of the salespeople’s actual sales process. This eliminates the large gap between learning a skill in the classroom and applying it in the real world.

I also take a unique approach to training that avoids what I consider systemic flaws in the current training models. The biggest being a complete absence of the application of study technology. This tech is responsible for delivering “competence,” the ability to do what was studied. My training is always at least 50% tactical in nature – that time is spent brainstorming with the reps their live-recorded calls. This I’ve found is the most powerful way to teach sales skills.

For those interested there’s lots of stuff on my websites on these subjects, even some tools to help do-it-yourselves. I also have an article on how to raise results at

LinkedIn training and networking seems to be a primary area of your interest. Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is actually a secondary interest to my sales training efforts. However, for a number of years I ran a LinkedIn resource website for those wishing to use LinkedIn for business. With my sales, marketing, and networking background I developed some very powerful stuff. It’s called

All my current LinkedIn training and efforts are focused on salespeople within the scope of my website. There’s a recorded session I did for noted copywriter Bob Bly’s subscribers on the site – it’s over 60 minutes of great stuff.

Speaking of LinkedIn, eGrabber provides expert consulting and support on LinkedIn prospecting. I know you use some of our tools.What is your experience with them?

I may have an advantage over many. As a one-man-show I got more leads out of your eGrabber tool during my training on the product than I could consume in months. It is a fabulous tool for anyone needing to create prospect lists.

I actually use the Account-Researcher tool all the time. I have a number of saved searches in LinkedIn that generate notices from LinkedIn of new people found. When I get them, I use Account Researcher to gather the data I need to approach these people. 

Let me share a little secret with you. The entire team at eGrabber is always excited to have you on-board with us. Several of my customers tell me that your webinars were the best and the tips that you gave them worked really well. How does it feel to be associated with us?

I am delighted with this relationship. It has been fun and mutually profitable. I would say to anyone thinking about doing business with eGrabber – don’t hesitate, they’re great folks. I know, I’ve been working with them for years from multiple angles.

I have recently come across an article saying that there is a total paradigm shift in the way companies are marketing their offerings. Social media, LinkedIn, to say so, is the present and the far future. Do you agree on this?

This is an interesting question. I am not sure I agree with the masses on what is happening.

But I can tell you that decision-makers are becoming more and more protected by technology that ever before. I’m not sure this is good – a lot of times you call on a company and you can’t even get to a live person let alone the decision maker whose name you know.

I think it’s become far more important to understand marketing and copywriting than ever before.

I do believe that companies have more knowledge of what their buying and more choices than ever before. This means it’s even more important that you stand out above your competitors if you are to be successful.

I think the paradigm shift is that the phone, fax, and email channels of communication are so shut down; social media is now one of the few ways to reach the decision makers. 

You being a user of our tools and also an independent sales guru, what is that single most difference you see eGrabber’s tools making to the sales organizations?

Account-Researcher basically get you the information you need to engage more quickly than you can do it yourself. And they get quality information. The products also put a lot of the information you might want in your prep for calling in one easy to use place.

I cannot recommend enough, and would do so even without the wide relationship I have with you folks.

Why don’t you tell our readers the Top 5 rules of LinkedIn?

  1. Treat LinkedIn as a marketing channel – like TV, magazines, or direct mail.
  2. Develop “networking relationships” before attempting the business ones to avoid the “cold call” atmosphere.
  3. Provide VALUE to others and never spam or mass mail.
  4. Don’t sell in public, even when the poster asks for your services or products.
  5. Use the groups to engage when possible and not the LinkedIn functions like endorsements, or invitations.

Finally, what do you think are the three biggest misconceptions sales professionals have on areas such as cold calling, social selling etc.

That research warms the cold call or eliminates it.
The one thing that warms the call is to know what the prospect wants and how he or she wants it. You CAN’T find that in social media. Your first call will always be cold unless you were directly referred.

That for the most part social media is no different that email.
When you send an InMail via LinkedIn, it is not all that different than an email. There are some key differences. First, it will get delivered, and second the person receiving it can easily find out about you.

That the best way to approach someone in social media is the same thing you’d do in marketing – offer them something of value to engage. (Your offer is not something of value in this case.) Getting the engagement is the key – getting them to talk to you whether by email or phone is what can start the sales process

Account-Researcher helps sales and marketing professionals in effective B2B prospecting. Using this tool, you will be able to reach C-Level decision makers at their business emails or Social media profiles.

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My Secret To Getting Prospect’s Time & Attention

My Secret To Getting Prospect’s Time & Attention

Chandra Bodapati

Chandra Bodapati

CEO & Founder at eGrabber
I have deep expertise in enabling B2B sales, marketing & recruiting professionals reach ideal prospects. I love helping them be leaders in their company and their industry.

Sold to 100,000+ companies!
eGrabber, the company I founded 15+ years ago, makes Targeted Prospect List-Building Tools for use by Sales & Recruiting professionals.
Chandra Bodapati

You finally got to speak to a prospect on the phone, or face-to-face at a trade show! Great!

Secrets Ways To Get Prospects Appointment Time and Attention

Within a few seconds after that, your prospect will make a snap decision to

or Give-Undivided Attention.
To get undivided attention, the prospect needs to have a strong sense, within those initial seconds, that you likely have the knowledge & expertise they need to solve their problem.

Two important things for you to keep in mind as you visualize your pitch:

  1. The prospect first needs to buy into YOU – They need to respect your expertise, before they buy into your solution
  2. The length of your response does not matter – As long as you are saying things that makes the prospect eager to hear your next sentence, and the following,..

Here is a 3-Step Response Formula ( followed by an example of how I use it)

Here is a 3 step process I developed to retain my target prospect’s undivided attention, and it works like a charm almost all the time. I taught this to several sales & marketing teams, and they have seen much higher prospect engagement level during their first conversation

This method works for any product or service you sell. I hope it works for you too.

1. Make prospect believe you understand their problem

Quickly articulate the most significant problem the prospect is likely facing, in a manner that shows “you have deep knowledge about the consequences of that problem”. Also show you have heard about this issue directly from several customers. Ideally you will pick the problem that your product / service addresses the best.

The key at this stage is NOT to spray the prospect with multiple problems, just pick the most significant one, and go through this sequence. If you do this right, you will get lots of time later to do everything else. Even if you get the wrong problem, you will get a shot at that problem if they think you know a lot.

The idea is to answer the question as well as you can, without asking any further questions from prospect. If you start asking questions, you will be no different to any other average sales person. If you get this right, the prospect will spend all the time you need later.

2. Show one believable reason why problem exists

Here you need to come across like an Expert with hidden insight on why that problem exists. Any history of how the industry grew & how the problem grew can make you look like an expert.

3. Show how your solution uses above knowledge

Articulate concisely how your solution leveraged this knowledge & insight, to help design the core benefit of your product or service. To be effective & credible, your solution MUST have a direct connection with point #1 and #2..

Usage Example

eGrabber Prospect:

“I am not having much success getting prospects on LinkedIn to respond. Do you have something that helps?”

eGrabber Response:

Sales people initially love LinkedIn, because they actually get to see where their ideal prospects are working. As bonus they also get nice conversation starting points from the Profiles.

The problem starts when they start engaging them. They are surprised by how few respond back to their InMail messages. That’s mostly because there is a disconnect between how they as sales people want to use LinkedIn and how most members actually use it.
(Guessing this might be their problem)

Members see LinkedIn as a career-site. They direct messages from LinkedIn to their private gmail like accounts, just as they would if they were on a dating site!. and read messages during their personal time & weekend – not during work hours.

LinkedIn site is great for recruiters who are trying to recruit; and it has been fantastic for sales people once they figured out an alternate way to get to these same prospects at their work place.

(Am I coming across as an expert on LinkedIn & why businesses might be failing?)

With eGrabber solutions, you will be able to do just that.

With our solution, you would continue to pick prospects on Linkedin, but instead of sending InMails to their personal IDs, you would click a different button & send the same emails to the prospect’s work email ID.

Since your Linkedin prospects get your email within seconds of you sending it during the time they are work-focused, you will more then likely get an immediate response if you hit the right chord.

(Did the solution address the core problem articulated by the prospect earlier?)

and also, did the example show you how to leverage the 3-step formula to cast your own spell on your prospect? If you need pointers or feedback on your pitch contact me

Chandra Bodapati

CEO & Founder at