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Where can I find Trade Show / Conference Exhibitors lists?

Where can I find Trade Show / Conference Exhibitors lists?

Trade Shows are perfect for finding new prospects because they attract audiences based on Interests and Intent. For instance if you go to a Blockchain trade show, you are bound to find prospects of the following types:

  • Companies looking for solutions – these are the ones at the trade-show because they are interested in the main subject at the tradeshow
  • Companies selling the solutions – these companies need tools and services to build their solutions, AND attendees to sell them to
  • Exhibitors – these are companies which have put up stalls – they need to attract more visitors to their booth
  • Companies providing Exhibitor services – they need to find new exhibitors at other conferences
  • The Conference Venue – they need to find more conference organizers, so that they can host more conferences
  • The Conference Organizers – they need to get more attendees and more exhibitors
  • Speakers & Trainers – these experts are usually looking for their next speaking or training opportunity at the tradeshow

All these people, together, that’s something you can’t find in a Hoovers or a DiscoverOrg list.

In this day and age of search engines, you’d think they’d have a search engine for all the tradeshows out there. Well, unfortunately not. Instead, there are dedicated websites and a few interesting ways to find trade shows by using advanced Google commands (sometimes referred to as X-Ray’ing Google).

Find Trade Shows List

This post shows you different ways to find trade shows so you can generate a list of leads from them.

Find MapYourShow (Google X-Ray) Tradeshows

MapYourShow provides web hosting services for conference providers. When conference providers feed in the details of their trade-show into MapYourShow, the website takes care of sending their trade-show details to Google. This means we can easily search Google for any trade-show which is listed on MayYourShow. Just for reference, CES – the largest consumer electronics show at Las Vegas – is hosted on MapYourShow for the past several years.

Try out this link . It gives you all trade-shows relating to blockchain, and specifically, it points you to the Exhibitors Directory.

The Google search has some advanced Google keywords in there. So if you are looking for some other topic other than blockchain, remove the ‘blockchain’ keyword replace it with your own keyword.

Find ProductHunt Tradeshows

This website is very popular among early adopters of any technology. So if you are trying to break into a new market, or you want beta testers or early customers for your start-up then these events are your lead-generation go-to.

You can access the events page via this direct link . Consider registering on ProductHunt before trying out those conferences for lead-generation – you get a few promotional offers.

Find EventBrite Conferences

EventBrite is another company which has been in the business of providing software to conference providers. Like MayYourShow, they also showcase those conferences in an easy to use Search engine.

EventBrite events search:–san-francisco/business–events/?page=1 . This search gives you shows in SFO, but there are enough filters for you to try and drill down to the shows that you are interested in.

You can also X-Ray Google for events in EventBrite. . You will always find a different result set than searching on EventBrite website. That’s because Google will give you the events that are socially popular. While EventBrite will give you the events that are more recent or highly promoted inside the EventBrite platform. Ideally, you should look at both sources

Are you looking for non-technology conferences? Perhaps some classic industries? is a good source for non-tech conferences. . This website has trade-shows which have their own dedicated website, so you will find tradeshows here that are not on any of the previous platforms lists, like EventBrite and MapYourShow.

Plain Ol’ Google Search

If you are starting off your search, then you can consider starting with a very broad and wide search. I’ve found using the keywords “Exhibitor Directory” is great at cutting out all the noise from Google Searches and giving you only conferences (and not blogs to conferences)


Using the Twitter search is a great way to get to the conferences which are taking place right now, or those that will take place in a few days to come. The “recency” factor is what differentiates this search from all the other sources of conferences.

To search Twitter for the events you want, use the #conference and the #tradeshow HashTags.

Need the list of Decision Makers from these Exhibitors? Or the Attendee-Companies?

Very often, those who attend these trade-shows are not the ones with the budgets. If you are trying to sell your product or service, you can get a demo or an appointment with them, but you will find a champion for your product or a service. Not the decision maker who makes the buy decision.

You should give eGrabber Management-Finder a try. All you have to do is paste the list of companies which are attending this trade-show into the Management-Finder software. You get the list of attendee companies for free or for very low cost from the conference organizers. Import that list of companies into the Management-Finder and then tell it the decision maker Job Titles you want. The Management-Finder automatically researches for the decision makers at those companies, on the Internet, the company website and social media and gives you Name, Job Title, Verified Business Email address, phone and LinkedIn Id.

Download a Free Copy of Management Finder. Or ask us for an online demo.

Do you have any other websites from where you find trade shows leads? Put them in the comments below. I will review and add them.

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How to get a list of recently funded startups

How to get a list of recently funded startups

Recently funded startup companies
Do you want to reach companies that recently secured their Series A or Series B funding?

Curated the following list of places to get a list of companies which have got funding.

  • – this is our favorite. It’s got very good search filters and you can browse as many as you want for free. Try this search – it has the recently funded startups Series A and Series B companies. After the page loads, you should click on the “Joined” column header so that you get the recent-most additions first.
Series A & Series B companies list from angelist
  • CrunchBase – this has the most advanced search filtering we could find out there. For instance, besides the typical who got recently funded startups search, you can also look for who got a private round of funding with just 1 investor? The first 5 results in every search are free – but you will have to pay for more. So if you are researching 5 a day, this is a good source.
Series A & Series B funding companies from crunch base
from CrunchBase
Startup companies list from MyFrenchStartup
from MyFrenchStartup
  • Job Postings – Another free source, where not many people are searching in. Think about it – if they got funding and they are hiring… then they are expanding and they need YOUR services or products! Try this indeed search. in this example, you get companies with a “Series A” funding who are hiring someone in sales. You can adjust the search text and find “Series B”, “Series C”… and you should adjust the keywords to look for the type of people who use your product or service.
Sales development representative jobs from indeed
  • Google Search – If it’s hit Google, then it’s probably a little late already – but it’s never too late to try. This Google Search does an X-Ray of a popular news and press-release site PR NewsWire and gives you the latest press releases of Series A funding in the last week. Feel free to adjust your keywords and find “Series B”, “Series C”. And if the list is too generic, you can add your industry keywords at the end of the search query – try adding blockchain for instance, and you get all the blockchain related companies who got a Series A funding.
Searching Series A funding companies in google
  • Twitter Search – If Google is too late, then try Twitter… you could get tweets from the founders earlier than you see the news in press releases and other sources. The downside – you see data from across the globe and you will have to filter it down to the geography you are interested in… unless you are targeting globally.
Top companies tweeting funding news in twitter

How to find the decision makers or executives of these recently funded startups companies

When you have the list of companies, you can use eGrabber Management-Finder to build the list of decision makers in those companies for you, along with their verified business email address, phone number, and LinkedIn ID.

Build startup companies list using management finder

When you use Management-Finder, you can choose the companies that you want to target and you only get charged for the data that you get. You don’t have to pay for companies which are not your target – unlike other subscription services.

Management finder appends decision makers contact information for list of startup companies

Give Management-Finder a try here. You can get 50 names and email addresses for free. Fill this download form to get the Management-Finder tool and the license key. If you need, we can give you, and online demo and build the list for you too.

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How to use LinkedIn to find new clients for your Recruiting Agency

How to use LinkedIn to find new clients for your Recruiting Agency

There’s a ton of advice telling you that you SHOULD use LinkedIn to get New clients for Recruitment Agency. That’s great advice, but how do you actually do it?

This post shows you how to find the companies who are probably hurting right now, because their top talent just left them.

Let’s say I am placing DEVOPS talent. You could be placing any talent, that’s fine – this tip will work just as well. Here is our recipe:

  1. Track down the people who moved recently
  2. Find the company they moved from (who are probably hurting right now)
  3. Get to the Hiring Managers in those companies (using another nifty trick)
  4. Reach out…! (with a high-response template)

Find Clients for Recruitment Agency in 4 Simple Steps:

This tip works with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

Step 1: Track down the people who moved recently

People who moved recently are easily visible on LinkedIn. We will use them as a clue to get to those companies who are hurting because of their absence.

Go to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and do your normal search which brings up the type of candidates you usually place. In my case, I am searching for DEVOPS managers.

How to search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Once the search results come up, click the Tab on top of the results which says “Moved in the last 90 days”. You will get a smaller set of people, but these are gold.

How to find people who recently moved jobs in sales navigator

Step 2: Find the company they moved from

Open each profile and look for the company that they moved out from – these are the companies who are hurting right now. These are the companies who are going to hire your recruiting agency now.

Here is the old company that needs a new employee

Write those companies down in a spreadsheet, one below the other – this is important as we need this for the next step.

Step 3: Get to the Hiring Managers in those companies (using another nifty trick)

Clients for recruitment agency – Once you have all those companies down in a spreadsheet, this step is going to show you how to get a single, big list of all their Hiring Managers in one go.

In your spreadsheet, type the word ” OR” in the column to the right of the companies (without the double-quotes). Remember to put a space before the word OR – this is important.

Type in ” OR” without the double-quotes

Copy the two columns – the companies and the ” OR” column – using Ctrl+C or the Copy command.

Copy to Clipboard

Go to your Sales Navigator, to a new Leads Search and in the “Company” section, you click Paste, or Ctrl+V. You will see all your companies appearing in there, separated with an OR keyword. Hit Return or Enter on your keyboard.

Paste into “Company” field

Now you have everybody from those companies appearing in your Sales Navigator. All you have to do next is type in the names of the Decision Makers, or Hiring Managers in the Title field of your Sales Navigator search.

Type target Hiring Manager Titles

Done! You have a list of all your Hiring Managers.. Now to reach out to them.

Step 4: Reach out…! (with a high-response template)

Now reach out to each of those Hiring Managers with this high-response template…

Reference: Adam, your Ex-DevOps Manager

Dear Hiring Manager

I recently noticed Adam recently left CompanyName. Can I help get you a replacement?


Would you like this process automated?

At eGrabber, we have tools which automatically build Client Lists, so that you don’t have to. Give us a call on +1-866-299-7314, we will show you the tool over an online demo, AND build & give you a free sample list of 50 Client contacts, with their business addresses and phone numbers.

Else if you like to try the tool yourself, Download your FREE Trial Now! Get 50 Contacts for FREE!


How to get Clients for your IT Services & Outsourcing Business

How to get Clients for your IT Services & Outsourcing Business

Find Clients for Outsourcing Business – Did you know there’s a PUBLIC and FREE way to Find People and Companies who WANT to hire your IT or Outsourcing services?

It’s right there, in public view. For Free. And almost no one is tapping that resource! This post shows you how to get it…

People are raising their hands in THIS public source…

Where do people go when they need New Expertise?

1. First they try their personal network

2. Second they try hiring.

If both fails, they are now ready for Outsourcing. They are now ready to hire YOU.

So how do you find such people who have tried and failed??

The Answer: Job Postings which are 90+ days old!

Look at old Job Postings to find companies who may be open to hiring Outsourcing / Business Services

In this post, I am going to show you an easy way of finding such people & companies who have tried to hire people and have probably failed.

I am going to show you how to get to job postings which are 90+ days old.

And then I’m going to show you how to find the decision makers in those companies. Using tools you already have.

At the end of this post, You will have a list of prospects who are looking for Your Expertise.

But wait, how do I see Job Postings which are 90+ days old??

If you are familiar with Job Postings websites, you will be wondering how to see job postings from over 90 days ago.

Most job posting websites show job postings from a few hours to go, to a few days ago.

They have time filters, but none of those time filters give you a way of seeing past 90 days.

This post is going to show you an advanced / power-user way of getting to those 90-day old job postings.

Steps to Find Clients for Outsourcing Business

We are going to use a specific job posting portal for this =>

This method works best with to find clients for outsourcing business.

Step 1: Copy this link and paste it in your browser

This link shows you Indeed Job posts for companies hiring DEVOPS.

Or, click this link. All the results you see will be between 90 and 120 days old. You will be seeing companies who have a need for DEVOPS.

The job posting itself might say “30+ days old”, but if you know how to check the underlying HTML source code, you will be able to find the actual date of posting!

Here’s the breakdown of the link, for the expert reader…

The secret is in the &fromage=120&toage=90 part of the link. This part has a hidden command to to give back all job postings which are from 90 to 120 days old. If you like to increase that number upwards, you can do that too. Just change the 90 or the 120 part of the link.

The sr=directhire part of the link removes all recruiting agencies from the results, so that you only get the actual companies who have a need.

The q=DEVOPS part of the link is where you put in your specialty. So if you are not selling DEVOPS outsourcing, type in the keywords of your specialty in place of the word DEVOPS.

Step 2: Edit the link – put in your specialty

The link gives you results for those hiring DEVOPS. But you can edit that and put in your own specialty.

For example,"Appointment Setting"&fromage=120&toage=90&sr=directhire

Or, click this link. Just make sure you edit the link in the browser address bar – DO NOT edit the text in the web page.

Great, now I have Companies who can hire me, how do I get the decision makers in them?

I’m going to take you one step further.

Now that you have the list of companies, you need to separate those companies with a  ” OR ” and then paste the list of companies into a Sales Navigator or a Recruiter search.

how to find decision makers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

Then apply Title filters in LinkedIn, and … magic… you get the decision makers you have to reach out to.

How to type in Job Titles in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

What next?

Your decision maker list in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

Reach out to those decision makers with your pitch…

“Hi, I saw that you are looking for expertise in  (fill your expertise here)  and I think I can help….”

Wish you Luck!

Do you need the whole process automated?

If you think the above process involves a lot of manual work, then reach out to us at eGrabber. We have been selling sales automation tools for years.

With eGrabber tools you can build a list of decision makers in minutes. You will get names, companies, job titles, verified business email address, phone numbers and LinkedIn IDs.

You can start your prospecting in 1 day…

Call us  & we will build a list of 50 prospects for you, with full contact information. Free. And we will send the list to you.

Who knows, you might close a deal with your trial 50 list!

Call us at +1-866-299-7314, or email

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Trade Show Leads – Tip to Find Decision Makers for any Trade Show Exhibitor list

Trade Show Leads – Tip to Find Decision Makers for any Trade Show Exhibitor list

Trade show leads – Are your best prospects at conferences and trade-shows?

Chances are, the COMPANIES attending the trade-shows are your best prospects, but the people who are attending them are not the right Decision Makers you want to talk to.

This tip shows you how to get to those Decision Makers in a couple of minutes!

Trade show leads generation

All you need is the companies list.

Step 1: Put your company list / trade show leads in Excel

You’ll either be receiving the companies in the Excel sheet from the organizer, or you have all of them listed on the conference website.

Make sure all the company names are one below the other in a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets)

Import trade show leads list

Step 2: Add a second column ” OR”

Type ” OR” in the second column. Copy the cell downward, so that there is an ” OR” to the right of each company name.

Make sure there is space ” ” before the word “OR” – like so ” OR”. The space is important.

Step 3: Paste into LinkedIn

You will need your LinkedIn for this step.

Works best with Sales Navigator. But if you have LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Premium, it works just as well.

Copy the company name along with the column ” OR”

Then Paste into the Company field in a Sales Navigator or a Recruiter search. (If you are using Premium, then you need to paste in Keywords”

Step 4: Type in your Decision Maker Titles

Type in the Job Titles of the decision makers you want to target, into the “Title” field.

If you prefer using the “Function” and “Department” fields, feel free to use that too.


Here you go!  All the decision makers at EXACTLY those companies – those who are attending the conference / trade-show.


Find decision makers for trade show leads list


Trade show leads – Here’s a full video of all the steps…

Automated Trade Show Leads Generation:

If you need to automate the above process, try eGrabber Management Finder.

eGrabber Management Finder finds decision makers for your list of companies. It also researches and adds their verified business email address, phone number and LinkedIn-ID.


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Increasing Sales Rep Tenure in 2019 is more counter-intuitive than you think!

Increasing Sales Rep Tenure in 2019 is more counter-intuitive than you think!

Need your Sales Reps to stay with you longer?

You’re not the only one!

Looks like the B2B industry is struggling with it this year. Here are a few top blog posts on Google:


The Counter-Intuitive Solution our Customers are telling us…

Many of our B2B customers who renew our List-Building products are telling us a surprising story.

Bob, your eGrabber product is helping me retain my Sales Reps longer.

Oh. Really..?.. How?

Your tools take care of the mechanical job of making their out-reach lists.

They’re just happy spending more brain-time talking to people and closing deals.

And we thought the biggest value of our list building product was the list uniqueness and response rates…!


Works for Lead-Gen teams too…

Turns out, because our product is making leadgen teams successful with minimum efforts, they are staying at their jobs for more years.

Leadgen teams are generating high response leads month after month, consistently, and bizdev sales people are loving it.

They are able to meet quota more easily. They are staying lot longer at work.

What a happy-spiral!


Find an eGrabber tool for your Sales & LeadGen team

Click this number: +1-866-299-7314 let’s talk…


How to find Prospects who are Active During the Holiday Season

How to find Prospects who are Active During the Holiday Season

Finding it tough to get prospects on the line?

Yes, it’s the Christmas season. But how would you like to know who’s at work?

Try these 2 techniques:

Tip 1. How to Find Prospects who are active on LinkedIn

In your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, search for your prospects and click on this tab:

You will get everyone who’s still active, and thinking about work. Works even better when you target Owners and CEO’s – they never take off!

Tip 2.  Get Alerts when Your Prospects Post / Share anything

In your Sales Navigator home page, have you used the “Lead News” or the “Lead Shares” button?

You will get articles, shares and posts from your Leads.

If you see nothing in the list on the right, then you have to do one more step. Find all your top leads who you are trying to land a deal with and Add them to a Lead List as shown below:

Happy Hunting during the Holidays!