What’s the Best Header Image Size for LinkedIn Articles

What’s the Best Header Image Size for LinkedIn Articles

What's the Best Header Image Size for LinkedIn Articles 2

Quick Summary – Best image size to upload for LinkedIn blog is 600 x 322 pixels (or 2x ). However, for best sharing experience, use only the center 560 x 282 pixel for image. That’s because LinkedIn randomly crops out 11 to 20 pixels on all sides, depending on device it is rendering on.

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My frustration – Every time I uploaded an image for posting, I found issues with images being chopped, in what appeared to be random fashion. When I did get the image to look nicely in article such as this, the image seems to be randomly chopped when i view it in my profile or when it is shared in other people’s profile. Also the images appeared different on my iPhone 7 as opposed to my desktop. (see image below of different ways the same image appears on different LinkedIn screens).

I Googled and found a few blogs with Guidelines.. none of the advice seemed to work with the new LinkedIn layout. It looks like LinkedIn changed the way images are being posted & shared, when they changed all other User Interface elements in 2017.

I experimented – I experimented this weekend (Mar 2017) and found a working methodology. I am not a graphic artist, but a fairly methodical experimenter. My findings are for those that just want a quick & easy formula that works. I hope this article saves you time. (let me know if it does.. means you made my time worth more!)

Image size requirements are different for Articles, Posts, devices etc – I found there is a different optimal header image size for posting Articles such as these, and different requirement for doing direct posts. In this post I am addressing image size for LinkedIn blogs & articles, such as the one you see above this article.

  • Best dimension of image – best overall dimension for LinkedIn Article posting is 600 x 322 pixels or some multiples of it. (I found 2x larger at 1200 x 644 image is better if you are saving as JPG in paint). This ensures all the image is visible when people view this post. You can upload a larger image & use the image navigator to slide and see a section of the image. (Talking technical – on desktop, I found the Aspect ratio for posting is 1.86 )
  • LinkedIn chops Images when sharing – Just because the image looks great above, doesn’t mean it will look the same when LinkedIn shares on other peoples screens & devivces it…. it turns out, when LinkedIn share your post on your profile, activity log or devices such as iPhone; they display the image at different aspect ratio than it was created in. That is means, anyway you slice things you will end up losing original visual content. There is no way to get around cropping. (Talking technical – aspect ratio for desktop posting of the image seems to be 2.0,but the aspect ratio of the image displayed when creating content for the post is 1.86).
What's the Best Header Image Size for LinkedIn Articles 3
  • Tip – Add into image a 20 pixel white border – It is easy to ensure your images don’t get chopped, cropped or distorted when LinkedIn shares your post across different types of devices and views. Just Leave a 20 pixel white or border around the image. This ensures, no matter where your blog is marketed by LinkedIn, your post looks professional. (Talking technical – I noticed you only need to remove 11 pixel rows on top and bottom rows for desktop viewing – this gets the 600 x 322 image into 600 x 300; an aspect ration of 2.0 that seems to be what is shown on desktop post sharing.)

Quick step by step process for the graphically challenged

  1. In Paint – create blank image of size 600 x 322
  2. Open image you like to post in another paint window. Select & copy 600×322 size part of image you like
  3. Paste the copied image into the first 600×322 pixel blank image window
  4. Select image you just pasted, and resize to 93% using resize command. Center image & save it. The image is now optimal for posting on LinkedIn blog

If you are constructing image in paint and saving as JPG, start with image 2x larger (1200 x 644). You get a more crisp image on LinkedIn desktop.

If you have links & tips that can help a person adding image to their LinkedIn blog post – can you share in comments below please. I know what I shared is very basic info.

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