How I won at SaaS Outbound Prospecting (and How to make it work for you)

How I won at SaaS Outbound Prospecting (and How to make it work for you)

This guest post is by Jonathan Wang – Lead Generation Expert at Badgeville.

First, a quick intro. I work at Badgeville. We are a leader in the gamification industry. Our SaaS solution increases the engagement and performance from clients and employees in the organization, thus, enhancing sales productivity.

I prefer Outbound Prospecting in my strategy, because Outbound enables me to move that fast and reach my prospects before close competition gets there.

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In Outbound, I have a small window to get things right. Over time, I have developed a few must-follow rules that I always stick with:

  1. Make sure your e-mail messages are short because they are often read on a mobile device. It’s important to get to the point right away.
  2. Set up a Google News Alert of your prospective company, so you will receive any updated articles written about that company. Use this information to provide reference in the call or message to show that you did your research.
  3. You already know your targeted buyer persona.  I often find that the targets are more important than the messaging and calling, and you will need to spend more time than just looking to make sure the Title and Company are right. Truly look into your ideal target profile and examine whether or not the prospects fit as close as possible.  Otherwise it’s just wasted energy.

In my case, no company has a “Gamification Expert” to whom we can pitch our services to. So, I build a very targeted prospect list and then I research in that list to find out which people to really go after.

As easy as it may sound, building that starter list, is a time consuming process if done manually. So let the automated LeadGrabber software take care of that list building process and then research that targeted list when it’s done.

Hope these 3 tips help!

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