COVID Layoffs are obsoleting existing B2B lists & draining sales energy

COVID Layoffs are obsoleting existing B2B lists & draining sales energy

By Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber Inc., May 2020.

Why DiscoverOrg lists are losing value – and what you could do about it

Did you know with COVID layoffs, pre-built lists from DiscoverOrg and others are losing value?

35 Million jobs in America have been wiped off as of May. Massive COVID related management layoffs have left pre-built lists from DiscoverORG and others being vastly outdated week after week.

For companies who are currently driving their sales and marketing thru COVID, prospecting to outdated lists drains morale like nothing else. Marketing to lists & people who don’t exist, getting email bounces and dropped phone calls drain the precious energy which sales and marketing teams badly need at this point in time.

5 Things you can do Now to accelerate sales success during this Pandemic

1. Scrub your existing email list for deliverability – Protects from being labelled as Spammer

2. Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Best ROI for B2B prospecting

3. Find & flag those who changed jobs in your existing lists – they might be customers you have being counting on!

4. Target companies hiring & expanding in Pandemic – Leverage Job Boards & LinkedIn

5. Build targeted lists in-house from LinkedIn – Use tools to expedite (eGrabber has several)

1. Scrub your existing email list for deliverability  

If you already have a huge eMail list, but not sure if those emails are deliverable, we recommend you use an email verification service to clean up your list. You are better off cleaning your lists every month during COVID, so your lists are current and you maintain good ISP deliverability rating.

eGrabber Tip! You can use email verifying option in eGrabber’s LeadGrabber Pro to scrub your lists for deliverability

2. Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Best ROI for B2B prospecting

With LinkedIn, you will find more people tell the truth about their current employment status – mostly because of peer/family visibility.

  • So when you shortlist prospects this week on LinkedIn, who are likely to be working there – your lists are current
  • With LinkedIn, you can shortlist people not only based on title/company, but also with ideal keywords & interests your past customers had – leading to lists with higher close rate
  • eGrabber provides a Just-In-Time List Building Automation Tool. You build your list around the same time you will be prospecting. This will get you the most accurate possible list

eGrabber Tip! LinkedIn doesn’t give you the contact information of the prospect. This is where eGrabber can help. eGrabber’s LeadGrabber Pro will help you build targeted lists with LinkedIn. eGrabber will find the prospect’s direct work email & company phone. You will end up with the most accurate list of ideal prospects, better than you can get from any list vendor

3. Find & flag those who changed jobs in your existing lists

If you already have a highly targeted list of prospects that you purchased or built from trade shows, we recommend you update them. Hire Interns to go through each of these prospects and update their existing employment status.

Your interns can leverage LinkedIn to find each prospect’s current employment status and update your lists. This will help your sales & marketing people to sell more efficiently.

eGrabber Tip! eGrabber has a Job-Change Finder tool. It can help the process of updating employment status of all your existing prospects, users and customers. Job-Change Finder will flag people who quit & update the list with the person’s new title and company. Job-Change Finder can help your sales people target past users who moved to new companies. They can be great referral prospects!

4. Target companies hiring & expanding in Pandemic

If you target companies that are expanding, get eGrabber’s list of 100K+ Companies that are Hiring and Expanding during COVID. There are Millions of US companies, but many have frozen their spending budgets. With outside databases, your sales people will only get frustrated, for they might be either trying to contact those who are no longer working there or reaching companies, only to find that they don’t have budgets to buy now because of COVID.

eGrabber has built a list of 100,000+ US Companies that are hiring and growing now. They are companies that have the money to hire people and have budgets to buy services, infrastructure & training. . You can have these companies filtered by demographics as well. You can then find the C-Level/VP-Level prospects for these compnaies using eGrabber’s Management- Finder

5. Build targeted lists in-house from LinkedIn

If you are considering building lists in-house, we recommend that your team use LeadGrabber. Your team can build custom lists from LinkedIn and any other web source, 20x faster than they can manually, and with incredible high email/phone finding accuracy.

eGrabber advantages include:

  • eGrabber invented the category of automated lead research 15+ years ago. We have 4 US patents related to lead research
  • Takes care of COVID Layoffs – LeadGrabber double-verifies emails for deliverability, even after a person’s email ID has been found on the web. This is one extra way by which we are protecting our users from avoidable email bounces.
  • Handles newly hired decision makers – The toughest email ID to find is of a decision maker who joined a company recently and has no web or blog footprint. We have good news. For such decision makers, eGrabber just deployed new advanced research algorithms that result in our product giving you more higher-deliverable emails than ever.

Contact eGrabber for free consulting on lead generation & sales list building

Our team of experts can understand your current prospecting & list building strategy and make move-forward recommendations.

We strongly believe that customers should have multiple sources of leads. So we always recommend a combination of what you already have and tools that can maximize your existing structures and investments.

eGrabber has been in the B2B List building tools business since 1996. We developed a list-research automation-tools strategy even before Internet Explorer and Outlook Email were introduced. Our products are developed by the most experienced researchers in the B2B business. That is the reason we have 4 US patents on lead researching.

With the eGrabber on your side, you will find your sales growing faster, regardless of the pandemic or not!
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