How to Ramp up B2B Sales and Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

How to Ramp up B2B Sales and Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

COVID has affected the business world big time. But ironically, this is also the time to ramp up your sales and grow your business. Increasing sales? Yes, you read that right. When the chips are down and companies struggling hard to stay afloat, do you think you can surge ahead? Yes, you can and this is what is happening in the business world. A lot of companies have already started it. Read on to know how you can ramp up your B2B sales during COVID.

Increase the number of leads as well as boost the effectiveness of sales and marketing plans with an updated B2B prospect list now.

B2B Sales in the New Normal

COVID has brought in a lot of hardships & huge financial losses over the last 5-6 months. But people & businesses have now started to live with the new normal. Almost half of the American workforce is working from home since early March. The way companies buy from and sell to each other now looks very different than it used to be. McKinsey & Company says it can perhaps be the same permanently. Around, 96% of B2B sales teams have fully or partially shifted to remote selling, says this B2B decision makers report.

Increased B2B Sales Demos

B2B sales folks have started to report an increase in product demos now than pre-COVID. Our customers say that their demo rates have increased now than pre-COVID times. We are experiencing it ourselves too! Outbound salespeople out there are hungry as well as working hard to get more product demos during these uncertain times.

Prospects who once belonged to the hard-to-follow-up category and who were too busy to spend time for a quick 10-minute product demo are now more willing to set aside some time for a demo. They are ready to try a software that can improve their business. This is because most of the companies have their employees working from home. They have a lot of productive hours now than before. So they invest in trying out new products and discovering new strategies that would help their business grow.

Prospects are evaluating and shortlisting the products & services they wish. They will buy as soon as they see a COVID-gone green light. Confident companies have started strengthening their workforce to get ready to accelerate sales.

Increase your B2B Marketing Outreach Now

Why wait till COVID gets wiped off?. A lot of top sales leaders & decision makers are shifting strategies and willing to try out new products/services. This is the best time to ramp up your B2B lead generation efforts.

This is the perfect time for product companies to double down on marketing outreach and book as many demos and trials as they can. Waiting for a COVID-gone time frame to start your B2B marketing outreach efforts will be too late. Competitors who get to your prospects before you do are likely to be the winners. 

How B2B data is crucial for success

To speed up your lead generation efforts, you need to ensure that your B2B data is clean and accurate. If you are buying lead lists from list vendors or database, you need to check them. The lists might have become obsolete by now. Because USA has faced a huge layoff due to COVID. Those lists would not be up-to-date nor have verified email addresses.

Prospecting to outdated lists or marketing to lists & people who don’t exist will not help you. Email bounces & dropped phone calls will drain the energy of your sales and marketing teams.

If you are relying on LinkedIn for lead generation, you need to know this. People who quit jobs recently due to COVID layoffs might not have updated their profiles yet. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro can be handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B prospecting tool that appends email addresses to your prospect lists. It automatically verifies the email addresses them seconds before you receive it. The software helps you to reach the right prospects in no time. You can build email marketing lists from LinkedIn and Job boards by targeted prospect search.

Our solutions help you build targeted email marketing lists easily & effortlessly. If you are someone looking to build fresh email lists to ramp your marketing efforts during COVID, fill in the form below.

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