How to Build Telemarketing Lead Lists from Google Maps

How to Build Telemarketing Lead Lists from Google Maps

Google Maps has become one of the most favorite tools for sales & marketing professionals to build telemarketing leads lists.

Sales & marketing pros? Yes, you read that right.

Google Maps is no longer a tool that helps you to only navigate routes. It also helps you to drive sales for your businesses. Google Maps helps you to build telemarketing leads lists based on the location and industry.

Build Telemarketing Lead Lists from Google Maps in a Click!

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Build Telemarketing Leads Lists based on Location

Let’s say you search for “Plumbers in California” in Google Maps.

Google Maps displays the list of plumbers in California. The company names are listed on the left-hand side and their corresponding locations are displayed on the map.

Build Plumbers Contact List from Google Maps
Search for plumbers in California

The company names listed on the left-hand side also include their consumer rating, location, and working hours details. The list runs to multiple pages. When you click on the desired company name, it displays more details about the company.

Information such as company address, plus code, company website URL, business phone numbers, etc. are also displayed. You can also see if the firm is open, closed or open 24 hours, etc. In addition, additional information such as driving directions, nearby locations and options to share the location are also displayed.

So Google Maps helps you to find the list of plumbers in California.

Challenges to Build Telemarketing Leads Lists

The next step is to get those companies and their business contact information into an Excel sheet or your database and build telemarketing leads lists.

How would you go about it?

To build telemarketing lists or telemarketing phone number lists, you have to manually click each company name and copy-paste the company information into your database.

Extract Plumbers Business Mailing List from Google Maps
Extract plumbers phone numbers list from Google Maps

Typically, search results run to multiple pages. You have to manually copy-paste contact information for every company in the search result to build telemarketing leads lists. It is a tiresome and time-consuming task. Also, manual data entry is prone for typos that will affect the quality of the list. This is where a Google Maps extractor software such as ListGrabber comes in handy.

Build Telemarketing Leads Lists in a Click!

ListGrabber helps you to build telemarketing leads lists in a single click.

To build telemarketing lists,

  1. Search for your targeted audience on Google Maps. Eg, Florists, Plumbers, etc.
  2. Select the search results.
  3. Click on the Grab button.
Extract Telemarketing Contact Lists from Google Maps

ListGrabber instantly extracts the company name, address, phone number, website URL etc. and helps you to build your telemarketing leads list in no time. You don’t have to manually navigate to the next page in your search result. ListGrabber automatically navigates to the next page and builds you the telemarketing list. You can build any number of telemarketing leads lists based on any location and industry.

ListGrabber also enables you to generate free telemarketing leads and health insurance telemarketing leads from any source on the Internet.

What are you waiting for?

Use ListGrabber to build targeted telemarketing leads lists from Google Maps and drive potential sales leads for your business.

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Note: To extract contacts/data from Google Maps, you must also install the ListGrabber Google Chrome plugin after installing this software on your computer.

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