Key Factors for building a Successful Business Network on LinkedIn

Key Factors for building a Successful Business Network on LinkedIn

Few Sales and Marketing professionals have been formally trained on how to network effectively in LinkedIn. Connectors (Verbindungsstücke)

If you are like most people and have “self-taught” yourself on LinkedIn, chances are pretty good that with some expert strategy + tactics, you can beat your existing performance by miles, and orders of magnitude!

Rick Itzkowich, aka Rick – “The LinkedIn Guy” understands and practices networking. He is compressing 5 years of in-depth strategies + tactics

What you will you learn by watching this recording?

  1. How to build an effective LinkedIn profile and powerful network.
  2. How to monetize LinkedIn without selling.
  3. Techniques to reach prospects that you are not directly connected with on LinkedIn.
  4. About a tool that helps in Building a highly targeted B2B email database with business e-mail address and phone #.

Clinton Rozario

Product Manager at eGrabber
Clinton Rozario is a B2B List Building technology expert and architected LeadGrabber Pro, the B2B List Building Tool from eGrabber. Clinton joined eGrabber in 2003. He held key roles in R&D, developing strategic and proprietary technologies. He is now responsible for development of eGrabber's List Building and List Completion Tool Suite. He is also available on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Clinton Rozario

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