5 Key Elements of a Successful Cold Email Campaign Strategy

5 Key Elements of a Successful Cold Email Campaign Strategy

Are you using cold email marketing as the main way of communication with your prospects? Then you will definitely need a successful cold email campaign strategy. A cold email campaign strategy will not only make your prospects read your emails but also reply to your emails as a part of your campaign.

The interest in cold email marketing is growing over time and there are many reasons why companies choose cold email campaign strategy to achieve their goals.

Some businesses use cold email outreach as part of their strategy as this type of strategy works great for relationship building.

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Building a Successful Cold Email Campaign Strategy

Writing a cold email that is successful is more like a science. It involves elements like choosing the right prospects, crafting a catchy cold email subject line, and including a clear call to action to find success with cold email campaigns, which isn’t easy as it sounds.

Even if you know several tips and tactics on how to do cold emailing. It narrows down to your intuition and good practical knowledge.

Let’s dive in and have a look at the key elements.

First things first. Know your target audience better.

cold email campaign strategy

#1 Choose your Prospects and Find the Right Contact Information

The obvious element of a successful cold email campaign strategy is choosing your target prospects. This does not always mean defining their characteristics. In order to choose your target prospects, you should really know your audience.

Wondering why this is important? An email outreach study by Backlinko on 12 million outreach emails found that only 8.5% of them receive a response.

Often a huge percentage of cold emails get ignored. And that is why it is essential for you to understand and choose your target prospects. Try and connect, interact with your audience on social media before sending a cold email.

You should thank B2B prospect list-building tool like LeadGrabber Pro that not only finds the verified business email address and phone but also finds the LinkedIn profile and much more information about your contacts in your prospect list.

It greatly comply with the basic rules of email list building:

  1. It is GDPR compliant and does not scrape personal email addresses. It performs live research on the internet to find verified business contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.
  2. It finds the target prospect’s email addresses from trustful sources such as online directories, professional & social networking sites such as LinkedIn, etc.
  3. It automatically exports your email list to excel in a CSV file to help you easily integrate your lists with marketing automation software.

#2 Craft a Catchy Cold Email Subject Line

A good cold email subject line creates a good first impression on your company to your prospects. A personalized subject line can increase the response rates by 30% and a quick question in the subject line can get 50% more open rates.

Even if your email message is compelling but your email subject line feels irrelevant or does not grab the attention of the receiver then there is a high probability that you will not get opened by the receiver.

Craft a powerful email subject line that is concise, appealing, and descriptive along with the personalization to attract users to open your email.

#3 Personalize Email Marketing Techniques

62% of the marketers believe that personalization is the most effective technique and 58% of their revenue seems to be generated from segmented and personalized emails.

In email marketing campaigns, personalization is a crucial factor. A personalized email message and subject line will boost your cold email response rates by 20% when compared to emails with no personalization at all.

Including just your prospect’s first name in the subject line and an email message will not count as personalization as effective cold emails should make your prospects feel that you are reaching out as you know what exactly their need is.

Personalize emails around buyer persona, trigger events, compliments on job or position change, interests and, technologies used.

Note: Email personalizations vary according to different email types.

When it comes to sales emails your default templates won’t work. A personalized sales email will help you receive more positive responses. Improve open rates, get higher CTR, and better customer satisfaction by using personalized sales emails to close more deals.

#4 Follow-up with Prospects

Most B2B marketers miss out on the best part of email marketing, doing a follow-up on their sales pipeline emails. In fact, follow-up sequences for the same audience lead to 2x more responses according to the backlinko’s outreach study.

Increase the chances of getting a reply follow-up sales email sequences. Also, keep an eye on the number of follow-up emails to include in your sales funnel and the delay between your initial and follow-up emails.

#5 Create a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Adding a strong call to action in your email paves the way to your cold lead. Some of the cold email call to action examples are demo, calendar link, date and time request, questions, yes/no confirmation, etc…

The key elements that play a major role in your email success rates are email subject line, intro, and CTA. CTAs should be easily understandable and make your prospects respond to your email. Having just one clear and strong CTA increases click-through rates by 42% than the ones with more CTAs.


Getting started with cold email and achieving successful cold email results may appear challenging to you. With the above cold email campaign strategy, you must be able to launch successful cold email campaigns and grow your audience, enhancing relationship building effectively.

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