How to Leverage Zoominfo & JobGrabber to get New Clients Faster

How to Leverage Zoominfo & JobGrabber to get New Clients Faster

Are you in staffing or outsourcing sales looking to leverage Zoominfo to get new clients?

If yes, then this post will help you to learn how you can get new clients faster.

Reaching out to your prospects in general cannot get you new clients. You need to identify those companies that are hiring and then reach out to them to get a positive outcome.

Fastest Way to Get New Clients for Staffing/Outsourcing Firms

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Unfortunately, salespeople find that more than 75% of the Zoominfo contacts they connect with are not hiring. This is because Zoominfo doesn’t have the intelligence on who is hiring for the positions you fill.

You will have to call up those contacts every time to know if they are hiring which eats up more than 75% of your prospecting time. This is where JobGrabber comes in handy.

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Software to Get New Clients Faster

JobGrabber is a powerful tool that can get you the list of companies and people that have job openings in your area of specialty. You will get the data in a format that can be easily imported into Zoominfo to get the email/phone.

With JobGrabber, 100% of the contacts you get from Zoominfo will have job openings that you can fill. You can craft compelling cold-calling messages and schedule more appointments.

You don’t need Zoominfo to use JobGrabber. It has options to find email & phone.

Whether it is for Staffing or Outsourcing companies, JobGrabber helps you to get new clients in no time. With a click of a button, JobGrabber gets you the list of companies that are hiring. The tool intelligently eliminates all the duplicates because it takes a lot of time and effort to clean up those stuff and get only those unique companies that are hiring.

JobGrabber also gets you the list of CXOs in the companies that are hiring. You don’t need to manually search for decision makers in those companies.

What’s more? You also get the verified business email address and phone numbers of CXOs. With a click of a button, you get all the data in a spreadsheet format that is professional and you can share the list right away.

What’s next? You need to reach out to those companies that are hiring actively, set sales appointments and get new clients 10x faster.

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