How to Quickly Generate Low-Hanging Leads from your Company LinkedIn Page

How to Quickly Generate Low-Hanging Leads from your Company LinkedIn Page

Your company LinkedIn page can become one of your most powerful marketing tools if you can leverage all its features to its fullest potential. I am sure you would agree that LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with over 720 million users. LinkedIn keeps evolving its product periodically by bringing in the latest features such as LinkedIn Newsletters, LinkedIn Articles, LinkedIn Live and so on

But, do you know that you can generate hundreds of low-hanging leads from your company’s LinkedIn page?

Yes, read on to know how.

LinkedIn allows its members to follow companies so that they get periodic alerts and updates from the respective companies. By following companies, you also get to know about the latest product releases, news and other information about the company. You may ask what’s so great about it.

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Company LinkedIn Page – Low-Hanging Leads within your Reach

Remember, the followers of your company LinkedIn page can be one of your ideal prospects. Statistics reveal that 25% of your followers can be from potential buyer companies. The followers can be decision makers from buyer companies. They are already watching you or might be evaluating your product as well as your competitors, and more importantly they have volunteered to follow your company. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to nurture and close sales.

A little known fact is that every employee of the company has access to the list of followers. Unfortunately, very few sales and marketing people know they have access to the complete list of company followers through LinkedIn Spotlight feature. A lot of marketers are unaware of it and fail to tap into this huge lead generation opportunity. Some of the tech-savvy sales & marketing folks download these lists and nurture them directly through email and other channels.

Generate Leads from Company LinkedIn Page in no Time

Are you missing hundreds of low-hanging leads from your Company’s LinkedIn Page? If the answer is yes, we have the best solution for you – LeadGrabber Pro.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to download the list of followers of your company. The prospecting tool also helps you to get your followers’ verified work email ID. This can become one of your top 3 potential prospect list that you will ever get.

LeadGrabber Pro is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that helps you to speed up LinkedIn prospecting, generate potential sales leads and increase sales conversions. The LinkedIn prospecting tool enables you to build targeted prospect lists from LinkedIn along with their verified business email ID and phone.

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can identify and reach your potential prospects faster, build custom prospect lists faster than experts, increase sales conversions and growth and you get to save a lot of your time that you can otherwise spend calling prospects and closing more sales.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to quickly build a list of followers from your company LinkedIn page & generate potential sales leads for your business.

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