Healthcare Lead Generation: How to Generate Healthcare Leads for Free

Healthcare Lead Generation: How to Generate Healthcare Leads for Free

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry that is very much essential and keeps evolving with technology. New business models, healthcare reforms, and ecosystems emerge to provide better value to the consumers in terms of quality, affordability, and improved outcomes. Being a huge industry, generating healthcare leads is always challenging. You have different healthcare segments such as pharmaceuticals, hospital & healthcare, medical devices, medical services, healthcare IT, compliance consulting services, imaging solutions, facilities management, diagnostic & testing services, medical billing, patient education, home healthcare services, medical insurance, and so on. 

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How to generate Healthcare Leads

B2B healthcare lead generation is all about targeting decision makers & C-level executives. Some of the C-Suite titles in the healthcare industry are Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Directors, Administrators, Chief Operating Officer, Purchasing Director or Leads, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Clinical Department Manager, Chief Quality Officer and so on.

Despite the healthcare industry being so popular, marketing executives find it difficult to generate healthcare leads. It is not an easy task because you have to spend a lot of time looking for prospects from various sources for different healthcare segments based on your requirements. Also, you got to be very specific in your search to generate high-quality healthcare leads.

The Internet has become the go-to place for all our needs. This holds true for healthcare lead generation too. Search engines, corporate websites, social & professional networking sites, forums, user groups, and association websites are some of the places where you can find your targeted prospects and generate healthcare leads.

In this blog post, you can learn how you can generate healthcare leads by leveraging the top search engines & professional networking sites for free.

Here we go!

How to generate Healthcare Leads from AOL

Let’s say you want to find Chief Medical Officer profiles from pharmaceuticals industry in San Francisco Bay Area using AOL.

The search syntax is:

“<Industry>” “<Job Title>” “<Location>” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

The search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “Chief Medical Officer” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

generate healthcare leads

Sometimes, job titles can be tricky. You may not have the same job titles across all companies. So you got to identify similar job titles to search prospects.

For example, ‘marketing manager’ – ‘chief marketing officer’

Some companies might have either one of the above or both. To ensure that you don’t miss out your targeted prospects, you can try searching both.

If you are searching for marketing manager profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “marketing manager” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

generate healthcare leads

If you are searching for chief marketing officer profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “chief marketing officer” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Similarly, you can replace the title, industry and location to get the results based on your requirements.

If you are looking for doctors in hospitals, you cannot expect the titles to be the same across all hospitals as well. Some hospitals might have Chief of Radiology, some might have Section Chief – Radiology or Oncology or Hospital Section Chief or Hospital Section Administrators and so on. So you got to be careful in identifying and searching for profiles.

How to use LinkedIn for Healthcare Lead Generation

Another way to generate healthcare leads is through LinkedIn. The basic LinkedIn account provides very few options to narrow down your search results. However, the premium version, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides a lot of filters that help you to drill down your search based on your criteria. We will see how we can make the most of it to generate healthcare leads.

All you need to do is, log into your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

Click All Filters and enter the search criteria as shown in the image given below.

generate healthcare leads

Click Search.

The results are displayed with a click of a button.

generate healthcare leads

You can save the search or save individual profiles to connect & reach them.

How to use LinkedIn Groups to generate Healthcare Leads

LinkedIn Groups is one huge source where you can find targeted prospects in the healthcare industry and generate healthcare leads. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups related to healthcare. 

generate healthcare leads

There are thousands of members in each group. You need to identify the LinkedIn groups in which your prospects are a part of, and then join those groups. One of the challenges with LinkedIn groups is that you cannot join more than 50 groups. Some of the LinkedIn groups are restricted and they don’t allow everyone to join the group. Therefore, you need to consider these limitations while joining LinkedIn groups. Once you join the LinkedIn groups, you need to initially observe to get the hang of what is happening. Then you can start participating, contributing, and reaching your prospects. However, you need to follow the best practices to generate leads from LinkedIn groups.

All the above methods will help you to find your prospects on professional networking sites & search engines. It will take some amount of time to work on the search scripts to search through hundreds of web pages, provided if you are an expert in writing search scripts. You can get that done by someone and start using it. But if you want to modify the search with additional or different search criteria, you will be left stranded midway. Also, you have to manually copy-paste the contacts from various sources into an Excel sheet or CRM. Therefore, generating healthcare leads manually takes a lot of your time & resources. This is where automated B2B lead generation tools come in handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B Lead Generation software that enables you to generate healthcare leads. The software helps you to generate sales leads from any industry. You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually search for prospects or generate sales leads. The B2B lead generation tool enables you to find decision makers in no time.

What’s more? The software also appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers as well. The B2B lead generation software helps you to build high-quality sales leads, set sales appointments, and increase sales conversions.

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