4 Proven Tips for Outbound Email Marketing Success

4 Proven Tips for Outbound Email Marketing Success

Outbound email marketing is one of the most cost-effective lead generation strategies to generate potential sales leads and make more sales. However, businesses find it difficult to succeed despite using multiple strategies.

In this blog post, I would like to share 4 proven tips for your outbound email marketing success. It isn’t something that I read somewhere, but these are the 4 things that I did meticulously to target potential prospects and turn them into happy customers. I thought this would help you guys out in your outbound email campaigns.

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Here we go!

4 Outbound Email Marketing tips to Generate B2B Sales Leads

1: Define your buyer persona

It is one of the most fundamental as well as most important steps in outbound email marketing. Before spending your marketing dollars on prospect lists, I would suggest you define a buyer persona and carefully select who you want to sell to.

In my case, the target audience is top-level CXO’s, VP Sales & Marketing in marketing and tech companies who can be easily found on LinkedIn and other B2B networks. I use a tool called LeadGrabber Pro to Build Targeted Prospect Lists.

You can know the significance of defining your buyer persona here.

2: Engage before sending email campaigns

Once you have a targeted list of potential prospects, try starting a conversation with them. Look for them on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms and start engaging them by commenting on their posts, liking their discussions in LinkedIn Groups and sometimes sharing their content on social media sites

Try to engage at least in 3 places before reaching out via outbound email campaigns. This is the best way to get on their radar.

3: Personalize your emails

We send our first email sequence every Tuesday or Wednesday and it is always personalized. We follow a problem-focused approach in writing our cold email and below is the basic structure of our cold email.

  1. Hi [First Name],
  2. <Question> Start the email with a question. State about problems/pain points of the company that you intend to solve.
  3. <Solution>Then briefly tell them how you can solve.
  4. Call-to-action.
  5. Sign-off!

The best email marketing campaign formula for any cold email is, keep it short, easy to read, and actionable. Remember that a lot of emails are read on phones. So making it easy to reply is critical.

4: Keep engaging (Follow-up)

This is something most sales and marketing professionals don’t do. But the truth is, timely follow-ups with your prospects can turn your prospects into customers.

Even if the prospects don’t respond to your 1st email, keep engaging with them through social media channels while sending the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th follow-up emails.

To sum-up

Building strong & trusting relationships with your prospects are important to add new customers. To do that, you have to genuinely care for your prospects and make sure that you provide them the right solution that addresses their problems. It takes time but it is worth it.    

If you think the above-said process is lengthy, there are ways to automate it. Try this B2B Prospecting Tool to build verified email lists and email automation tools to schedule drip campaigns.

Happy Prospecting!

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