How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

Why would a B2B LeadGen company buy a LeadGen tool?

That’s what we asked Launch Leads when they bought LeadGrabber Pro. Read on to find out what they said…

With LeadGrabber Pro, Launch Leads were able to serve 30% more clients than before, increase sales revenue by 25% and save hundreds of man-hours per week.

Now, let’s go into the details.

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Launch Leads provides USA-based outsourced Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Services. They cold-call a targeted list of decision makers and schedule appointments with qualified companies on behalf of their clients. Clients give them a B2B industry list of companies to target.

Previously, their LeadGen team would map out the decision makers manually and then cold call.

Launch Leads tried the LeadGrabber tool to automate this LeadGen process. Now the LeadGrabber tool maps out the decision makers, while the team simultaneously focuses on calling.

LeadGrabber Pro - B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA
LeadGrabber Pro – B2B Lead Generation Software

This gives Launch Leads several advantages, the most important ones are:

  1. Serving multiple clients, in parallel: While the LeadGrabber is mapping out decision makers for one client, the team can focus on calling for another client
  2. Shorter turn-around time: The LeadGrabber can run overnight, so the team can start calling early morning, the very next day.
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