3 Effective Ways to Find New Clients & Get Job Orders

3 Effective Ways to Find New Clients & Get Job Orders

Finding new clients is one of the key elements of growth for any business. This holds true for staffing & recruiting firms as well. You cannot rely on just a few clients. You never know what the future will be like. Therefore, it is important for recruiters to find new clients and get job orders. It helps you to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Recruiters use many channels to look for new business. But, here are some of the most effective ways to find new clients & get job orders:

Fastest Way to Find New Clients & Get Job Orders

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1. Leverage Job Boards

Job boards are one of the best sources to find new clients & get job orders. Companies post job openings on job boards. You need to constantly look for these job postings to find companies that are hiring now. You need to build a list of companies that are hiring and you need to segment that list based on industry, technology, location, experience, and many more criteria base on your experience and expertise.

There are some specific job boards where you can find companies belonging to a specific industry or niche segment. It can help you find clients if you are specialized in that area.

Once you build your list, find the decision makers or hiring managers in those companies. Get their business contact information and then reach out to them. It involves a great amount of time & effort to find new clients. But, reaching out to your clients with the right message at the right time can help you win clients.

2. Make the most of Social Media

Social media has revolutionized a lot of things in our lives personally and professionally. It has also impacted the recruiting & staffing industry to a great extent. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can help you to not only recruit but also to find potential clients.      

Following targeted companies on social networking sites can help you know the company updates. You can also try connecting with key decision makers in your target companies. Learn to use the power of social networking and make the most of social media to find new clients for your recruiting business. 

3. Get Referrals from Happy Clients

This is one of the most powerful & effective ways to get new clients. Client testimonials from happy customers can help you win more clients. We all look for reviews and recommendations if you want to buy something. Companies too want to ensure that they give the job orders to the best in the industry. Especially, when they want to hire people for mission-critical projects or top decision-making or C-level positions, they will certainly look for testimonials. Referrals from reputed companies increase your credibility and value.

Find New Clients & Get Job Orders in no Time!

All of the above methods or channels will certainly help you to get more clients & job orders. But each one has a method and each one takes its own time. You will have to put in a lot of time and resources to work on all those channels.

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