Job Board Scraper: How to Easily & Effortlessly Scrape Job Postings from Job Boards!

Job Board Scraper: How to Easily & Effortlessly Scrape Job Postings from Job Boards!

A job board is a place where tens and thousands of candidates visit every day. Why? It is the place where companies post their job ads or job openings. Therefore, to find jobs, candidates come in and because more candidates visit job boards, companies post their job openings. Therefore, the companies that post job ads are potential clients for staffing & recruiting agencies and other individual recruiters. This blog post will help you to learn how job board scrapers help you to easily & effortlessly scrape job postings from job boards.

Why scrape job postings from job boards

As said earlier, job boards such as Indeed, Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired are some of the major sources to get clients for staffing and recruiting agencies. Companies that want to hire, post job openings on job boards and LinkedIn. Typically they don’t stick to one specific job board, but post on almost all popular job boards.

Therefore, the same company posts the same job openings on multiple job boards. In addition, companies also post job openings for different locations and different technology, skill set, experience, and so on.

So, a single company might have hundreds of job postings on the job boards. Similarly, different companies post job openings on job boards. You need to scrape job postings from job boards to build a list of companies who are hiring. This list is very vital for staffing & recruiting firms and recruiters because they are their potential clients who can give them job orders and increase revenue.

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Job Board Scraping Challenges (Manual)

If a recruiter or a staffing agency wants to find new clients from job boards, they have to manually search and sift through hundreds of job postings. Since there are multiple job postings from the same company across different job boards, you will have to list companies based on various criteria (position title, location, skill set, experience, etc.) identify the duplicates and build a list of unique companies that are hiring. You have to repeat this process for every company.

Another challenge is, staffing companies also post job openings on job boards. You will have to identify and remove those staffing companies from that list as well.

Most importantly, you will have to do all the above processes quickly. Delay in any one of the areas might end up in you losing your opportunity. Your competitor might have grabbed that opportunity and the job opening would have been closed. Therefore, you need to be fast.

But sadly, all the above processes take around 5-7 days if it is done manually. It is a huge amount of time considering the fierce competition in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Job Board Scraping Methods

There are many job board scraping methods. Some companies do them in-house, some hire job board scraping services, and some companies use job board scraper tools. There are a lot of pros & cons in each one of these methods. Let’s see how these job board scraping methods are beneficial.

In-House Job Board Scraping Team

Job board scraping cannot be done by anyone and everyone. It requires a lot of technical skills. You will have to be an expert in coding/scripts and other tech stuff to scrape job postings successfully. If you want to set up an in-house job board scraping team, you will have to hire the required resources with the appropriate skill set. You will also need to take care of the servers, data storage, and transfer, etc.

Also, you will have to be very careful with the legality issues as some job boards, portals or websites will have strict terms of service that prevents web scraping. Other challenges of having an in-house job board scraping team are, you need to build the infrastructure, hire the right people, invest in technology and you will have to both pay a lot in terms of investment and maintenance (updating the scripts when website layout changes periodically).  


  • You have the control over the scraping process.
  • Eliminate communication gaps/issues since it is in house.


  • Invest time & resources to hire people & set up infrastructure.
  • Involves periodic maintenance – updating technology/workflows.
  • Prone for legal issues.

Job Board Scraping Services

There are some web scraping companies that offer job board scraping services. They do the job board scraping for you and provide you with the data in a specified format. You will be charged based on the data you ask for. Though this method seems to be easy to get the list of companies that are hiring, the cost is very high. You will have to shell out more than a couple of thousand dollars for each project. Again, whenever you send them a new request, you will have to wait for a week to 10 days for your order to get processed. This may pose a risk of losing your client.


  • You don’t need to get your hands dirty.
  • You get your data based on your requirements.
  • No legal risks.


  • Highly expensive for development & maintenance.
  • Takes more time for each project (development).

Using a Job Board Scraper Tool

Job board scraper tools help you to automate job board scraping without spending too much time & money, and without having any risks. Tools such as indeed job scraper and LinkedIn job scraper helps you to scrape LinkedIn job postings and from job boards. The major benefit of job scraper tools is, even a non-technical person (a person who doesn’t know coding/programming) can use the tool. These job board scraper tools are very cost-effective and can help you scrape job postings in no time and get you the list of potential clients.  


  • You hold the control of the process.
  • User friendly – Even a person who doesn’t have any technical knowledge can use it.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Instant results.
  • Zero maintenance.


You need to invest some time to learn how to use the tool.

One-Click Job Board Scraper for Staffing & Recruiting Firms

JobGrabber is a one-click automated job board scraper designed exclusively for staffing & recruiting companies and individual recruiters to get new clients in a single click. With a click of a button, you get the list of companies that are hiring. You don’t need to waste countless hours on the Internet gathering & sorting companies and eliminating duplicates. It enables you to scrape job postings from job boards and scrape LinkedIn job postings in no time.

The job board scraper intelligently eliminates duplicates and staffing agencies from the list and gives you only the list of direct clients (companies that are hiring).

What’s more?

Job boards typically will not provide the industry, company size, the number of job postings from each company, etc. You will also not know if any of your existing clients have posted job openings. JobGrabber helps you to get more information & insights than job boards.

JobGrabber gives you all that information in a single click. The job board scraper helps you to instantly get the list of decision makers in companies that are hiring. You can reach out to them via LinkedIn.

JobGrabber is an automated job board scraper that helps you to easily & effortlessly scrape job postings from the most popular job boards such as Indeed, Dice, Monster, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder & LinkedIn, and quickly get new clients for your staffing and recruiting company in the most cost-effective way.

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