LI Prospecting Tip: How to Turn an Anomaly into your Strategic Advantage

LI Prospecting Tip: How to Turn an Anomaly into your Strategic Advantage

LI industry search can give 25%+ missing or wrong leads if 2 searches are not done. LI assigns 2 industries to every person (Lead & Acct) – users are not aware.

Read on to learn more about one of those LinkedIn prospecting tips and tricks that you too can take advantage of.

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Find Prospects that Competitors Miss Out

Savvy marketers leverage this anomaly as a strategic advantage to find prospects competitors miss out.

Q: How would you tag Bob VP technology if he is working for a healthcare company. Tag as tech industry or health care industry?
A: Both would be right.

Turns out, Bob might show up in neither and only show up under sales industry!

How Li Industry Search Works

What LI does, prompts you to assign industry when you create a profile and it calls your first job as lead industry until you change. Most execs, don’t change.

Most people set the IND when they create a profile out of college based on the first job and forget about changing this. So if Bob’s first job was a sales intern, he would assign his lead industry to sales. And that’s how it shows years later if not managed by him.

Unless Bob actively manages to change his personal industry, even if he becomes VP of technology, he can only be found In sales industry based on his first job.

Here is how we get around finding Bob in healthcare.

Lucky for Bob (and us), LinkedIn changes Bob’s Acct industry based on company he is working. Even though personal industry is not changed and is messed up.

SolutionHow to Fix

Search for Bob’s company first under Accounts tab and he will show up in healthcare industry as VP of Technology.

Then use leads tab to search within account results using level or technology. Use industry in leads sparingly knowing it could be wrong.

This entire search process based on industry in LinkedIn is tricky.

One clearly needs to avoid industry when building cold lists.

Or be smart about how to search via Leads tab and Accounts tab

eGrabber Solutions offer Competitive Advantage

eGrabber helps customers treat this anomaly in industry as a source of strength. We have built iterative features in eGrabber solutions to take advantage of this.

LeadGrabber has built-in features to build lists by Account Industry and then get a tight list with Lead Industry.

No product in the industry does what LeadGrabber does.

ZoomInfo can’t get such lists either, they don’t have info that LinkedIn has.

These lists are more accurate and close 5x faster.

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