How to Update Business Email Addresses & Phone Numbers in your Contact Database

How to Update Business Email Addresses & Phone Numbers in your Contact Database

Is your CRM database more than 3 years old? If yes, then you should know that most of your business contacts have become obsolete. And, that means it is time you started out updating your database.

Sounds familiar?

So, how do you go about this? The first thing to verify is if the contact person is still working in the same company. Call her up and if she answers, you are safe – this lead is almost up-to-date. All you need to do is ask if her job title has changed and update your contact database.

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Your problem begins when you learn that she is no longer working in that company. You now have to trace her and get new contact details, since you know she can still give you business. This is not an easy task. First, you may ask her previous company if they know where she has moved to; or check with common contacts; or look her up in search engines and LinkedIn.

Imagine having to do this for 5K+ leads, which is nothing if your contact database is 3 years old. Now, this is something that no one likes to do. Sales people dread at the thought of having to do this.

It may take weeks and even months to manually check and update the business contact information. This is where a Lead-Completion tool such as LeadResearcher Pro can be handy.

LeadResearcher Pro is a powerful Internet research tool that helps you to instantly update your database with the current contact information such as current company, title, email address, phone numbers, etc.

All you need to do is:

1. Just import your prospect / customer / vendor list into LeadResearcher Pro.

2. Click “Track” > Track Resignation (Company Change).

With ‘Name’ and ‘Company name’ as inputs, LeadResearcher instantly searches the Internet, checks if your contacts have changed their companies and displays the current company names of the contacts.

Now that you have found out the current company names of the contacts, LeadResearcher helps you to quickly find their business contact information and phone numbers using ‘Find Email’ and ‘Find Phone’ options.

Similarly, LeadResearcher Pro also helps you to find if there is a change in title and if there is a change in person for a specific title.

LeadResearcher Pro is the quickest way to update your business contact lists. It enables you to update the latest contact information for 1000s of contacts in just a few minutes and helps you maintain an up-to-date & accurate contact database.

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