3 Growth Strategies for Recruiting Firms to Find New Clients Faster

3 Growth Strategies for Recruiting Firms to Find New Clients Faster

Finding new clients play a vital role for the growth of any business and it holds true for recruiting & executive search firms as well. Search firms use different growth strategies to find new clients. However, all those traditional methodologies and practices are now gone because of COVID.  

Companies are operating remotely from different places with less number of people than usual. They do not have the luxury of spending too much time or resources. In short, they want to get things done quickly and effectively.  

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Here are 3 growth strategies that can help recruiting firms to find new clients faster.

#1 Growth Strategy to Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best place to look for clients and candidates. As a search firm, you would definitely have a strong presence on LinkedIn with thousands of connections. You would also be using multiple versions of LinkedIn such as Sales Navigator, Recruiter to make the most of your opportunities. However, reaching clients (C-level executives) via LinkedIn is not quick & easy.

It is because the executives are super busy and they don’t have time to check LinkedIn messages or personal emails. They might allocate weekends or some other days of their convenience. You can’t wait for that. You might get responses, but mostly you wouldn’t. Some C-level executives though they are on LinkedIn wouldn’t be active. Therefore, the chances of reaching your prospective clients are less.

But, one encouraging fact is that C-level executives respond immediately when you reach them on their business emails. So, building a business email channel can help you reach your potential clients.

To build a business email channel, you need to build a list of C-level executives from your targeted companies. You might already know some people and you will have to search some more on LinkedIn. Once you have found them, you have to copy-paste the data to an excel sheet or CRM which is tedious and time consuming.The next step is to find business email & phone from various sources on the Internet. It again needs a lot of your time and effort, which you cannot afford to spend.

This is where LeadGrabber Build Scheduler comes in handy. It helps you to automate the workflow of finding C-level executives from your targeted companies, append verified business email & phone and then send the prospect list to your email every single day. You can build a list of your prospective clients in no time. Sounds interesting?

Yes, you can set it up once and get your potential candidate or client lists every day via email. It saves you a lot of time finding, researching and managing the entire process either personally or by having a dedicated resource. LeadGrabber is your smart virtual assistant that does lead generation for you. LeadGrabber helps you to leverage your connections, reach C-level executives in your target companies and find new clients faster. Another advantage is that you might also find your potential candidate on LinkedIn.

Find New Clients from Job Boards in no time!

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#2 Fastest Way to Find New Clients via Job Boards

Job boards are another major source where you can find new clients. But job boards are not very few, there are plenty. Companies post multiple ads for multiple job positions in multiple job boards. You have to manually curate everything, segregate them by job titles, locations, companies, industries and so on to get the list of companies that are hiring. By the time you get your list, some of the job positions would have been filled. All your hard work goes in vain.

This is where JobGrabber comes in handy. It is a browser plugin that does the job easy & effortless for you. With a click of a button, it helps you to automate the process of building a list of companies from job boards,that are hiring. It gives you the new companies that are hiring, the number of job positions for each company, job titles, industry, employee size, location, company profile and the LinkedIn URL of the company’s C-suite. The software eliminates all the duplicates and staffing companies from the list. JobGrabber is the fastest way to find new clients from job boards.

#3 Find New Clients in your CRM

As a search firm, you would definitely have a CRM that has the list of all your clients and prospects. The data in the CRM keeps changing because people change jobs every 3-4 years. It means that the data in your CRM has to be updated. In other words, it is a great opportunity for you. Yes, your clients can be your new customers when they move to a new company. These are the people who know you very well and they would always love to work with you in their new company as well.

Import your CRM contacts, our service will scan your contacts and let you know who has moved to new companies along with the updated business contact information and company demographics.

You can instantly reach out to your past clients in their new companies and find new clients faster.

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