How Sales Prospecting Tools help you Speed Up Prospecting?

How Sales Prospecting Tools help you Speed Up Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying your ideal prospects, building your prospect list and then reaching out to them to turn them into your customers. It is the most essential and inevitable element of any sales process in any company or industry. This blog post will help you learn how sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting and find customers faster.

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Here are some of the sales prospecting best practices that you should follow.

Create an Ideal Customer Profile

sales prospecting tools to find prospects that match your ideal customer profile

This is the first step in sales prospecting process. You need to create an ideal customer profile or an ideal buyer profile. An ideal customer profile will help you to figure out your ideal prospect based on various criteria such as budget, revenue, company size, location, industry, and so on.

Once you finalize the type of companies you are going to target, the next thing to do is find decision makers in those companies. There is no point in reaching out to someone who does not have the authority to buy.

Creating an ideal customer profile helps you to align your products & services based on your ideal customers’ needs. In addition, you do not have to send all your leads to your sales people. You can quickly qualify the leads and send only the sales-qualified leads to your sales team.

If you do not create an ideal customer profile, you would waste your precious time reaching out to someone who may not be your ideal customer. All your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it is essential to create an ideal customer profile.

Build your Targeted Prospect List

Once you have your ideal customer profile, the next step is to find prospects that match your ICP. Online directories, social and professional networks are some of the major sources where you can find your ideal prospects. You have to manually visit hundreds of pages on the Internet, visit thousands of profiles and check if those prospects match your ICP.

Once you find those prospects, then you need to build a targeted prospect list. You have to copy-paste the prospect data including name, company, title and other information from the web pages into your CRM or excel sheet. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task but you have to do because without prospects you cannot sell your product or service. Therefore, building a targeted prospect list is equally important in the sales prospecting process.

Reach your Ideal Customers

sales prospecting tool to find & reach your ideal customers

The next step is to reach your ideal customers. You either need an email address or phone number to reach your prospects. But most of the times, the prospect list you build on the Internet, social & professional networks will not have the business email address or phone number.

Decision makers and C-level executives do not often leave their contact information on the Internet. In case, if you find them, it might be their personal email address. Research says that decision makers seldom respond to personal emails, but respond to business emails. Therefore, it is essential to find business email IDs and phone numbers of your prospects. However, it is not easy.

You need to have expert Internet research skills to find decision maker email address and phone numbers. Nevertheless, you need to spend a considerable amount of time & effort. Once you find the missing business email address and phone numbers of your prospects, you can start reaching them via email or phone. But, it is not as easy as you think.

Challenges Faced by Sales Dev Reps  

Sales development reps’ primary goal is to reach as many ideal prospects as possible and book qualified sales demos and appointments. Once they schedule a sales demo, the lead is handed over to the account executive who takes up the responsibility of closing the sale.

Sometimes, the sales reps are given the responsibility of both booking sales demos and also take up the account executive role and close sales. But sales reps don’t get enough time to speak to the prospects, book demos and close sales as well.

The reason is that sales development reps spend a lot of time on sales prospecting. They spend more than 40% of their time to find ideal prospects, build targeted prospect lists and find business email address & phone numbers of prospects. Therefore, they have very less time to call on their prospects.

Also, sales reps have a lot of other administrative tasks, CRM entry; make follow-up calls and so on. You also need to have in mind that you are not the only solution provider for your prospects. There is fierce battle out there. Your delay in reaching out to your prospects may cost you dearly.

The faster you reach your prospects, the better your chances of converting them into your customers. This is where sales prospecting tools can be handy for busy sales development reps.    

Sales Prospecting Tools to Speed Up Prospecting

sales prospecting tools to speed up sales prospecting

Sales prospecting tools help you to find your ideal prospects from online directories, social & professional networking sites in no time. It helps you to build your targeted prospect list 20x faster. Sales prospecting tools help you to easily & effortlessly find verified business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects.

Sales prospecting tools help you to quickly build email marketing lists, cold calling lists, prospect lists and email lists. You can also automate the sales prospecting process. You can just schedule the process and the sales prospecting tool finds your ideal prospects, builds your targeted prospect list, appends missing business email address and phone numbers, and automatically sends your prospect list to your email.

Your sales prospecting process is automated and you don’t have to manually intervene and you don’t need to spend more than 40% of your time on prospecting. Sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting.

Sales Prospecting Tool Benefits

Sales prospecting tools help you to:

  • Get your targeted prospect list in your inbox.
  • Save a lot of your time.
  • Spend more time calling prospects.
  • Book 3x more qualified demos & sales appointments.
  • Increase your chances of making more sales conversions.
  • Find your customers faster.

Sales prospecting tools help you to build fresh prospect lists from any industry. If you are a startup company or if you want to expand your business into new industries, sales prospecting tools definitely come in handy. You can jump start your marketing campaigns in no time. Email-Researcher is a sales prospecting tool that comes in handy for busy sales development reps & teams, demand & lead generation teams, and business development reps & teams who are looking to speed up sales prospecting.

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