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How Sales Prospecting Tools help you Speed Up Prospecting?

How Sales Prospecting Tools help you Speed Up Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying your ideal prospects, building your prospect list and then reaching out to them to turn them into your customers. It is the most essential and inevitable element of any sales process in any company or industry. This blog post will help you learn how sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting and find customers faster.

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Here are some of the sales prospecting best practices that you should follow.

Create an Ideal Customer Profile

sales prospecting tools to find prospects that match your ideal customer profile

This is the first step in sales prospecting process. You need to create an ideal customer profile or an ideal buyer profile. An ideal customer profile will help you to figure out your ideal prospect based on various criteria such as budget, revenue, company size, location, industry, and so on.

Once you finalize the type of companies you are going to target, the next thing to do is find decision makers in those companies. There is no point in reaching out to someone who does not have the authority to buy.

Creating an ideal customer profile helps you to align your products & services based on your ideal customers’ needs. In addition, you do not have to send all your leads to your sales people. You can quickly qualify the leads and send only the sales-qualified leads to your sales team.

If you do not create an ideal customer profile, you would waste your precious time reaching out to someone who may not be your ideal customer. All your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it is essential to create an ideal customer profile.

Build your Targeted Prospect List

Once you have your ideal customer profile, the next step is to find prospects that match your ICP. Online directories, social and professional networks are some of the major sources where you can find your ideal prospects. You have to manually visit hundreds of pages on the Internet, visit thousands of profiles and check if those prospects match your ICP.

Once you find those prospects, then you need to build a targeted prospect list. You have to copy-paste the prospect data including name, company, title and other information from the web pages into your CRM or excel sheet. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task but you have to do because without prospects you cannot sell your product or service. Therefore, building a targeted prospect list is equally important in the sales prospecting process.

Reach your Ideal Customers

sales prospecting tool to find & reach your ideal customers

The next step is to reach your ideal customers. You either need an email address or phone number to reach your prospects. But most of the times, the prospect list you build on the Internet, social & professional networks will not have the business email address or phone number.

Decision makers and C-level executives do not often leave their contact information on the Internet. In case, if you find them, it might be their personal email address. Research says that decision makers seldom respond to personal emails, but respond to business emails. Therefore, it is essential to find business email IDs and phone numbers of your prospects. However, it is not easy.

You need to have expert Internet research skills to find decision maker email address and phone numbers. Nevertheless, you need to spend a considerable amount of time & effort. Once you find the missing business email address and phone numbers of your prospects, you can start reaching them via email or phone. But, it is not as easy as you think.

Challenges Faced by Sales Dev Reps  

Sales development reps’ primary goal is to reach as many ideal prospects as possible and book qualified sales demos and appointments. Once they schedule a sales demo, the lead is handed over to the account executive who takes up the responsibility of closing the sale.

Sometimes, the sales reps are given the responsibility of both booking sales demos and also take up the account executive role and close sales. But sales reps don’t get enough time to speak to the prospects, book demos and close sales as well.

The reason is that sales development reps spend a lot of time on sales prospecting. They spend more than 40% of their time to find ideal prospects, build targeted prospect lists and find business email address & phone numbers of prospects. Therefore, they have very less time to call on their prospects.

Also, sales reps have a lot of other administrative tasks, CRM entry; make follow-up calls and so on. You also need to have in mind that you are not the only solution provider for your prospects. There is fierce battle out there. Your delay in reaching out to your prospects may cost you dearly.

The faster you reach your prospects, the better your chances of converting them into your customers. This is where sales prospecting tools can be handy for busy sales development reps.    

Sales Prospecting Tools to Speed Up Prospecting

sales prospecting tools to speed up sales prospecting

Sales prospecting tools help you to find your ideal prospects from online directories, social & professional networking sites in no time. It helps you to build your targeted prospect list 20x faster. Sales prospecting tools help you to easily & effortlessly find verified business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects.

Sales prospecting tools help you to quickly build email marketing lists, cold calling lists, prospect lists and email lists. You can also automate the sales prospecting process. You can just schedule the process and the sales prospecting tool finds your ideal prospects, builds your targeted prospect list, appends missing business email address and phone numbers, and automatically sends your prospect list to your email.

Your sales prospecting process is automated and you don’t have to manually intervene and you don’t need to spend more than 40% of your time on prospecting. Sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting.

Sales Prospecting Tool Benefits

Sales prospecting tools help you to:

  • Get your targeted prospect list in your inbox.
  • Save a lot of your time.
  • Spend more time calling prospects.
  • Book 3x more qualified demos & sales appointments.
  • Increase your chances of making more sales conversions.
  • Find your customers faster.

Sales prospecting tools help you to build fresh prospect lists from any industry. If you are a startup company or if you want to expand your business into new industries, sales prospecting tools definitely come in handy. You can jump start your marketing campaigns in no time. LeadGrabber Pro is a sales prospecting tool that comes in handy for busy sales development reps & teams, demand & lead generation teams, and business development reps & teams who are looking to speed up sales prospecting.

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How to Solve Sales Prospecting Issues & Win More Sales

How to Solve Sales Prospecting Issues & Win More Sales

The Internet and social media have made sales prospecting far more effective than the traditional sales prospecting strategies in the past. However, there are some sales prospecting issues that hinders sales reps from becoming top performers. This blog will help you learn how you can solve sales prospecting issues and win more sales.   

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sales prospecting tool to win more sales

Sales Prospecting Strategies – Traditional Vs Present-Day

Though the traditional sales prospecting strategies are still in practice, some of them aren’t effective and doesn’t give you the expected outcomes. Some of the old sales prospecting methods are adverts on print media, sales letters, door-to-door sales, article submission, networking events, referrals from past customers, etc.

However, the latest sales prospecting strategies are completely online. You can prospect for sales on the Internet including online directories, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, email marketing, association websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums and so on.  

Sales Prospecting Issues

Yes, the old order has changed; the prospecting strategies used by today’s sales reps are a lot different from the old. But, the challenges remain more or less the same. Finding the right prospects that match your ideal customer profile is still a major challenge for most of the companies. Around 40% of the sales reps say that sales prospecting is the most difficult part of their sales process.

Some of the sales prospecting issues are:

  • Finding the Right Prospects
  • Generating Leads Consistently
  • Reaching your Target Audience Quickly

Finding the right prospects

The present day sales prospecting strategies offer you a lot of options & sources to find prospects. But the key is to find the right prospects who are the right fit for your product or service and who are likely to buy.

Prospecting for sales on online directories, websites, social & professional networking sites and other sources involve a lot of time & effort. You need to manually sift through hundreds of web pages to find the right prospects. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task. That is why sales reps are finding it difficult and some are even averse to sales prospecting. But, you cannot do away with it. Without prospects, whom do you sell your products or services?

Generating Leads Consistently

The next challenge is generating leads consistently. You need to generate enough number of leads so that you can reach the maximum number of your ideal customers and increase the chances of making more conversions. Generating good number of leads on certain days and ending up with few or no leads won’t help you. It can dry up your sales pipeline. You need to consistently generate qualified sales leads to feed your sales pipeline, which means you need to spend more number of hours on the Internet if you are prospecting manually.

Reaching your Target Audience Quickly

Generating leads alone will not guarantee you success. You need to reach your ideal customers as quickly as possible or else your competitor will. You might ask what is the big deal in reaching prospects. The truth is that finding business contact information of your prospects on the Internet is not an easy task; especially, if your target audience are C-level executives and decision makers.

You can’t find their business contact information such as business email address or phone number on the websites or social networks. Searching for decision maker email address and phone number is another huge task that adds up to the burden of busy sales development reps.

This is where top sales performers stand out from the rest. They use sales prospecting tools to solve sales prospecting issues and win more sales. Sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting, save a lot of your time and get more time to reach out to the prospects.

Sales Prospecting Tool to Win More Sales

LeadGrabber Pro is a sales prospecting tool that helps you to speed up sales prospecting & win more sales. The sales prospecting tool helps you to find the right prospects that match your ideal customer profile, append verified business email addresses & phone numbers of your prospects and reach your potential prospects in no time.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to:

  • Find the right prospects in no time – C-level executives & Decision makers from online business directories, corporate websites, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, association websites, etc.

You don’t need to spend countless hours on the Internet to find your ideal customers.

You can automate the entire process where you schedule it once and you start receiving your prospect lists on your inbox every single day (even on your holidays & vacations).   

  • Reach your Prospects Instantly – With a click of a button, you can find verified business email addresses & phone numbers of decision makers & C-level executives from your target companies. You can reach your prospects before your competitors.

In addition to your prospect’s verified email address, you also get hundreds of your prospects’ coworker emails for free! Reach multiple contacts in your target company to increase engagement rates & sales conversions.

Sales prospecting is a breeze with LeadGrabber Pro. It takes care of finding your ideal customers, appending their verified business contact information and send you the prospect list to your inbox. You get all the time in the world to reach out to your ideal prospects, increase engagement rates & sales conversions and increase sales revenue.

LeadGrabber Pro is a must-have tool in your toolkit. A lot of top sales performers have it.

What about you?

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How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

In our last blog, we saw how you can leverage social networks to identify and contact C-Level decision makers in your prospective companies. You saw a few techniques on how you can leverage LinkedIn to establish an initial contact and thereon continue the dialogue over your prospect’s business email.

Let us now try and understand what you need to do once your prospect is ready to hear your proposition. One of the most common mistakes that sales professionals commit is to try and make every sales call the same. We must realize that your prospects may be similar, but are not the same. Hence every sales call you make needs to be different and tailor-made to the individual needs of your prospect. The end objective of any sales call is to propose a solution that the prospect wants, but not the one that you have.

If you’re looking to find verified business Email Address & Phone Numbers of your prospect in less than 30 seconds. You could try our free Email Finder Tool – Get your Free Trial Today!.

Follow these simple steps to make your sales call a worthy one.

Know Your Prospect

One of the key steps in sales prospecting is to gather as much information as possible about your prospect. You need to get a 360 degree view of your prospect, the industry they operate in, their target customers, their possible business challenges, their growth plans and so on. By being well informed of the prospect, you have better chances of having the prospect hear you better. A few places where you can find some information about your prospects are being presented below. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good starting point, for sure.

Research The Company

Company website – You need to understand your prospect’s line of business, what is their business objective, what could be their biggest challenge and what is their value proposition to their customers, and how you will contribute in helping them achieve their business goals.

Examine who their customers are, what problem of their customers are your prospects trying to address, and how can you help them in solving those problems. By having all this handy, your sales call will turn out to be more of a requirements gathering meeting than a typical pitching.

Research the Professional Side of the Decision Maker

LinkedIn profiles – One of the key forums that sales professionals need to leverage in a B2B prospecting framework is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile will tell you what kind of a person your prospect is. Read through the profile. Observe the groups subscribed to; read the discussions where you see some participation, see if you have some common connections who can write a nice line about you even before the meeting. Examine if your prospect is asking questions pertaining to some challenge and if you can solve that challenge. All these small things make you more familiar to your prospect even before the call. You would have figured out your call opening statement.

Research the Personal Side of the Decision Maker

Blogs– Sales prospecting can be more meaningful when you also know what kind of a person your prospect is. If your prospect is a blogger, it is worth spending time reading through those blogs. The choice of words will give you an idea on how you should moderate the call with your prospect. If the content is extremely professional and brief to the point, you should adopt the same strategy during your call / meeting. If you find liberal dosages of humour, you can adopt a more friendly approach. A nice way to start the conversation would be to congratulate your prospect for a recent achievement.

The Smart Way

We have a fantastic prospect research tool – eGrabber eMail Prospector – that will get you the business information about any prospect from any nook and corner of the Internet. The best part about this is it can get you the business email addresses and phone of the prospect in a jiffy. This means your time to research and search for information about your prospect is significantly cut down and you have more time to focus on preparing for every call.

Experience the tool

In a nutshell, research well, talk to your prospect in his language and make “prospect research” a part of your working style. Believe me, your prospects will enjoy talking to you and your sales become a cake walk.

Happy Selling!!

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Sales Prospecting Problems – SOLVED with eMail-Prospector

Sales Prospecting Problems – SOLVED with eMail-Prospector

Tips for Sales Prospecting – eMail-Prospector is a rapid email finding software for the PC that finds business email address of anybody in any company. Now you can connect to any prospect in seconds.

Here are common problems that sales people face, that eMail-Prospector solves…


1. Get email address of prospects on LinkedIn

I’m a Huge Fan of LinkedIn! It allows you to find the right people at the right companies very quickly. LinkedIn’s advanced search has filters that get you very accurate results.

However, in the LinkedIn search results, there are no email addresses.

You have to wait for people to respond to your connection request or your InMail – and that could take a very long time. Your best bet is to send an email to their business inbox. Searching for VP Sales in LinkedIn Linkedn_Search_-_email_address_found

Type in the name and company of your prospect into the eMail-Prospector. And it quickly finds their business email address!


2. Connect to difficult-to-catch people on LinkedIn

If you are a heavy user of LinkedIn for business, you have definitely come across this one.

When you attempt to connect to some important people on LinkedIn, you get this screen asking you to supply their email address.

 linkedin ask for email address to connect

This happens because the recipient’s email preferences are set to only receive invitations from members who know their email address.

problem solved - linkedin ask for email address to connect

eMail Prospector will give you their business email address, so you can connect with them through email instead.


3. Directly target participants in Discussions – While playing it Safe…

LinkedIn Group discussion are great pleaces to find your target prospects. People who participate in discussions by commenting and Like’g maybe the ones interested in what you are selling !

LinkedIn discussion - can't get email address of participants

However, you cannot self-promote your product or service on a lot of discussion boards. You could be kicked out of the group if you do. Or worse, your reputation in the group could be destroyed in full public view.

LinkedIn discussion - can't self promote on discussions - solved with eMail prospector

Use eMail-Prospector to find their business email addresses and contact them directly in their inbox! This way, you can eliminate the risk of being kicked out of the group.

Expert Tip: In your email, you can quote what your prospect said in the group discussion and increase your chance of a positive reply.


4. Directly connect to Management at your Target Accounts – Tips for Sales Prospecting

If you have a company you want to target and you want to reach someone in the management, one of the best places to look for them is the company website.

targeting a management team - no email address

However, you will not find their contact information on the webpage.

targeting a management team - no email address - SOLVED with eMail Prospector

eMail-Prospector can give you the email address to connect with them directly.


5. Reach out to companies which got funding – they have cash to buy

Companies which just got funding have a lot of money to spend!

A simple google search with the location you target will yield you the companies who are ready to spend their new cash.

 funding articles - need to contact decision maker

 funding articles - need to contact decision maker - solved with email prospector

Use eMail Prospector to congratulate the main people in the news article and pitch them your services / products.


6. Book appointments with speakers at conferences – *before* anybody else

If the speakers at conferences are your target market, then you can easily find conferences in your area with a simple google search.


Reach out to the speakers and book appointments with them before the conference. That way you can skip the huge line of people trying to get their attention after their speech.


eMail-Prospector can get you their direct email address.


7. Re-Connect with visitors to your tradeshow booth

Tips for sales prospecting – Did they visit your booth and you didn’t get their business card? Did you scan the QR code on their badge and were unpleasantly surprised when you didn’t get their email address?

can't get email address on a tradeshow id card

No problem, eMail-Prospector solves that for you now.

can't get email address on a tradeshow id card - solved


8. Recruit Internal Champions and Influencers to win your sales deal

If you are making the complex sale, decision makers are important, however having evangelists are equally important to closing the sale. These internal champions will be the ones who will actually use your product / service, once its deployed. These internal influencers will be facing the actual problem that your product / service solves. Finding these influencers is easier, once you look around in the “People Also Viewed” section of LinkedIn.

finding internal influencers

Here’s how to do it: do a LinkedIn search for employees working in that target company. Then open up the first result, and scroll down. On the right hand side of the page, you will find the “People Also Viewed” section. These are people who are highly connected and active on LinkedIn, from that company. Chances are, they are highly connected ‘inside’ the company as well. Look for your champions in this list.

connecting to an influencer

Connect to these evangelists and get them to internally endorse you – increase your chances of closing the deal.


9. Reach newly Hired Decision Makers – before your competition does

Every account rep knows that when executives and sponsors change, there’s an opportunity to break into an account, or worse, lose the account to competition – Tips for Sales Prospecting.

how to find new executive changes

No email list provider in the world has the email address of someone who joined yesterday. But that shouldn’t stop you from ringing in new business..

get email address of new hires

Put the new hire’s name and company inside eMail Prospector and reach out with a congratulatory note now!


10. Increase booth traffic – Send Pre-Conference Marketing emails to Attendees

Sending traffic to your conference booth is critical to success at tradeshows. But why should you only rely on those walking by?

Sending out a compelling invite to attendees a few days before the event is a sure-fire way of increasing booth traffic – people are ‘expecting’ to see you at the conference – even if they don’t reply to your email.

how to get email address of conference attendees

Did you only get the names of people who registered for the conference?

dont have email address of conference attendees

Drop those names and companies into the eMail Prospector and get email addresses. Now you can send out those invites in minutes.


11. Add eMail address to Shipping Address Lists – Double sales and Cut communication costs

Tips for Sales Prospecting – If you are an Amazon or eBay seller, you don’t get email addresses of the corporate customers you ship to. You only have the Shipping Address that the online retailer gives you.

If you had their email address, you could email them details of other products you have, and possibly double your sales!

After all, email is many times cheaper than sending marketing material in the physical form.


12. Conduct Background checks on candidates – from those who recommended them on LinkedIn

Trying to hire the next Top Performing star-employee? Well, you need to be sure that you are making the right choice!

background checking candidates on linkedin

Look at the people who recommended them on LinkedIn. Write to them directly and ask them for feedback on your candidate.

how to get email address for background check

Use eMail-Prospector to get their email address.


13. Find More people like your Best Customers

Have you used the “People Similar to..” feature in LinkedIn?

If you haven’t, here’s what you could do… open the LinkedIn profile of your best customers, and scroll down to the “People Similar To…” section in the profle. You will find it on the right hand side. How to find more highly targeted customers

All these are possible future prospects! LinkedIn has some smarts in suggesting these people.

Find people similar to your best customers

Reach out to them via email, with a few references and case studies!


14. Find New Customers among your College Alumni

Did you know of LinkedIn’s Alumni Search? This powerful search brings up profiles of people who studied in your college.

There are some amazing filters to find your prospective customers among your college alumni.

Using LinkedIn Alumni Search feature

And the interesting part…? You can search the alumni of ANY college, not only your own!

How to find where your alumni are working

Use eMail-Prospector to reach out to them.

How to get alumni email address


15. Find more prospects who have the same skill sets as your Best Customers

Tips for Sales Prospecting – And did you know of LinkedIn’s Skill Search? This new and re-vamped search allows you to find people based on their field of study.

How to find people with a particular skill set

So, lets say, your best prospects are those who have specialized in Sales and Sales Operations. You just plug that in and you have a fantastic list! Again, with a bundle of powerful filters.

How to find prospects with a skill set or field of study

What better way to get their email address, than with eMail-Prospector?

Find email of your best prospects


16. Get Leads in your email Inbox everyday

Did you know you could setup Saved LinkedIn Searches?

When you do that, LinkedIn will email you matching profiles. So here, I was searching for CEOs in the “Cloud” space, I got this email from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Saved Searches - use for lead generation

Now that’s leads in my mailbox everyday!

How to get email address of linkedin alerts

Reach out to them with your best pitch…


17. Get to executives who invest in start-ups

If selling to executives with a lot of money, or even angel investors, then there are lots of websites like available

How to find angel investors

How to email angel investor list

eMail-Prospector can get you in their business mailbox, and get their attention.


… and more…

  • Implement Email-Finding best practices across your Internet Research team.
  • Enhance lead quality before you hand over to sales.
  • Org-Chart didn’t give you an email address? Get it in one click.
  • Gatekeeper gave you a Decision Maker’s name? Their Email address is a click away.
  • Spend more time closing deals. Eliminate email research from your tasks.
  • Empower your sales people to make their own leads and not rely on marketing / lead gen team
  • Free yourself for searching for email addresses manually.

There are so many uses of eMail Prospector..

Download your FREE Trial Today, Get 50 Contacts FREE!


Expert Webinar:LinkedIn® Sales Success in 20 Minutes a Day by Kurt Shaver

Expert Webinar:LinkedIn® Sales Success in 20 Minutes a Day by Kurt Shaver

Yuno's alarm clock ? No, it's mine.One of the biggest challenges we all come up against is time – especially when it comes to our own skills development. We’re creatures of habit. And when our habits are good, our results are excellent. And when our habits are bad? Well, you get the picture.

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn to make more money through sales then you need to make it a habit. And the best way to develop this particular habit is to make it a part of your daily routine.

After training thousands of sales people on how to use LinkedIn effectively over the last couple of years, I have refined a daily LinkedIn routine that I want to share with you.

The webinar on April 17th is going to show you how, in just 20 minutes a day, you can achieve maximum results.

View the webinar recording if you had missed it !!

What will you see in this webinar
– The Top 3 Things To Check On Linkedin Every Day.
– The Easiest Way To Strengthen Your Existing Relationships.
– How to build prospect lists from online groups.
– How to manage lists easily with eGrabber’s tools.

That was genuinely the most valuable use of 30 minutes
I have spent in a very long time. Thank you!
–  Tania Sheppard, Director of Sales, Tivix, Inc.