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Why every recruiter should build a talent pipeline and how

Why every recruiter should build a talent pipeline and how

Recruiters can liken themselves to a coach in a football team. What?

Yes, you heard it right!

Imagine that you are the coach of a football team. Your team is playing an important game and suddenly one of your players gets injured. In no time you replace the injured player with a player from your dugout. Why? Because you can’t afford to allow your team to play without one player even for a short period of time as it would have an impact on the outcome of the match. And, how were you able to do that? Because you had access to a set of players already lined up on the bench as substitutes.

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The same holds true for recruiting as well. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate recruiter or third-party recruiter, you got to always have access to a set of targeted candidates, like the football coach, to quickly place them as and when the need arises. This can do a world of good, especially when your company or your client company are working on mission-critical projects. To accomplish this, you got to build a targeted talent pipeline.

Building talent pipeline helps minimize business disruption, reduces the time to hire & cost per hire, increases the interview success rates and always finds the best talent. But despite all these benefits, a majority of the employers don’t opt to build a talent pipeline for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of time.
  2. Cost.

Yes, these are valid reasons. You got to spend a lot of time and resources to build a targeted talent pipeline. As recruiters are often busy with a lot of other tasks, building a talent pipeline is definitely a challenge. This is where a recruiting software such as ResumeGrabber JobSuite can be handy.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you build your talent pipeline in no time. All you need to do is:

  1. Just enter the keyword. (Example – Oracle   DBA)
  2. Click Find.
  3. Once the results are displayed, click Grab.
  4. The candidates along with the candidate contact information are extracted to the grid.
  5. You can append missing email and phone number of your candidates.

A list of targeted candidates along with their contact information is ready in just a few minutes.

You can also instantly transfer the candidate profiles to Excel, Outlook, PC Recruiter, and ACT!, etc.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you to save a lot of time & resources and gets you to place candidates much faster.

Tools a recruiting company owner used to build candidate pipeline 5x faster

Tools a recruiting company owner used to build candidate pipeline 5x faster

Every now and then, it feels Great to speak to customers who have been with us,… like, forever…!

That’s why we were pumped to chat with Doug Franklin. Doug’s executive search firm, Epic Business Strategies, has been using eGrabber’s ResumeGrabber and ACT ever since he started business in 2004! So we just “had” to get this story out.

Doug’s firm specializes in “difficult-to-fill” positions in Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain and Logistics domains. He dominates the retained search and recruiting of mid to senior level positions, in his niches.

Here’s what he does to build his passive candidate pipeline 5x faster (1:40 secs audio)

Simplify your resume import from social networks and job portals.

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Email templates that gets you 70% response from passive candidates

Email templates that gets you 70% response from passive candidates

You can find a huge pool of passive candidates on sites such as LinkedIn. But in order to be successful, you got to reach them and engage them to evoke a response.

Email Templates/jpg

Experts say that the best way to reach them is through email even before you call them. But remember, you have only one chance to make a lasting impression.

So you have to carefully tailor your email message that engages your prospective candidates and prompts them to respond.

[If you are looking to build email list from professional networks. You could try our free Email List Building Tool – eMail Prospector.]

Here are 4 free email templates from Staffing & Recruiting expert Dean Da Costa that can help you get 70% response from passive candidates on LinkedIn.

To know more about these email templates watch this video

LinkedIn Recruiter doesn’t eliminate need for an ATS, because …

LinkedIn Recruiter doesn’t eliminate need for an ATS, because …

I heard some recruiters & managers ask, now that we have subscribed to LinkedIn Recruiter, do we need an ATS too?  If we have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, why do we need to store resumes anymore? Why not treat LinkedIn as our corporate ATS – track and search candidates as required within it.

Points recruiters (3rd party recruiters & Corporate recruiters) planning to Use LinkedIn as an ATS need to be aware of:

3rd & Corporate Party recruiters

  1. First of all remember – Companies get resumes of candidates from multiple sources – LI, job portals, websites, referrals, mail-in, cold call etc….. LI is just one of many sources
  2. ATS shows you if anyone from your company has spoken to the candidate through any other channel. You don’t get that information if you are only within LinkedIn
  3. ATS enables you to follow your standard recruiting process for LI candidates as you do with candidates from other channels
  4.  Email marketing from ATS is cheaper, more professional, retains company branding and is safer – ATS enables recruiters and companies to do drip marketing, touch point marketing and use other emailing techniques. LinkedIn recruiter is not good for it. It does not allow you to send customized letters and invitations. Inmails cost too much money. A few people clicking on IDK (I don’t know) can get companies into problems with LinkedIn
  5. ATS enables non LI heavy users such as Managers and other staff to collaborate on hiring
  6. ATS is a good repository to maintain candidate’s referral checks, resumes, recommendation letters and other documents
  7. ATS hold all email trail for current and future usage
  8. ATS provides you access to full social foot prints in a easy manner – this is important during final rounds of interviews
  9. ATS enables organizations to generate activity and performance reports, by integrating  candidates from all channels including LI source, job portals
  10. With transfer of candidates to ATS, you will have access to the candidate even after candidate decides to disable themselves from LI for whatever reason. Many top candidates are finding LI disruptive with too many recruiters sending them email
  11. Add all high probability candidates in LI to ATS – future search for skills and qualifications can be restricted to this small of highly targeted people for the first pass
  12. You may want to send resumes to clients & hiring managers, not LI profiles. Import LI profiles and resumes into ATS first

3rd Party Recruiters

  1. ATS for 3rd party recruiters forms a great audit trail.
  2. You may want to send resumes to clients & hiring managers, not LI profiles. Import LI profiles and resumes into ATS first
  3. Enables one to track which candidate resumes were sent which companies, and which manager interviewed them,
  4. Also outcome and billing information is all in one place
  5. Easy to manage splits
  6. Great for checking for contract-breaking hires later on

How do we, at eGrabber, know what Recruiters are thinking?

Our sales and business development folks talk to hundreds of recruiters every month. We provide tools for recruiter to import resumes from any job-portal, website, folder or search engine into an ATS. Our tools helps find emails, phone numbers and other contact details. We also provide tools to check for unreported placements.