Proven Sales Prospecting Techniques for SDRs to Book More Meetings

Proven Sales Prospecting Techniques for SDRs to Book More Meetings

To find your ideal target audience, make a contact with them and convert them into a sale, sales prospecting is important. There are a lot of ways to do sales prospecting, but it is hard to determine which method brings the best possible outcome and can be employed in the marketing process.

Some of the top most popular channels for sales prospecting are:

Outbound prospecting
Cold calls and cold emails are the two top-rated methods for prospecting and keeping your sales pipeline full.

Social Media
Social media gives marketers like us unmatched access to our audience. LinkedIn is an excellent option to connect with either the B2B market.

Inbound prospecting
when done right, inbound marketing and sales prospecting tactics can improve your marketing outcomes without any ongoing investment.

Typically going through a set of phases like 1) Lead qualification 2) Reaching decision-makers 3) The product demo 4)Demo summary and 5) Closing a deal comprises the sales prospecting process. The above is a default process for prospecting regardless of how the sale pipeline looks like.

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Proven Sales Prospecting Methods to Book More Meetings

Now that we’ve seen some of the popular channels and the sales prospecting process, we’d like to share the 4 best techniques for improving your prospecting process and book more meetings. Many of these methods are tried and tested by our consistently top-performing sales reps, and for good reason.

Finding your Prospect’s Coworker Emails

Our SDRs get their prospects’ coworker emails. Using coworker emails, they can reach multiple contacts in the same company, increase engagement rates and increase the chances of sales conversions by 5x. Our SDRs use our flagship software LeadGrabber Pro – a LinkedIn sales prospecting tool to find hundreds of coworker emails & company emails. Here’s how to leverage coworkers’ emails and increase sales opportunities.

Finds New Prospects Invisible to List Buyers

Our SDRs use Live social media search filters that enable them to find recently promoted & hired decision-makers, not available through list builders whose list is 6+ months old. LeadGrabber Pro also helps our sales development reps quickly build targeted prospect lists and acquire new clients.

Find Companies in Growth Mode

Prospecting on a random list of companies that are barely surviving not only wastes your SDRs’ time but their efforts and your budget as well. Here are ways your SDRs can build a list of CEOs/VPs in companies that are hiring and growing:

Sales Navigator has a “Job Opportunities” filter that is barely visible. It will show you only companies currently hiring on LinkedIn. The “Job Opportunities” filter is visible only when you click on the Accounts tab and then “View all filters.” It is in the last row. Once you shortlist companies that are hiring, you can click on the “View Current Employees” filter and select C-Level to see a list of CXOs that are hiring currently.

  • Visit Job boards like Indeed to search for types of jobs that your ideal prospects would be hiring.
  • Go through the Job postings and build a list of companies that are hiring.
  • Paste the hiring companies into LinkedIn, and find CXOs/VPs you want to target.

JobGrabber automates the entire process of building prospect lists from job boards.

Targeting LinkedIn Likes

“LinkedIn LIKES” marketing is one successful sales prospecting method that is used by our sales team to generate new sales leads. It helped them to personalize emails and calls effectively, generating targeted sales leads and getting great results.  

What is ‘LinkedIn Likes’ Marketing?

LinkedIn is the only professional network that gives precise data about user interests and activities. ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ marketing helps you to find your prospect’s interests and also find prospects with similar interests. If used effectively, it can become a powerful sales prospecting method especially for people who use LinkedIn for sales prospecting.  Learn more about How to use LinkedIn Likes to Build your Email List.

If you want to try the above sales prospecting techniques using the automated sales prospecting tool, fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a live demo.

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