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How is eGrabber solution different from Salesloft

How is eGrabber solution different from Salesloft

Real Apples vs Glass Apples

Salesloft’s Prospector is similar to eGrabber’s LeadGrabber & eGrabber eMail-Prospector; in that they help build B2B prospect lists. They both find business email addresses and phone numbers of prospects. Prospects can be from LinkedIn or elsewhere.

We claim, when compared to Salesloft Prospector, eGrabber solutions are more accurate, cost less & provides 10x more ROI. Here are some independently verifiable points – that will lead you to believe we are likely to be the leader in B2B Prospect List Generation at a better ROI for small businesses & independently operating list builders.

Here are 3 objective advantages of eGrabber over Salesloft

  1. Our $3,495 /year version that is at the same price point as Salesloft prospector, gets you 30x more leads.
    • With eGrabber, for $3,495/year you can append up to 12,000 contacts /month (400/day).
    • With Salesloft Prospector, for $3,900/year you can append only 350 contacts / month. You pay about a $1 more for each additional contact.
    • eGrabber has a unique feature that increases number of ways you can reach your prospect. Our solution not only finds prospect’s contact info, it also provides email-Ids of prospect’s co-worker network, so that you can ask them for help in forwarding your email to your prospect. No prospect or executive ignores emails from co-workers! This feature is useful, even if you have the email-id of prospect.
  2. Our $595 /year version (Just Released) costs 1/10th of Salesloft & appends 3x more contacts. Its for researcher’s who prospect one-account-at-a-time. eMail-Prospector costs only $50/month for 1,000+ contacts/month.
    • This is for people who target accounts one account at a time, and find email / phone one at a time.
    • eGrabber has a unique feature that increases number of ways you can reach your prospect. Our solution not only finds prospect’s contact info, it also provides email-Ids of prospect’s co-worker network, so that you can ask them for help in forwarding your email to your prospect. No prospect or executive ignores emails from co-workers! This feature is useful, even if you have the email-id of prospect.
    • This version doesn’t allow you to select hundreds of records, and process them all as one batch. Ideal for less than 1,000 contacts/month, limit is not enforced.
    • This version is great for giving each sales & marketing person their own research tool at an extremely affordable price ($50/month for practically unlimited email/phone research)
    • See what all you can do with the product
  3. We have been perfecting this technology for more years than Salesloft.   We shipped our product couple of years before Salesloft did. We invented this category of automated sales research tools (see patents listed below). We have been developing these type of automated lead research tools since 1996, that is 15+ years lead over salesloft ‘s founding,. We have had more time to develop and have more robust technology.  (We believe Salesloft liked what we were doing & so started copying us, adding their own differing marketing twists & marketing fluff). 

Here are things one can say are in somewhat favor of Salesloft

  1. eGrabber is a PC only solution. Salesloft is a browser version, so their solution works on a regular Mac, ours need parallels installed. 
    • Given the fact PC-laptop that runs our software only costs $500 and salesloft is several thousand dollars more expensive; people actually go get a PC/laptop to use our product
  2. Other advantage of Salesloft, because it is a server version, multiple people can share a license. 
    • You are paying 10x more to get that feature. Most people find it more convenient to get additional licenses from eGrabber, or install our software on a $500 PC-laptop and share it
  3. They have Cadence emailing solution, we don’t have. 
    • We are experts in list research. We provide the best list building solution on earth. You can use leads our tool produces with any crm or marketing solution.

Top 4 reasons why eGrabber products costs a fraction of what Salesloft do

  1. Our technology architecture results in lower operating costs. We don’t have to undergo maintaining a huge web-server infrastructure, like Salesloft, to support you. Our solution uses your PC and your internet resources to do the research – saving us costs that we pass on to you..
  2. We have lower R&D overhead, resulting in cost savings to customers. By having a large part of R&D done offshore, our costs are small fraction of what companies like Salesloft incur.  Our high ROI Sales tools have enabled 100,000+  US Companies over the past 15+ years to be more productive.
  3. We have lower marketing costs, resulting in lower cost overhead. We don’t tend to have priced marketing executives flying to expensive tradeshows to seek visibility. We don’t have to recover those expenses by charging our customers. This strategy has enabled us to deliver lower priced high quality solutions, helping us organically to accumulate 100K+ companies as paid customers
  4. We have lower sales costs, resulting in lower prices. We don’t seek Enterprise Customers; Our typical customer has a 1 to 5 man team; is an entrepreneur, owner or department manager who is very ROI focused in cash allocation. They can determine within hours our products are accurate, provide great ROI, within their budget – resulting in pretty short purchase cycle. They see we provide solid features, without all the marketing fluff that doesn’t help them sell more.

(PS – READ Salesloft to spend $500,000 on one trade-show. eGrabber invests in R&D. Can you see the difference in priorities? Now can you see why eGrabber costs less?)


Give eGrabber’s $595/year product a try

It’s 50 contacts for free. 50 contacts for your pipeline.

See for yourself how our R&D gets you better results than what Salesloft does.

If you need to chat, you can always reach me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Sales Prospecting Problems – SOLVED with eMail-Prospector

Sales Prospecting Problems – SOLVED with eMail-Prospector

Tips for Sales Prospecting – eMail-Prospector is a rapid email finding software for the PC that finds business email address of anybody in any company. Now you can connect to any prospect in seconds.

Here are common problems that sales people face, that eMail-Prospector solves…


1. Get email address of prospects on LinkedIn

I’m a Huge Fan of LinkedIn! It allows you to find the right people at the right companies very quickly. LinkedIn’s advanced search has filters that get you very accurate results.

However, in the LinkedIn search results, there are no email addresses.

You have to wait for people to respond to your connection request or your InMail – and that could take a very long time. Your best bet is to send an email to their business inbox. Searching for VP Sales in LinkedIn Linkedn_Search_-_email_address_found

Type in the name and company of your prospect into the eMail-Prospector. And it quickly finds their business email address!


2. Connect to difficult-to-catch people on LinkedIn

If you are a heavy user of LinkedIn for business, you have definitely come across this one.

When you attempt to connect to some important people on LinkedIn, you get this screen asking you to supply their email address.

 linkedin ask for email address to connect

This happens because the recipient’s email preferences are set to only receive invitations from members who know their email address.

problem solved - linkedin ask for email address to connect

eMail Prospector will give you their business email address, so you can connect with them through email instead.


3. Directly target participants in Discussions – While playing it Safe…

LinkedIn Group discussion are great pleaces to find your target prospects. People who participate in discussions by commenting and Like’g maybe the ones interested in what you are selling !

LinkedIn discussion - can't get email address of participants

However, you cannot self-promote your product or service on a lot of discussion boards. You could be kicked out of the group if you do. Or worse, your reputation in the group could be destroyed in full public view.

LinkedIn discussion - can't self promote on discussions - solved with eMail prospector

Use eMail-Prospector to find their business email addresses and contact them directly in their inbox! This way, you can eliminate the risk of being kicked out of the group.

Expert Tip: In your email, you can quote what your prospect said in the group discussion and increase your chance of a positive reply.


4. Directly connect to Management at your Target Accounts – Tips for Sales Prospecting

If you have a company you want to target and you want to reach someone in the management, one of the best places to look for them is the company website.

targeting a management team - no email address

However, you will not find their contact information on the webpage.

targeting a management team - no email address - SOLVED with eMail Prospector

eMail-Prospector can give you the email address to connect with them directly.


5. Reach out to companies which got funding – they have cash to buy

Companies which just got funding have a lot of money to spend!

A simple google search with the location you target will yield you the companies who are ready to spend their new cash.

 funding articles - need to contact decision maker

 funding articles - need to contact decision maker - solved with email prospector

Use eMail Prospector to congratulate the main people in the news article and pitch them your services / products.


6. Book appointments with speakers at conferences – *before* anybody else

If the speakers at conferences are your target market, then you can easily find conferences in your area with a simple google search.


Reach out to the speakers and book appointments with them before the conference. That way you can skip the huge line of people trying to get their attention after their speech.


eMail-Prospector can get you their direct email address.


7. Re-Connect with visitors to your tradeshow booth

Tips for sales prospecting – Did they visit your booth and you didn’t get their business card? Did you scan the QR code on their badge and were unpleasantly surprised when you didn’t get their email address?

can't get email address on a tradeshow id card

No problem, eMail-Prospector solves that for you now.

can't get email address on a tradeshow id card - solved


8. Recruit Internal Champions and Influencers to win your sales deal

If you are making the complex sale, decision makers are important, however having evangelists are equally important to closing the sale. These internal champions will be the ones who will actually use your product / service, once its deployed. These internal influencers will be facing the actual problem that your product / service solves. Finding these influencers is easier, once you look around in the “People Also Viewed” section of LinkedIn.

finding internal influencers

Here’s how to do it: do a LinkedIn search for employees working in that target company. Then open up the first result, and scroll down. On the right hand side of the page, you will find the “People Also Viewed” section. These are people who are highly connected and active on LinkedIn, from that company. Chances are, they are highly connected ‘inside’ the company as well. Look for your champions in this list.

connecting to an influencer

Connect to these evangelists and get them to internally endorse you – increase your chances of closing the deal.


9. Reach newly Hired Decision Makers – before your competition does

Every account rep knows that when executives and sponsors change, there’s an opportunity to break into an account, or worse, lose the account to competition – Tips for Sales Prospecting.

how to find new executive changes

No email list provider in the world has the email address of someone who joined yesterday. But that shouldn’t stop you from ringing in new business..

get email address of new hires

Put the new hire’s name and company inside eMail Prospector and reach out with a congratulatory note now!


10. Increase booth traffic – Send Pre-Conference Marketing emails to Attendees

Sending traffic to your conference booth is critical to success at tradeshows. But why should you only rely on those walking by?

Sending out a compelling invite to attendees a few days before the event is a sure-fire way of increasing booth traffic – people are ‘expecting’ to see you at the conference – even if they don’t reply to your email.

how to get email address of conference attendees

Did you only get the names of people who registered for the conference?

dont have email address of conference attendees

Drop those names and companies into the eMail Prospector and get email addresses. Now you can send out those invites in minutes.


11. Add eMail address to Shipping Address Lists – Double sales and Cut communication costs

Tips for Sales Prospecting – If you are an Amazon or eBay seller, you don’t get email addresses of the corporate customers you ship to. You only have the Shipping Address that the online retailer gives you.

If you had their email address, you could email them details of other products you have, and possibly double your sales!

After all, email is many times cheaper than sending marketing material in the physical form.


12. Conduct Background checks on candidates – from those who recommended them on LinkedIn

Trying to hire the next Top Performing star-employee? Well, you need to be sure that you are making the right choice!

background checking candidates on linkedin

Look at the people who recommended them on LinkedIn. Write to them directly and ask them for feedback on your candidate.

how to get email address for background check

Use eMail-Prospector to get their email address.


13. Find More people like your Best Customers

Have you used the “People Similar to..” feature in LinkedIn?

If you haven’t, here’s what you could do… open the LinkedIn profile of your best customers, and scroll down to the “People Similar To…” section in the profle. You will find it on the right hand side. How to find more highly targeted customers

All these are possible future prospects! LinkedIn has some smarts in suggesting these people.

Find people similar to your best customers

Reach out to them via email, with a few references and case studies!


14. Find New Customers among your College Alumni

Did you know of LinkedIn’s Alumni Search? This powerful search brings up profiles of people who studied in your college.

There are some amazing filters to find your prospective customers among your college alumni.

Using LinkedIn Alumni Search feature

And the interesting part…? You can search the alumni of ANY college, not only your own!

How to find where your alumni are working

Use eMail-Prospector to reach out to them.

How to get alumni email address


15. Find more prospects who have the same skill sets as your Best Customers

Tips for Sales Prospecting – And did you know of LinkedIn’s Skill Search? This new and re-vamped search allows you to find people based on their field of study.

How to find people with a particular skill set

So, lets say, your best prospects are those who have specialized in Sales and Sales Operations. You just plug that in and you have a fantastic list! Again, with a bundle of powerful filters.

How to find prospects with a skill set or field of study

What better way to get their email address, than with eMail-Prospector?

Find email of your best prospects


16. Get Leads in your email Inbox everyday

Did you know you could setup Saved LinkedIn Searches?

When you do that, LinkedIn will email you matching profiles. So here, I was searching for CEOs in the “Cloud” space, I got this email from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Saved Searches - use for lead generation

Now that’s leads in my mailbox everyday!

How to get email address of linkedin alerts

Reach out to them with your best pitch…


17. Get to executives who invest in start-ups

If selling to executives with a lot of money, or even angel investors, then there are lots of websites like available

How to find angel investors

How to email angel investor list

eMail-Prospector can get you in their business mailbox, and get their attention.


… and more…

  • Implement Email-Finding best practices across your Internet Research team.
  • Enhance lead quality before you hand over to sales.
  • Org-Chart didn’t give you an email address? Get it in one click.
  • Gatekeeper gave you a Decision Maker’s name? Their Email address is a click away.
  • Spend more time closing deals. Eliminate email research from your tasks.
  • Empower your sales people to make their own leads and not rely on marketing / lead gen team
  • Free yourself for searching for email addresses manually.

There are so many uses of eMail Prospector..

Download your FREE Trial Today, Get 50 Contacts FREE!


How to do sales prospecting in just a few seconds

How to do sales prospecting in just a few seconds

Successful sales people spend a lot of time finding new prospects, researching them on the Internet and finding their contact information. Eventually it leaves them with very little selling time.

For example, you came across a company who could be your potential customer and you want to reach the decision maker in that company.

Most of the times, you would only find their names and you cannot find any other contact information on the company websites. So, how do you reach them immediately?

You begin to manually search the Internet to find email address and phone number of the decision maker in that company.

[If you are looking to find email address and phone numbers for prospect’s from any corporate websites, community & discussion groups or on LinkedIn etc. You could try our free Email Finder Tool – eMail Prospector]

Now, if you were to do this manually for a list of 50 contacts, imagine how much time it would take you to find corporate email address & phone numbers of your prospects. This is where a sales prospecting tool such as eMail-Prospector can make all the difference.

eMail-Prospector helps you to instantly find email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects from anywhere on the Internet.

All you need to do is just enter your prospect’s name and company name. eMail-Prospector’s built-in email finding and contact research technology searches the Internet and finds email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects in just a few seconds.

The sales prospecting tool – eMail Prospector helps you to reach your prospects right away.

Save time on prospecting and sell more.

Download your FREE Trial Now!