Selling Workflow Solutions? Here’s a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source

Selling Workflow Solutions? Here’s a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source

Salespeople, does your product automate workflows such as billing, shipping, invoicing, etc.?

If yes, here is a “New” lead source for you!

Out-of-box-thinking salespeople are finding good leads on job boards.

Companies Hiring for Workflow Projects

Many companies seem to launch internal projects to customize workflows and are hiring for their projects through job boards.

Companies feel it is faster and can get more custom products if they built it in-house. But they forget the ongoing costs, delays, risks, management time, building non core items, etc.

If you can pitch your product as a perfect short and long-time fit, sale will be faster.

They are already budgeted to build the workflow solution in-house. And yours is likely to cost less and faster to deploy. So there can be less ROI talk. And more timeline for deployment talk.

Leverage Job Boards

You can search job boards with relevant keywords for companies starting such workflow projects. Research company and reach relevant decision makers.

There are plenty of job boards for each niche. They are free to use. Companies are easy to identify if you know how to search for tell-tale clues they are starting projects. These leads can be win-win and fast closing.

Selling Workflow Solutions? Here's a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source 2

Fastest Way to Find New Leads

eGrabber sells a product (JobGrabber) that searches job boards for leads and integrates with LinkedIn to surface all key contacts and decision makers in hiring companies.

JobGrabber also finds direct email and company phone, and builds a ready-made list of leads from job boards in an excel sheet.

You can get a demo or trial version.

You will get all the leads we generate during a demo or trial.

That may be good enough to get a deal!

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