Want to Increase by 2x 3x your Cold Email Responses? New Unique Redirect

Want to Increase by 2x 3x your Cold Email Responses? New Unique Redirect

Want to Increase by 2x 3x your cold email responses? New

Try this Unique redirect, gets 25% more responses from non responders.

Works great for <500 EMP target where people mix with everyone.

Non-Responsive Prospects

CXO-VPs, or popular prospects, are 10 times more careful when devoting time to opening emails from strangers. However, they are less guarded when opening emails sent internally by coworkers.

Find Coworkers of your Prospects

What we do is find coworkers (for Free) in the company whose emails my prospect is likely to open and have them forward the email to your prospects. Usually, my prospect opens emails coming from their sales staff and internal support, sales, and PR departments.

Now, you need to learn a slightly different cold email language where you can get the prospect’s coworkers and these external departments to forward your email to your prospect. With this technique, at least 20% of your non-responsive prospects will get back to you and thank you for being uniquely persistent.

Learn Persuasive Writing

This will require you to find coworkers and two generic departments like sales@, info@, etc., and request them to re-forward with a note. Now, you have to learn the art of writing an email to convince someone to re-forward. Many of your non-responsive work emails that your prospect never saw will now become actionable.

If you become an expert at this, your sales and your department sales will go up dramatically. Imagine your non-responsive prospect getting an internal email internally:

Steve, this email from Chandra to you can increase our lead gen sales by 24% without increasing staff size. Can you have a quick look at this email #experience & comment?

Advocated by Influencers

Even prominent influencers like Jim Stroud are advocating for this innovative technique, which is a testament to its potential and makes it well worth exploring.

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Try this Unique Cold Email Technique & Increase Response Rates

Can your sales and marketing people try to get this magic done?

What have you got to lose?

You can ask us for help if needed. It’s a good way to get more bag for your prospect research.

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It’s been helping us for ages.

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