3 Smart Steps to Speed Up Your Sales Process

3 Smart Steps to Speed Up Your Sales Process

Are you looking for ways to shorten your sales process and make prospects purchase sooner? Well, that is a smart thing to do. The less time a lead stays in your sales process, the more is your return on investment (ROI).

How? Look for companies that are in the process of increasing their headcount. That is, companies that are hiring now.

If a company is hiring right now, chances are they are growing and have budgets to buy your product/services.

How to target companies that are hiring?

LinkedIn has made it very easy to find companies that are hiring now. You will need the Sales Navigator premium account.

Step1: Search Accounts

Search for Accounts that have the exact keywords and demographics of your ideal prospect. You will get a bunch of your ideal prospects in the search results.

Step2: Enable Jobs Filter

Enable Filter “Job Opportunities” in Accounts filter. You have to click on all View filters to see this. LinkedIn now will remove all companies which are not hiring on LinkedIn.

Step3: Current Employees

Click on view current employees in Account Filter and look for decision maker titles to target in those hiring companies.

The list of companies you get in the accounts are the companies that are growing and hiring now. These companies are 10x more likely to purchase your product/services.

To find more companies, you can also look for companies that are hiring on Indeed or other job boards, import them into LinkedIn and find decision makers in those companies.

To automate the process of building decision makers from companies that are hiring, check out the list building automation software – Hiring prospector from eGrabber. Hiring prospector helps you build list of decision makers in companies that are already hiring.

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