Generate New Sales Opportunities using Account-Based Lead Generation

Generate New Sales Opportunities using Account-Based Lead Generation

The process of Lead generation or prospecting can be overwhelming. But by identifying specific target accounts, who would become your ideal prospects, you’ll use your time wisely and efficiently, bringing order to your lead generation process.

If you have a list of target accounts in place, you can go online to identify key decision-makers, do live research and find other information about the prospects. The internet makes it easy to find detailed information about your potential prospects.

Let’s discover the benefits of creating a targeted list of accounts, along with tips on how to get started.

Benefits of Account Based Lead Generation

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to identify highly-targeted accounts, do personalized marketing, and drive business growth. In simpler terms, identify the actual prospects you want to do business with and then market to them directly, in a precise way.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Account Based Marketing

  • A thorough knowledge of the customer lets you create a personalized marketing approach
  • This strategy helps build a better relationship with customers thereby increasing revenue
  • Identify High-value prospects
  • Simplified Sales Process
  • Huge ROI

Start by Finding the Right Accounts

Use your ICP(Ideal Customer Profile) data to focus and identify high-value accounts. Identify your targets’ likes and dislikes, challenges, and opportunities to find the right accounts. Then target customers individually, via your marketing channels with content, targeted digital and product demos

This way you can engage and influence them to make a decision as to why they should buy from your organization.

Import List of Companies

LeadGrabber Management-Finder Pro is an Account-Based Lead Generation Software designed exclusively for B2B businesses to Identify Key Decision Makers Contacts, at Specific Companies, within a Specific Market.

It enables sales, marketing, and lead generation teams to build targeted account lists and quickly find who the decision-maker is (CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CXOs, VP-level, Director-level, Founders,.). The software also helps you to build verified C-Level executive’s email lists along with phone numbers, so that you can engage them with personalized marketing campaigns.

LeadGrabber Management-Finder Pro enables you to build CXOs lists for targeted accounts twenty times (20x) faster than marketing and lead generation teams can build manually.

If you have a list of companies in an Excel file or in the CRM, import them into LeadGrabber MF Pro. If you don’t have a list, you can still be able to build one using this tool.

LeadGrabber MF Pro enables you to build company lists from different websites such as

  • Job Boards (Monster, Career Builder, Indeed)
  • VC Funding Platforms (Angel List, Tech Crunch)
  • Social Networking sites.

Identify Key Decision Makers Contacts from Specific Companies

Give C-Level executive search such as Title (CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CXOs, VP-level, Director-level, Founders,.. ), Specialties and Experience to LeadGrabber MF Pro and it automatically starts finding the relevant management contacts. The software also helps you to build C-level executive’s email lists along with phone numbers in those targeted companies by leveraging various sources such as Company Pages, Press Releases, Social Media Networks, etc.

This software finds this data using real-time searches on the Internet.

The tool finds verified corporate email IDs of all prospects to ensure that the emails are spam safe. It enables cold emailers to avoid being blocked by ISPs & labeled as spammers.

LeadGrabber Management Finder Pro builds a list for companies that are

  • Recently funded
  • Recently promoted / Hired Executives
  • Hiring a specific skill / technology
  • Growing in size
  • Jon boards
  • Trade show lists and
  • Companies Imported from excel sheets

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