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Author: Chandra Bodapati

I have deep expertise in enabling B2B sales, marketing & recruiting professionals reach ideal prospects. I love helping them be leaders in their company and their industry. Sold to 100,000+ companies! eGrabber, the company I founded 15+ years ago, makes Targeted Prospect List-Building Tools for use by Sales & Recruiting professionals.
eGrabber will be offering List Building Services starting Jan 1st 2018

eGrabber will be offering List Building Services starting Jan 1st 2018

Are you building lists from LinkedIn, to market your Company?

…We have tools that let you build 800 leads a day.

…We can also build lists as a service. And THIS is what this post is about.


How many leads can I buy?

Minimum order size is $995 for 800 leads.

Does it increase in batches of $500 or $1000 ?

Pricing after 2,000 is $1.00 per lead… so it can be any volume you choose. You have to purchase on one order.

Example – if you ask for 2,345 leads… our charge is $2,345

If I buy 2,000 leads, does it mean you will deliver all 2,000 at one go? Or can I take 1,000 first and then when they need come back and get another 1,000 … ?

You have to purchase on one order. We might agree to deliver them in multiple chunks.

What is the delivery / bounce back rate of the emails you deliver?

We offer emails of 1-Rating and 2-Rating.

Normally, 1-Rating emails have a delivery ratio of 95%+

And 2-Rating emails have a delivery rating of 70%+

The aforesaid delivery rates hold good, provided

  1. you use the emails within 1 month of delivery
  2. your email sending server and email sending reputation is good
  3. you are not sending spammy content which gets caught against spam filters

Will all my leads will be 1-Rated emails?

Emails will be rated 1 or 2; we provide refund or credit for leads we don’t give you.

We have the option of providing 3 rated emails at a discount. These emails have a delivery ratio of 30%+

Do I have to provide my LinkedIn credentials?

Yes you have to provide us your LinkedIn login and password. You also need a Sales Navigator account. That’s because you want high quality leads. We do not have connections in your industry and we will not be able to build high quality leads for you without your account.

LeadGrabber Improvements from 2017

LeadGrabber Improvements from 2017

(written on Nov 7, 2017)

We are happy to report LeadGrabber continued to leapfrog competitors and retain the title of best performing business email finding product in the industry .

To retain our leadership position, in 2017 we integrated LeadGrabber with 3 key technology partners. LeadGrabber now appends faster, web-research is more extensive, parsing results are more accurate and 100% of emails are verified and ranked for deliverability.

Here is what we did in more detail

  • We Integrated with Search Technology Partners – To improve speed of research we partnered with technology providers who can provide power of 100,000+ IPs to each LeadGrabber user on demand.  The good news is, we can now research at 50+ leads per hour.
    • Before 2017, we relied a lot on use free public search engines for research. The number of records we could research per hour steadily reduced to (10 -15 per hour), as free search engines and LinkedIn public mode,  increasingly began to limit number of results per IP
  • We Integrated with Lead Information Servers – We integrated LeadGrabber Pro with specialized contact data indexing servers. Combined with this new data base access and the 100,000 IP network, LeadGrabber now casts 30% wider searches per contact, to increase chance of finding contact on web – this increases accuracy.
    • Before 2017, We did not have access to this indexed data
  • We Integrated with eMail verification Servers – We now verify 100% of the emails found and projected through 3rd party verification servers we partnered with; We now  rank all leads with a deliverability score using new proprietary algorithms we developed in-house.
    • Before 2017, we never verified any emails found or projected. We provided raw research data as shown on the documents we found on the web. Subsequently we found some of published data was inaccurate or the person no longer worked there
  • We provide more reliable audit trail sources – When we find a contact on the web, we not only provide the contact field we also provide the discovery link. Users can click on link and get more detailed view of the contact thru blogs, websites, tweets, news and other sources

Since we now incur a 300%+ increase in cost per lead researched, we had to adjust our pricing model. If your usage is less than 40,000 leads a year, eGrabber has absorbed all cost increases – you will get a better product for the same $3,495 price. If your usage is more than 40,000 leads per year, your business development person will provide a quote for the volume you require.

Over the next few months, we are working on several lead research improvements for LeadGraber Pro, including a new User Interface. One new feature I am excited about is where we are looking at providing 2 possible email-ids for each prospect. This will increase the chance of you connecting with prospects

Source of our competitive edge – eGrabber’s competitive edge is derived from 20+ years of developing B2B lead generation tools (we started before Google was born!); 100,000+ companies as customers; 80+ Tech Employees; 4+ US Patents (see patents) & More..

If you have ideas on ways we could improve our product line, please email [email protected]


Chandra Bodapati
CEO-Founder eGrabber team




Did you know 85%+ of messages you send over LinkedIn are never read!

That’s because most people connect their LinkedIn to their Gmail or Hotmail. Your LinkedIn In-mail goes into a special folder called LinkedIn junk, that they read during non-business hours.

So… what is the chance your high-value business ROI message is going to ring a bell to your B2B executive at midnight or weekends when they are catching some rest?

Your LinkedIn network is a great place to share best practices, ask questions, get mentored and get jobs – but not for trying to get people for a demo or think of serious business.

Your LinkedIn will never be a great place to send B2B sales messages to your network.

However, if you can figure out a way to reach your LinkedIn network directly on their corporate email-ID during your business hours-you will have converted your LinkedIn network in Business prospects & sales leads!

eGrabber has a tool that will append direct work email & phone to your network. In most cases eGrabber adds work email & phone that is not found anywhere on the profile – so even if you are connected to them you don’t have access to.

Do you engage customers & users who shift jobs? …… I list 4 reasons how this gets quick sales.

Do you engage customers & users who shift jobs? …… I list 4 reasons how this gets quick sales.

Do you engage customers & users who shift jobs? ...... I list 4 reasons how this gets quick sales. 5

Did you know your best new prospects are existing customers & users that move to another company? In this post I list several reasons your company should have a quarterly strategy of locating users who moved and why you should engage them at their new company.

  • They already know your company, product and service. They are like warm referral prospects, with 2x to 3x higher chance of engagement than a cold new lead. They can help you navigate their new company, and act as an internal referral.
  • They are large in numbers. In USA, depending on the industry, 20 – 25% of the employees change companies every year. This means 20% of users of your product or service are now new prospects at a new company.
  • They are more influential. Statistics show, when most people move to another company, they often move to a higher & more influential position. So they can pull you in easily, if they liked your service.
  • Account Retention strategy. If you find the user who left the company was your product’s evangelist & is instrumental to your product’s continued success at that company – you will want to make some account defense moves. Your account manager needs to get on the phone and find a replacement evangelist. They can contact the user who left to find who the next best person would be.
  • LinkedIn makes it easy to find who moved & to where. The new LinkedIn search can help you find companies your existing customers are moving to. Just enter name of customer & company and select it “Past” in company option – and do search. Through this process, You will find where people from your existing customers are moving to. Copy the new name-title-company & add it as new referral- user lead for your sales people to follow-up and close. These leads will statistically have the shortest lead time.
    eGrabber is in beta with tools to stream line this way of generating leads. It shows the new company where your users have moved to and even provides their new title and contact information!

If you want to brainstorm on a strategy to build a steady stream of B2B prospects for your team, feel free to email [email protected]

PS – Please feel free to SHARE this article with your connections.

Here’s why I recommend Sales Navigator over Premium Account

Here’s why I recommend Sales Navigator over Premium Account

Here's why I recommend Sales Navigator over Premium Account 7

Are you a B2B lead generator, wondering whether to get Sales Navigator or Business Premium? Here is a quick summary.

Quick Summary (for lead generators)

  1. Sales Navigator gives 10 more ways to target prospects – This can get you 3x to 5x more appointments! Sales Navigator enables you to zero in on decision makers 10x closer than you can with Premium – If premium gets you to 1,000 prospects to target, sales navigator advanced filters lets you home in further and identify 10 or 50 even higher probable prospects. You can then spend 50% of your time custom researching these 50, and get 5x more engagement. The remaining 950, you handle the old fashioned way, and get the old fashioned responses.. this targeting feature alone gets you several times more ROI than the $17 difference….
  2. Sales Navigator generates talking point alerts for your Hot or stalled Leads – This gives you a way smarter way to engage prospects & get more mind share – that can eventually mean higher conversion rates. Sales Navigator enables you to save certain prospects as hot leads. It shows you what those prospects have been up to on a daily basis – and shows what they liked and commented or if they were in the news. This is great if you are looking for ways to engage with prospects.
  3. Price difference is only $17/month – as of March 09, 2017 – Sales Navigator is $64.99/mo vs Premium Business is $47.99/mo
    Here is a link that has plans & pricing – Here is a link that compares all LinkedIn plans for sales people (You may have to log out of LinkedIn to see the comparisons – for some reason LinkedIn hides them)

If you want to brainstorm on Building a B2B Prospect persona or have one, and want some help in searching for them or building them into prospect lists, feel free to email [email protected].

“New LinkedIn”​ gives powerful advantages to Sales Navigator & Recruiter users

“New LinkedIn”​ gives powerful advantages to Sales Navigator & Recruiter users

In January LinkedIn made two big changes.

LinkedIn rolled out a new user interface – This is visible to most by now There is no objective way to tell how good these LinkedIn UI changes are. We will jut leave it at that LinkedIn restructured SKU – This is a more important and subtle change. It took away prospecting power from 90%+ user base (free & lesser paying users). In a zero sum game, where everyone fights for prospect’s mind-share, higher paid accounts now face less competition on LinkedIn.

Sales experts say with high confidence, the restructured LinkedIn SKUs give a huge (2x) prospecting advantage to users of Sales Navigator and Recruiter Accounts. ..

Here’s why Sales Navigator & Recruiter users will see 2x better results and 2x more prospect interactions:

  • LinkedIn has taken out several Free prospecting capabilities from 90%+ of users who have lesser & free accounts. This means they won’t be able to Target OR Introduce themselves to new prospects as easily as Sales Navigator & Recruiter users can. I will explain 2 features below
  • No Advanced Filtering for lesser & free accounts – In the past, users with free and lesser accounts could filter extensively, & narrow down hundreds of prospects into a handful to target. With new LinkedIn changes users, with free and lesser accounts, are stuck with spending hours manually sifting hundreds of records. It only takes couple of clicks for Sales Navigator and Recruiter accounts
  • No Profile Advertising for lesser & free accounts – In the past, users with free and lesser accounts could visit unconnected prospects and leave a caller-id in the form of “Profile View” that included their picture and a 80 character headline. With new LinkedIn changes when users, with free and lesser accounts, visit an unconnected prospect, their caller-ID shows up as unknown. If you have a Sales Navigator or Recruiter Account, you can leave the full “Profile View” by just visiting a prospect. This is a huge prospecting advantage, because in the past if 10 people visited your prospect saw 10 messages – with the change, the prospect will likely to see only 2 or 3 out of 10 visitors – and you would be one of the lucky ones.
    Since 90%+ of the users that fall into the free or lesser LinkedIn account category, won’t be able to do targeted prospecting; Starting February Sales Navigator and Recruiter users can expect to get 2x or higher view back rate from prospects they target. Happy hunting…

Do you need B2B leadgen starter ideas (Free)?

If you are responsible for b2b lead generation, and want to brainstorm, please email [email protected]. We have been in the B2B leadgen tools development space for 25+ years and have talked to hundreds of B2B sales and marketing executives every year.

Support Your Community Initiative, by eGrabber

Support Your Community Initiative, by eGrabber

Help your community

Communities thrive best, when they get lots of helping hands.

Do you have a community you want us to support?

eGrabber wants to enable people to support organizations (& causes) they feel work for the good of our society.

Organizations that serve communities, not only need time from volunteers, they also need financial help to serve us all better.

We have designed a program where we can provide the financial help to organizations you want to support – with just 5 minutes of your help.

It only takes 5 minutes of your time. We will do the rest.

What we need from you, is an email introducing us to an executive in the company you work for. <link to sample email – coming soon!l>

Our company (eGrabber) representative will follow-up with your company.

If your company finds a need for a solution we market, and purchases it,  we will donate a portion of the revenue to the organization you support. We will donate the money on your behalf.

We encourage you to spread the word of this easy form of company referral & giving. Your family and friends can all participate to help the causes you support.

Let’s partner and make our community organizations stronger, so that they can have a bigger & more lasting impact.

Thank you for your time


PS – If you want to learn how your organization can participate, or want to initiate a drive within your community – please send email to [email protected]