Grow Sales Faster in 2022 with LinkedIn Filters

Grow Sales Faster in 2022 with LinkedIn Filters

Did you know adding a LinkedIn filter can help your team be 20x more likely to close a sale and they will be more energized to sell?

0.5% success list
If your lead list is only based on title/size/industry, your chance of selling is less than 0.5%; (statistically, 950+ out of 1,000 people won’t have a need for what you sell)

10% success list
If you qualify your list with an additional filter or keyword, instead of getting 1,000 people you might get only 100 people – but the chances someone can buy goes up to 10% – 20%

When a salesperson knows the list has a 10%+ success rate, the salesperson is likely to spend 10x more energy working the list. They will try to reach them thru multiple channels, multiple times a week. Increasing the chance of success.

If a salesperson feels there is less than a 0.5% chance of getting a sale from their list. They feel it is not worth working the list. They will try less, leading to sales no different to last year

Use LinkedIn as a starting point for your list building. You will be able to build more qualified lists than ZoomInfo or other list vendors.

The LinkedIn advantage over ZoomInfo
Zoominfo may be a great (expensive) source to get good contact info if you are targeting based on Demographics. But your hit rate of reaching a person who will need your product is very low, especially if you are targeting <500 Employee companies

LinkedIn enables you to find people that can be 50x or 100x more likely to convert than a ZoomInfo list. You can find the exact set of targets you need based on keywords, technology interests, prior experience in addition to all the filters ZoomInfo offers

If you want to grow sales faster in 2022, we recommend you start with shortlisting leads on LinkedIn, Job Board, or other keyword-enabled databases. You can then use tools like ZoomInfo to get contact information. If you don’t have huge budgets to get ZoomInfo to get contact info, we recommend tools like LeadGrabber from eGrabber

If you want to know how you can build leads that are 20x to 100x more targeted from LinkedIn and Job Boards.

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