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How to Build Prospecting Lists that Yield the Best Results

How to Build Prospecting Lists that Yield the Best Results

In the world of sales and marketing, prospecting lists are the backbone of any successful campaign. But what exactly is a prospecting list, and how can you build one that yields the best results? This blog post will help you know about it in detail. Let’s dive in.

What is a Prospecting List?

It is a datasheet filled with the names and contact details of potential customers who fit your ideal customer profile (ICP). It’s the starting point for any sales or marketing campaign, providing a targeted list of leads to reach.

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How to Build Prospecting Lists

Building a prospecting list is more than just gathering names and contact details. It involves understanding your ICP, using various sources to build prospecting lists, researching potential leads, utilizing technology & tools, and organizing this information in a way that makes it easy to use. Here are a few steps that can help you build your ideal prospecting list:

  1. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Before you start building your prospecting list, you need to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Understand who your ideal customer is. What industry are they in? What size is their company? What role does your contact play in the company? Are they decision makers? What is their geographic location? This is a detailed description of the type of company or individual that would get the most value out of your product or service. The more specific you can be in defining your ICP, the more targeted and effective your prospecting efforts will be.
  2. Use LinkedIn for Prospecting: LinkedIn is a goldmine for prospecting. You can use LinkedIn search features to find individuals who match your ICP. Save these individuals to your prospecting list. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a particularly useful tool for this, as it allows you to save leads and accounts in lead lists, track your outreach efforts, and get personalized recommendations for leads. Don’t neglect LinkedIn Prospecting anymore. It has become an integral part of B2B sales.
  3. Attend Industry Events & Conferences: Industry events, trade shows and conferences are great places to meet potential prospects. Attend these events with the intention of networking and meeting potential customers. Add the contacts you meet to your prospecting list. Click to know how you can quickly build prospecting lists from trade shows, events and conferences. Remember to follow up after the event to nurture these new relationships.
  4. Leverage Your Existing Network: Don’t forget about the network you already have. Reach out to your existing contacts and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in your product or service. This is a great way to get warm introductions to potential prospects. Plus, referrals from trusted sources are often more likely to result in a sale.
  5. Use Sales Prospecting Tools: There are several prospecting tools available that can help you build your prospecting list. These tools can help you find your ideal prospects along with contact information. Some tools even integrate with your CRM, making it easy to keep track of your prospects and your interactions with them.
    Tools such as LeadGrabber Pro can help you to build multiple B2B prospecting lists on demand. It helps you get the necessary contact and company-related information in no time.
  6. Enrich Your Data: LeadGrabber Pro can help you enrich your data with additional information. This could include missing business contact information, demographics, company related information and more.
  7. Verify Your List: Once you’ve built your prospecting list, it’s important to verify the information. This can include verifying email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information. Several tools are available to help you verify your list. Verifying your email list ensures that your outreach efforts aren’t wasted on invalid or outdated contact information.
  8. Organize Your Data: Once you have your data, organize it in a way that makes it easy to use. This could involve using a CRM such as Salesforce, an Excel sheet, or another tool that works for you.
  9. Start Your Outreach: Now that you have your prospecting list, it’s time to start your outreach. Remember, the goal of prospecting is to start a conversation, not to make a sale. Be genuine, provide value, and the sales will follow. Use a multi-channel approach, leveraging email, phone calls, social media, and more to reach your prospects where they are.
    Building a prospecting list is a crucial step in any sales process. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a robust prospecting list.

Key Elements of a Winning Prospecting List

A winning prospecting list goes beyond just names and contact details. It includes:

  • Contact and Account Data: This includes the basic information about your prospects, such as their name, title, company, and contact details such as email address and phone numbers.
  • Chronographic and Intent Data: This includes information about when a prospect is likely to buy and what they are likely to buy.
  • Quality Data: The data in your prospect list should be up-to-date, complete, and compliant.

Challenges in Building Prospect Lists

Building prospecting lists is not without its challenges. One of the main challenges is ensuring the data you collect is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant.

Manual list building drains precious time and energy, leaving less time for critical sales & marketing tasks. The vast majority of professionals struggle to juggle prospecting with their overflowing plates.

Buying prospect list from unreliable sources can result in inaccurate, outdated, or incompliant data, which can harm the sales process and expose the business to legal risks. In addition, buying lists is quite expensive.

How Technology Helps Build Prospect Lists

Technology plays a crucial role in building prospecting lists. Sales prospecting tools such as LeadGrabber Pro can help you generate multiple B2B prospect lists on demand.

The software helps you to quickly build fresh prospect lists from any industry, CXO lists from LinkedIn groups & events, build a list of decision makers from target accounts along with verified business email address and phone numbers.

You can automate the prospect list building workflow with LeadGrabber Pro. The tool also helps you to enrich data for your existing list of prospects, CRM data and easily and effortlessly transfer data to the CRM.

Best Practices for Prospect List Building

When building your prospecting lists, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Always Use Reliable Sources: Ensure the data you collect comes from reliable sources.
  • Keep Your Data Up-to-Date: Regularly update your list of prospects to ensure the data is current.
  • Segment Your Lists: Segment your prospect list based on various factors such as industry, company size, job title, etc. This will help you tailor your outreach to each segment.
  • Use Technology: Leverage technology to automate and streamline the process of building and managing your prospect lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prospecting list template?

It is a pre-formatted document that helps you organize your prospecting data. It typically includes fields for contact information, company details, and notes.

What is a prospect list example?

It is a sample prospect list that shows what kind of information you might include. It could include fields for name, title, company, verified business email, phone number, industry, employee size, and more.

How can I prospect for clients?

Prospecting for clients involves identifying potential clients, researching their needs and interests, reaching out to them with a personalized message, and following up regularly.

How can I manage my prospecting lists?

You can manage your prospect list by using a CRM or another tool that allows you to organize and track your prospects. Regularly update your lists to ensure the data is current.

Remember, building a successful prospecting list is a process. It takes your time, effort; and the right tools. But with the right approach and the right tool, you can build a prospecting list that yields the best results.

If you are looking to build prospect lists for your business, you should try LeadGrabber Pro today.

It helps you build high-quality prospecting lists for any industry in no time!

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B2B Prospecting Strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Win More Sales

B2B Prospecting Strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Win More Sales

B2B prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers for your business-to-business (B2B) products or services. It is a crucial step in the sales process that can help you generate leads, build relationships, and close deals. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about what is B2B prospecting, the proven B2B prospecting strategies, and the role of B2B prospecting tools.

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Why is B2B Prospecting Important?

B2B prospecting is important because it helps you to identify potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. By focusing your efforts on these prospects, you can increase your chances of generating leads and closing deals. B2B prospecting also helps you to build relationships with potential customers, which can lead to long-term partnerships and repeat business.

Proven B2B Prospecting Strategies

There are several B2B prospecting strategies. But if you are someone wondering how to prospect for B2B sales, here are some of the most effective B2B prospecting methods:

  1. Research, research, and research some more. The most effective prospecting efforts are thoroughly informed and well-researched. Start by identifying your target audience and researching their needs, pain points, and preferences. Use this information to create a list of potential prospects.
  2. Cold call with composure, confidence, and persistence. Cold calling is one of the most frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming aspects of B2B prospecting. However, it can also be one of the most effective B2B prospecting methods to generate leads. To be successful at cold calling, you need to be confident, composed, and persistent.
  3. Maintain a presence in LinkedIn groups. Leveraging LinkedIn is one of the best B2B prospecting strategies. Turn LinkedIn into your B2B prospecting goldmine! Join relevant industry groups, engage in discussions, and connect with potential clients where they’re already active. This will help you build relationships with potential customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Learn how to generate leads from LinkedIn Groups.
  4. Be active in online forums that are relevant to your vertical. Online forums are another great way to connect with potential customers. Find forums that are relevant to your industry and participate in discussions. This will help you build relationships with potential customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  5. Understand your ideal customer profile — inside and out. To be successful at B2B prospecting, you need to understand your ideal customer profile. This includes their needs, pain points, preferences, and buying habits. Use this information to create a list of potential prospects.
  6. Understand your buyer personas thoroughly. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They help you understand your customers’ needs, pain points, and preferences. Use this information to create a list of potential prospects.
  7. Personalize your outreach. Personalization is key to successful B2B prospecting. Use the information you have gathered about your prospects to personalize your outreach. This will help you build relationships with potential customers and increase your chances of generating leads.
  8. Capitalize on your inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a powerful tool for B2B prospecting. Create valuable content that addresses your prospects’ needs and pain points. Use this content to attract potential customers to your website and generate sales leads.
  9. Routinely ask for referrals. Referrals are one of the powerful B2B prospecting strategies. Ask your existing customers for referrals and use these referrals to generate new leads.
  10. Leverage your CRM. Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is a powerful tool for B2B prospecting. Use it to track your prospects’ needs, pain points, and preferences. This will help you personalize your outreach and increase your chances of generating new leads.

These B2B prospecting strategies are powerful tools, but the best approach is a customized one! Experiment, adapt, and discover what resonates with your unique audience and style. Remember, prospecting is a journey, not a destination! Use these proven tactics as stepping stones, embrace continuous learning, and evolve your approach for long-term B2B prospecting success.

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Role of B2B Prospecting Tools

B2B prospecting tools are software applications that help you identify potential customers for your B2B products or services. These tools can help you automate your prospecting efforts, save time, and increase your chances of generating leads.

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B prospecting tool that helps sales and marketing professionals to find the right prospects that match the ideal customer profile. The B2B sales prospecting software helps lead generation and business development representatives to build sales prospecting lists including email marketing lists, email lists of decision-makers, CXO lists, and more.

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can automate your B2B prospecting efforts, save time, increase your chances of generating leads, and win more sales. LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful tool that can help you take your B2B prospecting efforts to the next level.

B2B prospecting is a crucial step in the sales process that can help you generate leads, build relationships, and close deals. By following the B2B prospecting strategies outlined in this guide and using the right B2B prospecting tool, you can increase your chances of success.

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Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know

Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know

Are you tired of building or messaging cold B2B lists from LinkedIn, only to receive minimal engagement from your prospects?

Look no further, as we have the solution to get you warmer, more engaged prospects in a fraction of the time.

LinkedIn limits prospects’ sent invitations daily. However, by strategically filtering your LinkedIn searches, you can connect with prospects who have a 500%+ higher chance of engaging in sales discussions as a priority.

These filters can get you warmer cold prospects that can engage in sales talk 5x faster.

Here is how you get warmer prospects first:

#1 Choose People Following Industry Experts

After filtering down to the titles and persona, choose another filter, Followers of. This will show if the people you shortlisted are already following experts who talk about solving problems you do. By connecting with them, you can engage a lot faster.

Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know 2

Followers of Josh Braun are more likely to be interested in cold email solutions.

#2 Choose who Likes & Comments Industry News

Go to articles written by experts on problems you solve. Then connect to all appropriate people who like or comment. These people are already engaged in solving problems you solve and can be considered more warm prospects.

Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know 3

#3 Choose who belong to Industry LinkedIn Groups

After you have shortlisted your prospects, look for people who already belong to an industry LinkedIn group for problems you solve. Connect with them and engage.

Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know 4

#4 Extract All and Send Direct Work Email

Tools such as LeadGrabber lets you get over the daily LinkedIn connection limit. The tool gives you the work email-ID of all the people you shortlist. You can send multiple emails and actually have a conversation sequence. This is what my team does. We send 200 emails a day and overall get 3 to 5 demos a day.

Fastest Way to Build High Response Cold Lists from LinkedIn: 4 Filters you need to Know 5

Whatever we do in terms of prospecting, we need to be aware some prospects are warmer and will buy a lot faster.

This does not mean we don’t educate others our way and get them to engage too.

It is best to target both, short-term buyers and long-term people we nurture. Both have different benefits.

All prospects are good. The ones who buy faster keep us motivated and in business.

LeadGrabber Pro is the fastest way to build warm prospect lists. Our specialist can show you 10x more ways to build a targeted prospect list of any of the competitors.

Your prospect list will be more accurate and warmer than what ZoomInfo and others provide.

We have been helping B2B sales people for 25+ years, longer than any other company.

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How to Find Prospects on LinkedIn & Build your Best-Converting Lead Lists in no time

How to Find Prospects on LinkedIn & Build your Best-Converting Lead Lists in no time

Do you want to find prospects on LinkedIn that have the same background as your best converting prospects?

You can find hundreds or thousands of prospects using this hidden LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature. You can get to analyze profiles of your best prospects and tell you what’s similar in their background.

You can then use the intelligence data to get LinkedIn to find hundreds or thousands of prospects with similar backgrounds, demographics, experiences and keywords.

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How to Find Prospects on LinkedIn with Similar Background

Here is the LinkedIn hack to find prospects with similar background, demographics, experience, keywords, etc.!

  • Choose the best prospects from your CRM or Excel sheet.
  • Create a custom Lead List in Sales Navigator.
  • Find prospects on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and add them to your custom LinkedIn Lead List.
  • After all the leads are entered, do a Lead Search, and add your custom lead list as the only criteria.
  • Underneath each of the filters, you will see how many of the leads match each filter’s characteristic.
  • You can generate a graph as shown in the below image.
find prospects on LinkedIn

While the above steps may take some time, doing the exact analysis manually will take 10x longer. (LinkedIn profile analysis showed that the best prospect for the sample below were SMBs CXO in BizDev and 10+ years of experience)

Use this LinkedIn hack to get your best-converting lead lists ever – because you are just getting more of your best prospects. There will be a higher conversion rate than most of the lists that you buy.

Fastest Way to Build Best-Converting Lead Lists from LinkedIn

As said earlier, the manual process takes a lot of your time and effort. That is why we have developed a tool to automate the above process and do it much faster than before.

Visualize Leads is an add-on for LeadGrabber that helps you to automate and build best converting lead lists from LinkedIn in no time. Visualize Leads gets you the charts for you.

Import your best prospects and Visualize Leads enables you to see what’s common between your best prospects, so that you can search for more prospects that look like him.

You don’t have to spend your precious time. Visualize Leads does that for you.

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How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

Salespeople at bigger companies tend to miss out on easy prospects they have in-house.

They can do this every 90 days to get few easy appointments.

Typically bigger companies make it easy to chase new clients, so salespeople fall into the flow. They get handed down new lists, templates, sequences, and in-house processes to follow.

find new prospects

Your CRM – A Goldmine of New Prospects

We find there are tons of new prospects you can find within a CRM that is 3 or more years old. Most companies are ignoring them.

Salespeople can mine the CRM once a quarter and find Gold. They will find these leads will close a lot faster because the prospect is already familiar with your company and product.

Salespeople can look for past product champions (in CRM) that quit and got promoted at another company. And reach out to them at the new company.

Salespeople can find past deal blockers (in the CRM) that quit. They can go back into the lost deals account to see if there is a new opportunity with new management.

All the processes mentioned above can be manual and time-consuming, but it could provide a high ROI for your time and lots of new deals.

Automation Service to Find New Prospects in your CRM

We at eGrabber have “Job Change Finder” as a service. We have automated the processes that we mentioned above and can help you find all the blockers and champions that changed jobs and find replacement contacts too.

All you have to do is just import your CRM contacts into Job Change Finder. You get new prospects along with their updated business email address and phone number in no time.

For more information on Job Change Finder, visit

The Only B2B Prospecting Tool to Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

The Only B2B Prospecting Tool to Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

Prospecting is one of the major challenges faced by B2B companies. A vast majority of the sales reps feel that B2B prospecting is more challenging than closing sales. Sales reps are even averse to prospecting because of the time & effort it involves to find the prospective customers. However, you cannot ignore prospecting because it is the lifeline for any business.

What would a business do if there are no prospects to sell?

Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

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best B2B prospecting tool

This is where successful businesses stand out. They use B2B prospecting tools to speed up prospecting with ease. With the right B2B prospecting tool, you don’t need to spend countless hours to find the right B2B prospects who are ready to purchase. Successful businesses not only realize the importance of using such tools but also ensure that they get more than what they have invested in. It is not easy, you will have to choose the best B2B prospecting tool that suits you.

LeadGrabber Pro is one such B2B prospecting tool that helps businesses to find their customers 10x faster in more than 50 unique ways. With this B2B prospecting software, sales reps would get addicted to sales prospecting. Yes, I mean it. The B2B prospecting tool makes your life so easy that sales reps can find prospective customers in no time.

LeadGrabber Pro is the only tool that offers you multiple unique ways to find your prospects who are more likely to buy your product or service, all with a few clicks.

Here are some of the reasons why any B2B Business or Sales Rep should consider using LeadGrabber Pro.

B2B Prospecting – Intelligent & Swift

Every company will have a list to start with, either it might have been acquired from list building services/vendors or might have built their own list. The journey doesn’t end there. Companies always look for new potential buyers. Therefore the process of building prospect lists also continues.

Having said that when you try building your new prospect list, there might be chances where you inadvertently add the prospect or customer that is already in your Excel spreadsheet or CRM. If this goes unnoticed, you will soon find a lot of duplicates in your CRM. Not only you have wasted your time & effort, you will also need to spend some time to remove the duplicates from your database.

LeadGrabber Pro intelligently skips the prospects or customers that are already in your list or CRM. The B2B prospecting software helps you to only build a list of new prospects you can reach out immediately. It is a unique feature that you will not find in any other product or service.

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Just-in-time Email Verification – Spam Safe

Buying lists from list vendors can be the fastest way to acquire a prospect list. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying one. List vendors build the list over a period of time and store them in their lead database.

The information in the list could have changed due to various reasons such as job change, promotion, left the company and started a new business and so on. Maybe the information might have been accurate when the list was built but it may not be the case when you buy the list. The contact information such as email address and phone numbers and other company contact details would have been changed.

Planning your marketing campaigns based on an inaccurate prospect list is a perfect recipe for disaster. You lose your precious money & time and this could demoralize the team as well.

LeadGrabber Pro does real-time email research and gets you the updated business email and phone numbers of your prospects. In addition, the software automatically verifies the email address for you. You don’t need to spend again to verify emails using email verification services. LeadGrabber Pro verifies all the email addresses and ensures that it is spam safe. It helps you to maintain your sender reputation and avoid getting blacklisted.

Back Channel Marketing for FREE – Reach Prospects in More Ways

B2B selling is all about reaching out to the most busiest people in the corporate world – The Decision Makers or the C-Suite. Yes, they are the ones that decide if they want to buy your product or service. At the same time, reaching decision makers is no easy job.

You will have to identify them first, get their business contact information and then reach out to them. There is no guarantee that you will get responses from them. You might or might not. That is primarily because of the busy nature of their position or maybe they are not someone who can directly act upon it by taking a decision.

Studies reveal that decision making in B2B companies involves a minimum of 4-5 key people in the company. Therefore, the best way to reach out to your unresponsive C-level prospects is to get in touch with their coworkers. Chances are there that coworkers can influence the decision makers if your product or service fits their need.

LeadGrabber Pro is the only B2B prospecting software in the market that provides coworker emails for FREE. Yes, you heard that right! When finding business email addresses for prospects itself is an uphill task, LeadGrabber Pro gives you hundreds of coworker emails. It offers you more channels to reach your prospects in your target companies. A lot of sales reps give up quickly once they don’t get any response. Reaching C-level decision makers via coworkers will help you increase engagement rates and who knows you might also end up with a sale.

Automate & Build CXO Lists from Groups & Events

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Build Lists from Social Media Groups/Events/Posts

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn plays a very vital role in generating targeted leads for B2B companies. LinkedIn Groups and Events are some of the major sources to find your targeted audience. Building a list of prospects from such sources can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. In addition, you need to find their business contact information such as email address and phone number.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build laser-focused CXO lists along with verified email & phone from groups and events. The B2B prospecting tool also helps you to build lists from likes made on influencer posts. It is one of the unique features that you can’t find in any other product or service.

B2B Prospecting in Auto Pilot Mode

Using the right prospecting tools can ease your work. But what about automating your B2B prospecting workflow? This is really a great boon for sales reps right?

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to do that. Yes you can have B2B prospecting in auto pilot mode. You set your search criteria once and you start getting 500 targeted B2B leads on your email every single day! Isn’t it cool?

Now, you get a lot of time to focus on other important tasks and spend more time talking with your prospects rather than searching them.

LeadGrabber Pro has many such unique B2B prospecting workflows that you can automate and find your customers faster.

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Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn: Expert Tips to Boost Sales Conversions

Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn: Expert Tips to Boost Sales Conversions

Sales prospecting is an important process of obtaining new customers for your business. Sales teams are constantly finding new ways to reach their ideal customers. Though there are a lot of other places to prospect from, LinkedIn appears to a be an appropriate platform for finding and researching potential buyers. With over 740 million members worldwide, LinkedIn provides an unparalleled platform for sales prospecting. Sales prospecting on LinkedIn can revolutionize your prospecting game. This blog post will help you uncover the secrets of successful sales prospecting on LinkedIn.

Let’s see some of the expert tips for sales prospecting on LinkedIn, that enables you to boost sales conversions.

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Secrets for Successful Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups: 

LI groups are one of the best places to consistently generate new targeted sales leads. LinkedIn Groups help you to find your target audience that matches your ideal customer profile and also enable you to target prospects that aren’t your connections. You can find hundreds and thousands of like-minded professionals, all in one group.

By leveraging LinkedIn groups, you can engage with your audience effectively. There are millions of LinkedIn groups. This shows the vast potential that businesses can leverage them to generate B2B sales leads. Here are 7 Proven Tips on How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Groups that will help you leverage LinkedIn for B2B sales lead generation.

LinkedIn Likes:

LinkedIn Likes marketing is a successful lead generation method that is used to generate new sales leads. LinkedIn Likes marketing helps you generate targeted leads and create a personalized email campaign. Here’s how to leverage LinkedIn Likes for B2B lead generation.

People who changed jobs recently:

People who moved to a new company are likely to be your new best prospects. They have 2x-3x higher chances of engagement than a new cold lead. They are large in numbers as 20-25% of the employees change jobs every year. And they are often more influential as they move to a higher or more influential role/position.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find who moved and to where. The new LinkedIn search can help you find companies your existing customers are moving to. Just enter name of customer & company and select it “Past” in company option – and do a search. Through this process, You will find where people from your existing customers are moving to. Copy the new name-title-company & add it as new referral- user lead for your sales people to follow-up and close. These leads will statistically have the shortest lead time.

Speed up Prospecting on LinkedIn, Increase Demos & Sales

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Leverage Coworkers Emails & Increase Sales Opportunities:

Though decision makers take the final call on purchasing your product or service, there are more than one or two people who are involved in influencing the decision-making process. It means that in addition to the prospect, you need to reach out to multiple coworkers of your prospect to increase engagement rates and chances to win sales revenue.

How to get coworkers emails of your prospects? It requires a lot of time, research and effort to pull out the coworker emails from various sources on the Internet.

If you want to find coworker emails of your prospects, based on the company size, you will have to manually find hundreds of emails. This is for one company and if you have a list of 500 companies, imagine how much time and effort is required to find the coworker email addresses. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro comes in handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful sales prospecting tool that not only helps you to find your ideal prospects on LinkedIn, append verified business email address & phone and reach them in no time but also finds you the coworker email addresses and company emails.

Coworker emails are real email IDs of actual people found on the Internet. You can leverage them to get more ways to reach decision makers in your target company.

LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in email appending technology helps you to easily & effortlessly perform real-time contact research on the Internet and gets you the coworker emails & company emails for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. You only pay to get your prospects’ email address but you get hundreds of coworker emails & company emails free of cost.

For example, if you find emails for 100 prospects, you might get 300 to 500 coworker emails and around 70+ company emails additionally. So you get around 600+ emails more and suddenly, you get multiple opportunities to reach multiple contacts from the same company. It increases your chance of engagement & sale by 2x-5x.

Here are some Effective Ways to Leverage Coworker emails.

LeadGrabber Pro is the best tool for list building as it automates all of the above workflows. It helps you speed up sales prospecting on LinkedIn. If you like to leverage any of the above sales prospecting methods and automate the process, then fill in the form below to download LeadGrabber Pro now!