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How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

Salespeople at bigger companies tend to miss out on easy prospects they have in-house.

They can do this every 90 days to get few easy appointments.

Typically bigger companies make it easy to chase new clients, so salespeople fall into the flow. They get handed down new lists, templates, sequences, and in-house processes to follow.

find new prospects

Your CRM – A Goldmine of New Prospects

We find there are tons of new prospects you can find within a CRM that is 3 or more years old. Most companies are ignoring them.

Salespeople can mine the CRM once a quarter and find Gold. They will find these leads will close a lot faster because the prospect is already familiar with your company and product.

Salespeople can look for past product champions (in CRM) that quit and got promoted at another company. And reach out to them at the new company.

Salespeople can find past deal blockers (in the CRM) that quit. They can go back into the lost deals account to see if there is a new opportunity with new management.

All the processes mentioned above can be manual and time-consuming, but it could provide a high ROI for your time and lots of new deals.

Automation Service to Find New Prospects in your CRM

We at eGrabber have “Job Change Finder” as a service. We have automated the processes that we mentioned above and can help you find all the blockers and champions that changed jobs and find replacement contacts too.

All you have to do is just import your CRM contacts into Job Change Finder. You get new prospects along with their updated business email address and phone number in no time.

For more information on Job Change Finder, visit

The Only B2B Prospecting Tool to Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

The Only B2B Prospecting Tool to Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

Prospecting is one of the major challenges faced by B2B companies. A vast majority of the sales reps feel that B2B prospecting is more challenging than closing sales. Sales reps are even averse to prospecting because of the time & effort it involves to find the prospective customers. However, you cannot ignore prospecting because it is the lifeline for any business.

What would a business do if there are no prospects to sell?

Find your Customers 10x Faster in 50+ Unique Ways

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best B2B prospecting tool

This is where successful businesses stand out. They use B2B prospecting tools to speed up prospecting with ease. With the right B2B prospecting tool, you don’t need to spend countless hours to find the right B2B prospects who are ready to purchase. Successful businesses not only realize the importance of using such tools but also ensure that they get more than what they have invested in. It is not easy, you will have to choose the best B2B prospecting tool that suits you.

LeadGrabber Pro is one such B2B prospecting tool that helps businesses to find their customers 10x faster in more than 50 unique ways. With this B2B prospecting software, sales reps would get addicted to sales prospecting. Yes, I mean it. The B2B prospecting tool makes your life so easy that sales reps can find prospective customers in no time.

LeadGrabber Pro is the only tool that offers you multiple unique ways to find your prospects who are more likely to buy your product or service, all with a few clicks.

Here are some of the reasons why any B2B Business or Sales Rep should consider using LeadGrabber Pro.

B2B Prospecting – Intelligent & Swift

Every company will have a list to start with, either it might have been acquired from list building services/vendors or might have built their own list. The journey doesn’t end there. Companies always look for new potential buyers. Therefore the process of building prospect lists also continues.

Having said that when you try building your new prospect list, there might be chances where you inadvertently add the prospect or customer that is already in your Excel spreadsheet or CRM. If this goes unnoticed, you will soon find a lot of duplicates in your CRM. Not only you have wasted your time & effort, you will also need to spend some time to remove the duplicates from your database.

LeadGrabber Pro intelligently skips the prospects or customers that are already in your list or CRM. The B2B prospecting software helps you to only build a list of new prospects you can reach out immediately. It is a unique feature that you will not find in any other product or service.

Fastest Way to Find your Ideal Customers with Email & Phone

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Just-in-time Email Verification – Spam Safe

Buying lists from list vendors can be the fastest way to acquire a prospect list. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying one. List vendors build the list over a period of time and store them in their lead database.

The information in the list could have changed due to various reasons such as job change, promotion, left the company and started a new business and so on. Maybe the information might have been accurate when the list was built but it may not be the case when you buy the list. The contact information such as email address and phone numbers and other company contact details would have been changed.

Planning your marketing campaigns based on an inaccurate prospect list is a perfect recipe for disaster. You lose your precious money & time and this could demoralize the team as well.

LeadGrabber Pro does real-time email research and gets you the updated business email and phone numbers of your prospects. In addition, the software automatically verifies the email address for you. You don’t need to spend again to verify emails using email verification services. LeadGrabber Pro verifies all the email addresses and ensures that it is spam safe. It helps you to maintain your sender reputation and avoid getting blacklisted.

Back Channel Marketing for FREE – Reach Prospects in More Ways

B2B selling is all about reaching out to the most busiest people in the corporate world – The Decision Makers or the C-Suite. Yes, they are the ones that decide if they want to buy your product or service. At the same time, reaching decision makers is no easy job.

You will have to identify them first, get their business contact information and then reach out to them. There is no guarantee that you will get responses from them. You might or might not. That is primarily because of the busy nature of their position or maybe they are not someone who can directly act upon it by taking a decision.

Studies reveal that decision making in B2B companies involves a minimum of 4-5 key people in the company. Therefore, the best way to reach out to your unresponsive C-level prospects is to get in touch with their coworkers. Chances are there that coworkers can influence the decision makers if your product or service fits their need.

LeadGrabber Pro is the only B2B prospecting software in the market that provides coworker emails for FREE. Yes, you heard that right! When finding business email addresses for prospects itself is an uphill task, LeadGrabber Pro gives you hundreds of coworker emails. It offers you more channels to reach your prospects in your target companies. A lot of sales reps give up quickly once they don’t get any response. Reaching C-level decision makers via coworkers will help you increase engagement rates and who knows you might also end up with a sale.

Automate & Build CXO Lists from Groups & Events

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Build Lists from Social Media Groups/Events/Posts

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn plays a very vital role in generating targeted leads for B2B companies. LinkedIn Groups and Events are some of the major sources to find your targeted audience. Building a list of prospects from such sources can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. In addition, you need to find their business contact information such as email address and phone number.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build laser-focused CXO lists along with verified email & phone from groups and events. The B2B prospecting tool also helps you to build lists from likes made on influencer posts. It is one of the unique features that you can’t find in any other product or service.

B2B Prospecting in Auto Pilot Mode

Using the right prospecting tools can ease your work. But what about automating your B2B prospecting workflow? This is really a great boon for sales reps right?

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to do that. Yes you can have B2B prospecting in auto pilot mode. You set your search criteria once and you start getting 500 targeted B2B leads on your email every single day! Isn’t it cool?

Now, you get a lot of time to focus on other important tasks and spend more time talking with your prospects rather than searching them.

LeadGrabber Pro has many such unique B2B prospecting workflows that you can automate and find your customers faster.

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How to Reach Multiple Decision Makers & Increase Sales Opportunities

How to Reach Multiple Decision Makers & Increase Sales Opportunities

As a B2B sales professional, you put in a lot of time & effort to identify a decision maker in your target accounts and find their business contact information. The next step is to reach the decision maker with the right message and book sales appointments. A lot of hard work goes into the sales demo to get positive signals from the prospect. You keep following up with that single contact; provide all the information that is necessary to make an informed decision.

While you are all exited to get a sale, you come to know that the decision maker you worked with has left the company. You are left stranded because all the conversation & communication you had was with that single decision maker. It’s very frustrating to lose an opportunity slipping away from your hands.

Sounds familiar, right? You are not alone. More than 50% of sales folks rely on building relationships with a single contact in their target accounts. It poses a huge risk of losing business.

Reach Multiple Decision Makers & Increase Sales

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Shrinking Decision Maker Tenure

Studies reveal that the duration of decision makers staying at a company keeps shrinking. The average tenure for top decision makers and C-level executives is less than three years. When a new decision maker replaces your contact, chances are there that she might be your competitor’s customer in her previous company. You will neither be able to proceed further nor have anyone in the company to influence on behalf of you. All your hard work goes in vain and you lose your sales revenue. You have to start all over again. Things get even worse when you have multi-year contracts with companies. This is a huge challenge that B2B sales folks have to combat.

Target Multiple Decision Makers & Influencers

One of the best ways to address this issue is to get in touch with multiple contacts in your target company. In addition to the decision maker, you need to develop the habit of reaching out to your decision maker’s coworkers as well. It helps you to get in touch with other influencers and decision makers in your target company.

Statistics reveal that decision-making in B2B companies is not confined to a single person. On average, around 6 people get involved in the decision-making process. So, reaching multiple decision makers and influencers will give you a chance to speaking with or demoing your product to multiple people. Now, even if the decision maker leaves the company, you can always get in touch with other coworkers in the company who also know what you are offering and what they are benefitting.

How to reach multiple decision makers in a company

Researching coworkers of the decision maker will help you understand their role better and how you should be pitching to them. Sometimes, your sales pitch to them could be different to what you pitch to the decision maker.

Finding the contact details (email IDs & phone#) of the coworkers is the next step. But finding coworkers’ email IDs is not an easy task. Depending upon the size of the company, there might be a lot of peers, influencers, and actual users of your solution. Finding all the coworkers’ email IDs manually is a tiresome and time-consuming task, even for expert researchers. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro comes handy.

Get Coworker Emails & Company Emails for Free

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find verified business email addresses of your prospects and simultaneously find hundreds of coworker email IDs and company email IDs for FREE. You don’t need to spend extra time for finding coworker emails. You also don’t need to pay a cent more.

LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in email appending technology performs real-time contact research on the Internet and appends your prospects’ and coworker email IDs in no time. No other product or vendor gives you access to thousands of coworkers like LeadGrabber Pro for free.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to engage with multiple decision makers & influencers in your target accounts and increase sales opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

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The Best B2B Prospecting Tool you Will Ever Need

The Best B2B Prospecting Tool you Will Ever Need

B2B prospecting is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for businesses. Most of the marketers say that prospecting is the most challenging stage of their sales process. However, you can’t afford to ignore it. If you don’t have a targeted audience, who do you sell your product or service to. Therefore, irrespective of the challenges, you have to identify your Targeted Audience and Build Prospect Lists, To Reach them on time, Make more Sales & Increase Revenue.

B2B Prospecting Tool to Build Targeted Prospect Lists in no time!

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B2B Prospecting Methods & Challenges

B2B businesses employ various prospecting strategies. Some people buy lists from list vendors. Though it might seem to be the fastest way to acquire a prospect list, it doesn’t provide the best results. Buying lists is very expensive. You can’t get your customized or targeted prospect list. You will just get a prospect list that they have and even your competitor might have also bought the same list. So you lose your competitive edge. List vendors typically store prospect data in the database over a period of time. Therefore, you can’t really rely upon the prospect data quality because you don’t get the updated real-time data.

Experts always suggest you to build your own prospect lists. However, it is not easy as it is said. It has its own challenges. You have to manually search the Internet, company websites, blogs, portals, association websites, social & professional networking sites and so on. You have to spend countless hours on the Internet to identify your targeted prospects. Once you have identified the targeted prospects, you will have to build your prospect list.

Generally, when you manually build prospect lists from professional or social networking sites, you get only the name and company name of the targeted prospects. You have to again find business contact information such as business email addresses and phone numbers of the contacts. This is again one of the most time-consuming tasks. You have to spend a lot of time to append business email addresses which eats up your time. Then you have to verify those email addresses before scheduling your email campaigns. It takes a lot of time and resources. It prevents you from doing your other important tasks.

B2B Prospecting Solution

Therefore sales & marketing professionals encounter challenges all through the B2B prospecting process – right from identifying targeted B2B prospects to appending business contact information to verifying business email addresses to building prospect lists and seamlessly transferring the prospect data to the preferred database. Since it is a very time-consuming and tedious process, most of the sales & marketing folks are averse to B2B prospecting. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro comes in handy for B2B businesses.

#1 B2B Prospecting Tool for B2B Businesses

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to easily and effortlessly build B2B prospect lists from professional & social networking sites, company websites, portals, and other sources of B2B prospects. The B2B prospecting tool enables you to append verified business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects in a click.

B2B prospecting tool enables you to append verified business email addresses & phone#

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can build targeted B2B prospect lists based on any industry, location, title, company size, etc. The B2B prospecting tool takes care of your prospecting needs while you have all the time to reach & speak with your prospects and close more sales.  

B2B Prospecting Tool Benefits

  • Builds targeted B2B prospect lists in no time
  • Appends verified business email addresses with ease
  • Builds fresh sales lead lists
  • Saves you a lot of time & resources
  • Helps you close more sales & increase revenue
  • The most cost-effective solution for B2B prospecting

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5 Reasons Why You Should have a Targeted Prospect List

5 Reasons Why You Should have a Targeted Prospect List

A highly-targeted prospect list is one of the most powerful tools that any business should have before embarking on a marketing journey. Unfortunately, many companies don’t pay much attention to this. They either skip or overlook this vital element that can prove to be a costly miss.

Businesses just vaguely assume their target audience and end up losing their marketing dollars. Narrowing down the Target Audience and Building a Targeted Prospect List is not easy. You have to put in a lot of your time and resources. Though it is a tedious and time-consuming task, businesses can’t afford to skip this.

50+ Fastest Ways to Build Targeted Prospect Lists from the Internet

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Why? Read on.

  1. Reach the right people – When you don’t have a target audience, you would be reaching out to the masses in general and not the right people. Your marketing messages would be common for everyone. Chances are that they might not be your ideal prospects. So when you plan your marketing strategies – email marketing or cold calling campaigns or any other marketing activity for that matter, you might not get the desired output because you have not nailed down your target audience in the first place. You are likely to lose your time and resources.
  2. Be aware of your prospects’ problems – Without knowing your target audience, you will not know the challenges they are going through. Hence, you will not be able to provide the best possible solutions to your prospects that address their problems & needs.
  3. Position your product/service aptly – If you don’t know your target audience and their problems, you will not be able to position your product accordingly. You will not have any clue as to which feature, benefit or solution would help solve your prospects’ problems.
  4. Connect with your prospects – When you don’t know your audience, you will not know the jargon and the terminology they use in their industry. When you use the language they speak, you get to connect with them quite easily. Not knowing the audience & their language impedes the opportunity of getting connected.
  5. Develop new features & product lines – Another benefit of knowing your audience and their problems is, it will help you to develop better products & services. It can help you to come up with new features and product lines that help your prospects and serve them better.

Therefore, targeted prospect lists not only help businesses to reach the right prospects but also helps them to know & understand their challenges better and come up with new & innovative solutions.

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful tool that enables you to build targeted prospect lists in no time! A lot of businesses use this software to quickly build targeted client prospect lists, reach the right prospects and close more sales.

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How to get Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services

How to get Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services

get clients for outsourcing business

How to get clients for Outsourcing Business – Did you know there’s a PUBLIC and FREE way to Find People and Companies who WANT to hire your IT or Outsourcing services?

It’s right there, in public view. For Free. And almost no one is tapping that resource! This post shows you how to get it…

People are raising their hands in THIS public source…

Where do people go when they need New Expertise?

1. First they try their personal network

2. Second they try hiring.

If both fails, they are now ready for Outsourcing. They are now ready to hire YOU.

So how do you find such people who have tried and failed??

Fastest Way to Get Clients for IT Services & Outsourcing Business

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The Answer: Job Postings which are 90+ days old!

How to get Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services 6
Look at old Job Postings to find companies who may be open to hiring Outsourcing / Business Services

In this post, I am going to show you an easy way of finding such people & companies who have tried to hire people and have probably failed.

I am going to show you how to get to job postings which are 90+ days old.

And then I’m going to show you how to find the decision makers in those companies. Using tools you already have.

At the end of this post, You will have a list of prospects who are looking for Your Expertise.

But wait, how do I see Job Postings which are 90+ days old??

If you are familiar with Job Postings websites, you will be wondering how to see job postings from over 90 days ago.

Most job posting websites show job postings from a few hours to go, to a few days ago.

They have time filters, but none of those time filters give you a way of seeing past 90 days.

This post is going to show you an advanced / power-user way of getting to those 90-day old job postings.

Steps to Find Clients for Outsourcing Business

We are going to use a specific job posting portal for this =>

This method works best with if you want to find clients for outsourcing company.

Step 1: Find Companies that need Outsourcing

To find companies that need outsourcing, copy this link and paste it in your browser

This link shows you Indeed Job posts for companies hiring DEVOPS.

Or, click this link. All the results you see will be between 90 and 120 days old. You will be seeing companies who have a need for DEVOPS.

The job posting itself might say “30+ days old”, but if you know how to check the underlying HTML source code, you will be able to find the actual date of posting!

Here’s the breakdown of the link, for the expert reader…

The secret is in the &fromage=120&toage=90 part of the link. This part has a hidden command to to give back all job postings which are from 90 to 120 days old. If you like to increase that number upwards, you can do that too. Just change the 90 or the 120 part of the link.

The sr=directhire part of the link removes all recruiting agencies from the results, so that you only get the actual companies who have a need.

The q=DEVOPS part of the link is where you put in your specialty. So if you are not selling DEVOPS outsourcing, type in the keywords of your specialty in place of the word DEVOPS.

The link gives you results for those hiring DEVOPS. But you can edit that and put in your own specialty.

For example,"Appointment Setting"&fromage=120&toage=90&sr=directhire

Or, click this link. Just make sure you edit the link in the browser address bar – DO NOT edit the text in the web page.

Step 2: Find Decision Makers in Companies

Great, now I have Companies that need outsourcing (who can hire me), but how do I get the decision makers in them?

I’m going to take you one step further.

Now that you have the list of companies, you need to separate those companies with a  ” OR ” and then paste the list of companies into a Sales Navigator or a Recruiter search.

how to find decision makers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

Then apply Title filters in LinkedIn, and … magic… you get the decision makers you have to reach out to.

How to type in Job Titles in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

What next?

Your decision maker list in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

Reach out to those decision makers with your pitch…

“Hi, I saw that you are looking for expertise in  (fill your expertise here)  and I think I can help….”

Wish you Luck!

Get Clients for Outsourcing Business (in an automated way)

If you think the above process involves a lot of manual work, then reach out to us. We will help you automate the entire process and get clients for outsourcing business in an automated way. We have been selling sales automation tools for years.

eGrabber tools help you to automate the entire process and helps you to get clients for outsourcing business in no time. You can easily & effortlessly find companies that need outsourcing and get outsourcing business in no time.

With eGrabber tools you can build a list of decision makers in minutes. You will get names, companies, job titles, verified business email address, phone numbers and LinkedIn IDs. You can get your clients for outsourcing business & IT services in no time.

You can start your prospecting in 1 day…

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Who knows, you might close a deal with your trial prospect list!

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