Unlocking Success: The Battle of Buying Leads vs. Generating Leads on your Own

Unlocking Success: The Battle of Buying Leads vs. Generating Leads on your Own

All B2B businesses, whether it is big or small, always aims for success. They want to sell more, grow consistently, diversify and make it big in the business world. Therefore, there is always a pursuit for success. The race is always on, sometimes with companies of the same size and sometimes with the mightier ones. But one thing is for sure. The battle is fierce.

Buying Leads vs Generating Leads

If you have to compete or at least stay alive in the business world, you need to have one thing for sure. You need to have a good sales pipeline that will provide your sales team with good number of opportunities to generate revenue. The next thing is to make a decision between buying leads vs generating leads on your own. Some suggest that buying leads is the best way to get leads quickly whereas some suggest that generating leads is always the best option.

This blog post will give you some great insights on buying leads vs generating leads on your own.

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Buying Leads vs Generating Leads
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Challenges to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Most of the B2B marketers say that generating B2B sales leads is one of their major challenges. They find it difficult to find potential B2B sales leads at the right places, they don’t have the expertise & resources and they couldn’t afford to spend the required amount of time to generate qualified B2B sales leads. Hence, they opt for buying leads.

Buying Leads – Is it worth the Money?

Though buying leads can be one of the easiest & quickest ways to get leads, a question arises as to whether that investment is worth it? You spend thousands of dollars on buying leads believing you can get your potential leads in no time and start converting those leads into your customers. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Why?

Here are the reasons:

  • The data is unreliable & outdated –  Vendors that sell leads usually store data over a period of time. Therefore chances are that they might be very old data, not updated for a while, incomplete or even obsolete. A Hubspot study says that marketing databases degrade about 22.5% every year. So if your marketing data is not reliable, updated and accurate, all your marketing efforts & campaigns would turn into a disaster.
  • It’s very expensive – Some of the popular online B2B sales lead database companies charge you exorbitantly. Moreover, you pay and receive the leads what your vendor provides. Therefore, you don’t have the liberty to choose the leads. If you are going after niche markets, the chances are that only a handful leads will be useful. So whatever money that you spent on other leads goes in vain.
  • You lose your competitive edge – Your vendor sells the same leads to your competitor and many more companies like you as well.

Even after spending thousands of dollars, all you get is a list of suspects that is often incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable and not exclusive.

Advantages of Generating Leads on your Own

  • Generate Customized Leads – When you generate your own leads, you can narrow down your search to find sales leads that match your ideal customer profile. You can generate B2B sales leads based on multiple criteria such as industry, geography, company size, keywords and so on. It gives you the flexibility to target the audience and generate qualified sales leads.
  • Get Quality Leads – When you generate leads on your own, you have more control over the quality of leads. You can tailor your lead generation efforts to attract prospects who are genuinely interested in your products or services, resulting in higher-quality leads. It not only helps you to improve sales conversions and increase your sales revenue but also to save a lot of your time and resources as well.
  • Build Relationship – Generating leads on your own allows you to establish a relationship with prospects from the start. By engaging with them through content marketing, social media, or other channels, you can nurture leads, build trust, and increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Build your own Database – When you generate leads on your own, you build your own database of prospects and contacts. Over time, this database becomes a valuable asset that you can leverage for future marketing campaigns and ongoing customer engagement.

Therefore, it is always advisable to generate your own leads than buying leads. But generating leads is not that easy. It takes a lot of your time and effort to generate qualified leads. That is why smart sales & marketing professionals rely on technology to speed up their lead generation efforts.

Software to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Businesses find it difficult to generate B2B sales leads manually. Because they have to spend a considerable amount of time to manually search the Internet, websites, social & professional networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. This is where a lead generation software such as LeadGrabber Pro can make a huge difference.

Generate B2B Sales Leads 20x Faster

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to generate B2B sales leads 20x faster. It enables you to easily & effortlessly generate sales leads that match your ideal customer profile.

It also helps you to:

  • Generate fresh B2B sales leads – From online directories, social and professional networking sites.
  • Find verified business email addresses of the prospects and their co-workers as well – Also helps you to intelligently project email addresses.
  • Find C-Level executives/decision makers along with their business contact information.
  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Transfer leads to any popular database with a click.
  • Generate B2B sales leads cost-effectively.

If you are someone who has wasted your fortune on buying leads and found no results, try LeadGrabber Pro today.

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