How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches

How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches

LinkedIn indisputably is one of the largest database of C-level decision makers and it is one of the best places to generate leads. It lets you search for your target prospects based on a multitude of search criteria such as title, industry, company size and other demographics. Sales professionals today have the flexibility of using several combinations of their search, build multiple sets / categories of prospect lists and generate leads from LinkedIn.

While this is a good feature, what makes it better is when you use the Saved Search feature. The Saved Search Feature in LinkedIn sends matching profiles to your email inbox on a periodic basis. It’s like having lead-gen on automatic mode!

Look at the simple 3-step illustration below to know how you can generate leads from LinkedIn Saved searches.

Step-1: Search for your target prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to search for your targeted prospects using search filters.

Let us try and search for “Vice President”. Select your preferences based on title, location and other demographics. After using relevant search filters, click Search.

generate leads from LinkedIn

Step-2: Click Save search of your results page

LinkedIn displays the results based on the search criteria. Click on Save search on the top right side of your results page.

How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches 2

Step-3: Provide necessary input and save the search result

Give a name to your search. Set your preferences on how often you would like to receive email alerts pertaining to this search and save the search. Now the search is saved with the given name and LinkedIn starts sending people’s profiles matching that search criteria to your mailbox.

generate leads from LinkedIn

You can customize and create multiple saved searches. You can quickly run those searches again in future as well.

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As soon as you receive people profiles (from saved search) in your mailbox, use LeadGrabber Pro to find business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects. The LinkedIn prospecting tool helps you to build targeted prospect lists along with verified business email address and phone numbers of C-level decision makers. You can instantly transfer your leads to Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, etc. Start reaching your decision makers on their business email and phone, and kick start your business with them.

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