ROI of Batch Sending 200 Cold Emails can Be Better than Customizing Each Email

ROI of Batch Sending 200 Cold Emails can Be Better than Customizing Each Email

If you have a target market with tens of thousands of companies, you can target personas as opposed to people. If your base is 50,000+ you can always get a persona of 200 prospects, who for all practical purposes are identical.

You can use the same email template for the entire persona, still reap better sales benefits weekly than one-on-one messaging. Many successful non-enterprise salespeople follow this strategy to increase their engagements.

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The below trick is to make the recipient feel that the email is particularly tailored for them

Target Persona:

People from a niche industry + a unique past title + keywords/skills

You can create a template that is unique to that Persona, and how your solution is relevant for them.

Sales Navigator offers several filters that enable you to create hundreds of personas if you have a large enough prospect base. The enterprise folks may think this is spam because of automation. But, we just have to disagree & move along.

For instance: Outsourcing company – Extracting from job boards, Companies hiring people with a specific title and skillset.

If you are an outsourcing company that provides the exact talent these companies seek, you can create a template email and send them all. You can follow up with customization and other lines too for better opens. The core of your email can be a template.

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B prospecting tool that helps you target people from a niche industry + a unique past title + keywords/skills. It also extracts business contact information of your ideal prospects from social media and websites in a single click. It grabs the name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc. 

Fill in the form below to target prospects based on their persona along with their business contact information.

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