How to Find Past Prospects Who Moved Companies – They Close 10x Faster

How to Find Past Prospects Who Moved Companies – They Close 10x Faster

Do you want a fast way to be a sales star and your team to crush sales quotas? Following are some effective methods

Targeting past customers (and prospects) who moved to new companies are likely to close 10x faster.

Here’s Why and How:

Leverage point #1:

According to career change statistics, 30% of the current workforce will change careers or jobs every year (12 months). Among which vice presidents/CXOs tend to change jobs more frequently.

This means 20 – 40 percent of customers you had Pre-Covid times are now at a new company. And they already know your solution.

Leverage point #2:

Studies say that 39% of people consider changing jobs to get a bigger decision-making role and better salaries.

This means 20 – 40 percent of your past customers are now in bigger decision-maker roles at another company. They also have the power and authority to make purchasing decisions.

If they were your prospects earlier but did not buy because of low budgets or did not carry clout at the past company, they are in a position to buy from you now.

Leverage point #3:

Companies usually hire vice presidents/CXO levels who already have a prior experience in solving problems from the same industry.

This means all your past customers and prospects are solving the same problem at their new company. And they will definitely need your solution again.

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find people who changed jobs. But here are two problems that Sales Navigator can’t help when finding new prospects:

  1. Sales Navigator only flags people who changed jobs in the last 90 days. It doesn’t tell you if the person is in a different company than the company that you have in your CRM.
  2. Your company probably has several thousand past customers and prospects in your CRM. You will need someone for finding LinkedIn profiles for all the CRM contacts and providing you job change feeds. This might involve a lot of manual work and time.

Job-Change Finder is a service that helps you to get visibility to all prospects who changed jobs since they last interacted with your company and automates the whole process. It is the fastest way to know which past customers moved to a new company and are new prospects for you. You can use this service to engage past customers and prospects at a new company. You will get a list of people who moved companies along with their new titles and contact information.

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