How to Quickly Build a Robust Email Channel to Reach Decision Makers

How to Quickly Build a Robust Email Channel to Reach Decision Makers

LinkedIn is one of the best places to find decision makers in your targeted companies. You can find them based on industry, geography, company size, function and so on. There are millions of decision makers on LinkedIn and as a business development professional, if you want to leverage this opportunity, you should reach decision makers at the right time with the right message.

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Challenges to Reach Decision Makers

Now that you know there are hundreds and thousands of decision makers, the next step is to reach them. You might think that connecting & reaching them is a cakewalk. But that’s not the reality. Here are some of the challenges that you might encounter to reach decision makers.

  • Decision makers do not accept all connection requests unless they know you or it is relevant to them or their business. As a business development professional, you need to connect with hundreds of decision makers and when those decision makers ignore your invites using the “I Don’t Know This Person” option, you will be restricted from sending future connection requests to that person. If more number of people ignore your connection requests using the same reason, then you would be restricted from sending connections requests to others. You would not be able to expand your network and your reputation takes a hit.
  • Generally, decision makers use personal email address to sign up for LinkedIn. Even, if you are connected to an executive, you will get only her personal email address. Since they are always busy, they don’t check personal emails or LinkedIn messages every day; maybe they do it on weekends. Again, it is not guaranteed that you will get a response during the weekend because the decision makers receive hundreds of messages. Your message might get lost in that. Therefore, the chances of getting a response for your message on LinkedIn are very slim. Maybe a few might respond but mostly they wouldn’t.
  • In certain industries, decision makers, though they are on LinkedIn, they are not active on LinkedIn. They do not check LinkedIn messages at all. They use email & phone as their primary channels of communication. In such cases, you will never get responses for your LinkedIn messages.

But, one of the biggest revelations is that decision makers respond instantly on their business emails than personal emails. Therefore, it is essential to build a robust email channel to reach decision makers.

How to build an Email Channel Manually

To build a business email channel, you need to first identify the decision makers in your target companies. You have to build a list of decision makers with name and company. When you search for decision makers on LinkedIn, the search results display hundreds of results that run across multiple pages. You have to manually visit each page to copy-paste the data to an excel sheet or CRM. Since there are daily limitations on viewing the connections on your LinkedIn search results page, you have to remember where you left and start from there the next day. It is a tedious & time-consuming task.

Once you have the list of decision makers, the next step is to append business email addresses of the decision makers. It is not an easy task as they are not easily available. You will have to spend countless hours on the Internet to find decision makers’ business email address. You will have to manually look through various online sources such as corporate websites, search engines, blogs, forums, user groups and many such places to find decision maker’s business email address. You need to have expert Internet research skills to find business email addresses. Again, it takes a lot of your time and effort.

Automated Workflow to Reach Decision Makers 20x Faster

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is a lead generation software that helps you to automate this workflow and build a business email channel in no time. This automated workflow helps you to easily & effortlessly build business email channel to reach decision makers.

With a click of a button, LeadGrabber Build Scheduler helps you to build a list of decision makers from LinkedIn based on location, industry, company size, etc. Once the list is built, the software automatically appends business email address & phone numbers of your decision makers. LeadGrabber Pro does deep-web searches and appends the business contact information of decision makers. All the business email addresses are verified automatically.   

Reach decision makers 20x faster

What’s more? Once your prospect list is ready, the LeadGrabber Pro Build Scheduler automatically sends an email along with the list to the specified email IDs.

You schedule it once and you don’t have to manually intervene anymore

Every day, you get your prospect list along with verified business email and phone to your inbox.

All you have to do is just download and start emailing or calling them. You can give the email addresses of your sales & marketing people. They can get the list and start their marketing campaigns.

It helps you to save a huge amount of time, quickly reach decision makers on their business emails and get more responses.

In addition to referrals & leads from your CRM, building a business email channel will help you to leverage your network, reach the right decision makers and win more businesses. A lot of lead generation teams have used this software to reach decision makers, engage them and make more sales conversions.

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