How to Leverage your LinkedIn Company Page like Experts

How to Leverage your LinkedIn Company Page like Experts

Your LinkedIn Company Page is the face of your company on LinkedIn. Be it your prospective client or employee, if they want to know about who you are and what you do, they immediately search for your LinkedIn company page. Your LinkedIn page is also a perfect place to interact & engage with your audience.

LinkedIn company pages enable you to post & share information in various forms that interest your audience. It also helps you to know your audience & grow your followers as well. Therefore, it is essential for any business to create a LinkedIn company page.   

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LinkedIn Company Page Setup- Basics

Here are some of the basic things that you should do if you want to make the most out of your LinkedIn company page.

  • Ensure that your LinkedIn page has all the relevant information; in other words, your LinkedIn company page should be complete with your logo, cover image, company overview, website address, industry, company size, etc. Please ensure that your images meet the LinkedIn company page image size specifications.
  • Update your LinkedIn company page regularly. Statistics reveal that companies that post content on a weekly basis get 2x more engagement rates than companies that do not post every week. Make sure you post information that is useful, interesting & relevant to your audience.
  • Your LinkedIn company page becomes a powerful tool, once you start getting a good number of followers. The more the number of followers, the more will be your reach. Use the LinkedIn follow button on your website to get more followers to your LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

Here are some of the LinkedIn company page best practices that will help you to leverage LinkedIn pages like experts:

  • Use Images – Images easily grabs the attention of your audience than plain text. Use custom images that are relevant. It helps you to increase your engagement rates.
  • Create & Post Native Videos – Videos gets you 5x more engagement rates. Post videos that are short & easily consumable. It is okay even if it is just a video without audio. If you are looking to use your LinkedIn company page for branding, make your company leaders feature in the videos.
  • Digital Magazines & e-Books – PDF-based content & Power Point presentations work well on your LinkedIn company page. It can help your audience view them on LinkedIn. Posting research based insights and interesting information including blog posts can grab the attention of your prospects.  
  • Post Videos Featuring your Employees – If you are looking to attract top talent, post videos of your employees speaking about the company culture, their success stories on your LinkedIn Career Pages. This would really paint a picture of what a prospective candidate would experience if she joins your company.
  • Leverage Hash tags – Using relevant hash tags on your LinkedIn company page will help you to reach the relevant audience. Search for hash tags on LinkedIn and choose the ones that are relevant for your company, industry, tool, post, etc. You can also reach more people by boosting or promoting your posts via LinkedIn ads.
  • Useful & Relevant Content – If you want to use your LinkedIn company page to grab your target audience’s attention, ensure that you post content that is useful and relevant to them. You will naturally get more LinkedIn company page followers if your content helps your audience to solve their problems. You get to earn their trust; more importantly, they might share & recommend to other people as well.
  • Celebrate Success Stories – Celebrating success on LinkedIn pages also helps you a great deal. Corporate wins including deals & acquisitions, achieving specific milestones & celebrating birthdays & anniversaries will help you position your company better, especially in the people front.  
  • Promote Events & CSR Initiatives – Some companies are very much determined to give back to the society. If you are one, you can let your audience know about the events & initiatives you are involved in on your LinkedIn company page. You might get like-minded people appreciating that or maybe you might get new followers or connections that are interested & are willing to collaborate.
  • Address Industry-related Issues – Share information & solutions for industry-related issues on a regular basis. Videos, blog posts and industry-related events can help you increase awareness about the problems and the solutions that they have at hand.
  • Post Content in Multiple Formats – If you are running a podcast, your LinkedIn company page is one of the best places to promote it. In addition, you can promote your content in multiple formats. Your audience can choose the way they wish to consume.
  • Get your Audience’s Pulse – Posting questions & polls on your LinkedIn page can help you garner your prospects’ interests. It promotes engagement to a great extent. You get to know their ideas & opinions and sometimes you can get to know about their likes & preferences. You can tailor your content based on that. You can also know the latest trending topics & articles your target audience is engaging on LinkedIn and share them on your LinkedIn page.
  • Stay on Top of Mind – Pinning your best content at the top of your page will help you garner more likes, comments & shares from your audience. You can use that to your advantage for promoting new products/features, hunting new talent and so on.

The above tips will help you to leverage your LinkedIn company page like experts!

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