Why December is Best Month for B2B Prospecting

Why December is Best Month for B2B Prospecting

With US Thanksgiving and December holidays upon us, most of the salespeople see the holidays as a barrier to booking meetings. But the smart ones know it’s a perfect time to drop an email into their prospect’s inbox.

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Here is why December is the best month for B2B prospecting

Open Decision Makers Calendars

CXOs/VPs avoid scheduling big staff meetings in December for various reasons including vacations & holiday moods. And it is during this time when a large pool of B2B Decision-makers have been known to spend more time personally evaluating products & services for their business growth. Reach out to them and schedule a meeting in early January and fill up your calendars.

Cut Across Gatekeepers

People always tend to take time off before the Christmas holidays and the decision-makers are more likely to answer their own calls.

Act Ahead of Your Competitors

In January 20x more salespeople will be active and have to fight harder for their prospect’s attention.

Get High Response Rates

Decision-makers tend to have open calendars and spend more time reading & processing emails in December. So, you can get very high open and response rates for your emails.

Also, we find our list-building tools are used the most in November & December months. And for several years now, we have dealt with a lot of business owners who tell us, how our tool has given them a great head-start for their Q1 sales.

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