Sales Prospecting: How to Boost Motivation & Exceed Sales Quotas

Sales Prospecting: How to Boost Motivation & Exceed Sales Quotas

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

The above quote is 100% true and it holds true for sales prospecting as well. More than 60% of the organizations say that sales motivation is one of their major challenges. Companies are struggling to motivate sales people and maintain their sales energy at the required levels to bring success. A lot of sales reps are even averse to sales prospecting.

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Why do SDRs lack motivation for Sales Prospecting?

Here are some of the reasons that were attributed to lack of motivation:

  1. Sales Prospecting – Time-Consuming and Tedious – The very act of prospecting itself is a deterrent. The main reason is, it consumes a substantial amount of time and effort on the part of sales representatives. You need to dig through the Internet, various company websites, online foot prints to prospect for sales. SDRs, with lots of things on hand, are unable to spend countless hours on sales prospecting. However, the fact is that sales reps cannot renounce prospecting because you will not have anyone to sell if you do not prospect for sales.
  • Finding Decision Makers is a Daunting Task– Prospecting for sales is nothing but finding the right prospects – in other words, identifying and reaching out to decision makers who have the authority to decide to buy your product or service. But, it is not easy. You will have to spend a lot of time finding them. The task does not end there. Typically, decision makers are well guarded by gate keepers. You will have to either go through them or bypass them or somehow reach them. Finding decision makers business email address & phone number is even worse You can’t find them easily on the Internet. You need to have expert Internet research skills to get a few of them.
  • Giving up Too Early – If you are a sales rep, you would have experienced this very much. You will agree that not all of your prospects respond back to your emails promptly. Perhaps your email might have got lost in your prospects’ inbox or your prospect might have been swamped with something else or your prospect does not feel it is necessary for their business right now or someone might have to make a decision jointly and so on. In short, your prospects are non responsive. A vast majority of the sales reps give up quickly. They don’t want to follow up again.

Also, sales prospecting challenges such as lack of prospect research, personalization, targeting the wrong prospects might not get you the desired prospecting results. Therefore, frustration seeps in, you feel like you are a failure and eventually motivation levels hit rock bottom.

However, successful sales reps think otherwise. They are highly motivated and always have a positive attitude, and go for the kill. They use the best practices for sales prospecting and the best sales prospecting tools to accelerate sales prospecting, book more qualified sales demos and make more sales conversions. The habit of winning frequently boosts their energy and they always want to win more & generate sales revenue.

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Using the right sales prospecting software can help sales reps ease their work, get their things done quickly, spend more time with the prospects and book more sales demos.

LeadGrabber Pro is one such tool for sales prospecting that helps sales reps to quickly find the right prospects who are likely to purchase your product or service. The built-in patented technology in LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find your customer s 10x faster than experts.

LeadGrabber Pro is designed exclusively for sales development reps, business development professionals and lead generation teams & companies to speed up sales prospecting, book more qualified demos and make more conversions.

With LeadGrabber Pro, sales prospecting is a breeze. You can automate sales prospecting and get your targeted prospect list every single day in your inbox. You don’t need to spend your precious time to prospect for sales. You will have all the time you need to spend on other important tasks that requires your attention.

What’s more? LeadGrabber Pro offers you more than 50+ sales prospecting ways to get your customers 10x faster. The sales prospecting tool also offers you ways to find the high-probability prospects that you will not get anywhere.

LeadGrabber Pro makes your sales prospecting process easy, boosts motivation and enables you to exceed your sales quota.

The sales prospecting tool helps you to:

  1. Identify and build fresh prospect lists (decision makers) from any industry in no time.
  2. Quickly build CXO prospect lists along with verified business email & phone.
  3. Helps you to find High-Converting prospects from Events & Groups.
  4. Get your prospects’ coworker email address for free (only LeadGrabber Pro provides hundreds of coworker emails for free)
  5. Provides you 50+ ways to prospect for sales.
  6. Automate Sales Prospecting.
  7. Spend more time on calling prospects & booking sales demos.

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