How to reach Non-Responsive CXOs & Increase Sales Opportunities

How to reach Non-Responsive CXOs & Increase Sales Opportunities

CXOs are always busy. They don’t have sufficient time to frequently check and respond to your emails. Sometimes they inadvertently delete the emails as well. You don’t get any response from them. But remember they are the same people who make decisions as to whether they need to buy your product or not.

Is there a way to reach those non-responsive CXOs?

Yes, you can reach out to your prospects’ coworkers to reach these CXOs. It is very effective and who knows, you might end up with a sale or a multi-year contract that you would miss out on giving up early.

Reach CXOs from Any Company & Increase Sales Opportunities

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You can use Coworker Emails in the following scenarios:

Reach Non-Responsive CXOs

When you don’t get any replies to your email from your first contact (CXO) or if you get a negative reply, you don’t need to be discouraged. You can reach out to the prospect’s coworkers in the company.

Let’s assume, you are selling marketing automation software and you emailed the CEO of your target company. The CEO is not interested in a demo and said “No.” You might think that you can’t do much about it since you have heard from the topmost executive in the company. Many sales reps think like that and give up too soon.

But on the other hand, if you reach out to the Marketing Director or VP Marketing in the same company, chances are that he might be interested and agree to a demo. If your software works wonders for their company and provides great value, he would recommend or influence the CEO who rejected you earlier. The CEO considers the recommendation from his colleague more valuable and he might agree to a demo or even purchase your product.  

Reach Prospects via Coworkers Introduction

A valid email address is very vital to reach out to your prospects. If you can’t find one, your chances of reaching your prospect decreases. But, if you have your prospect’s coworker emails, you can write to them and ask them to forward your email to your prospect (CXO). This way, you can reach out to your prospects (CXOs) in your target companies.  

Reach Multiple Contacts in the Same Company

A lot of sales reps have a single point of contact in their target companies. They interact with one single person in the company, build up trust and rapport with them. One fine day, that prospect (contact) leaves the company and you are left stranded. All the hard work goes down the drain. That is why it is important to reach out to multiple contacts in the same company.

Coworker emails help you to reach multiple contacts in a company. This way, you get an opportunity to get in touch with multiple decision makers and influencers in the company. If your product fits them, they purchase the product. If the company is big and available in multiple locations, you get an opportunity to sell multiple licenses.

Even if your prospect (first contact) leaves the company, you can very well reach out to others for follow-up and continue your business deals. It helps you to increase engagement rates and sales conversions.

Coworker emails provide you with more ways to reach your decision makers & increase your sales opportunities.

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