How to get 300 New Sales Opportunities in 3 Days…

How to get 300 New Sales Opportunities in 3 Days…

You will get Sales Opportunities
with a High Conversion Rate:

  • From Customers, Users & Champions
    who Trust your product or service
  • From Executives
    who Trust your Company

eGrabber – Sales Intelligence Software & Solutions

High Converting Sales Opportunities come from People who already Know you & Trust you

Customers, subscribers, existing users, in-house champions and decision makers who signed up for your product or service already know and trust you. They are the best source of referral business and new business deals. During challenging times like these, trust and referrals are the best source of new business deals. This is your source of new Sales Opportunities. When these trusted contacts refer your company, it’s low risk for the receiver and high conversion potential for you.

Trusted Contacts have Moved to New Companies

Your trusted customers, users and executives have moved to new companies and new job roles. More of them in the last few months. Some of them in the same profile as before, others have got new responsibilities. Previous users may now be Directors, or VPs, with budgets and decision making power. Others have got promoted and may be in charge of a larger region than before.

New Companies means New Sales Opportunities

Your Customers, Users and Decision Makers could use your product or solutions in their new companies and new job roles. They might be facing new deliverable deadlines and need your help to achieve them. They might have forgotten that you can help, or might not know you have a new solution to help them in their new company.

How do I get 300 New Sales Opportunities?

In our decades’ worth of experience helping B2B Companies generate business we know that 25% to 30% of your customers, users and other CRM contacts move to new job roles and new companies every year.

If you are in business for a few years, you have at least 2,000 contacts in your CRM, if not thousands more. You will easily be able to find 300 or more of those contacts have moved to new companies and new roles. These are your Trusted contacts. These 300 are your New Sales Opportunities with the Highest Chance of Sales Conversion.

What is the fastest way to find these new Sales Opportunities in your CRM which has thousands of contacts? Manually processing these records will take weeks or months. Outsourcing such work carries the risk of paying for something without adequate return. Relying on LinkedIn to tell you that people moved jobs is inadequate since no one person is connected to all your Customers, Users, and Decision Makers.

eGrabber flags New Sales Opportunities in your Contacts List

eGrabber is an expert in automated B2B Contact Research for the past decade. Our software tools and processes have received patents for accuracy and thoroughness. Give eGrabber a list of your Customers, Users, Decision Makers, and other contacts and in a few hours, it researches and labels the New Sales Opportunities for you.

Here’s what you get…

You will receive a list with all the identified New Sales Opportunities.

This list will contain Names, Job titles, New Company names, new email, LinkedIn profile links, Company information like employee size, industry, revenue.

You can also ask for people who have replaced those who moved. You can also ask for past executives who are now in new companies.

How do I get my High Converting Sales Opportunities?

Sign up with us and get your new Sales Opportunities this week.

If you’d like a test run, talk to us, we will arrange a Test Scan for you at no cost. We will tell you how many new Sales Opportunities you have, given a list of your contacts. This Test Scan is at no cost to you. If the results are sizeable enough for you and you decide to sign on with us, we will deliver the identified Sales Opportunities to you.

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