Is COVID Layoffs Destroying Your B2B Lists?

Is COVID Layoffs Destroying Your B2B Lists?

Read to know how we can extricate the accuracy of B2B lists and sales forecasts.

25%+ of most B2B lists have been obsoleted in the past few months. This will impact your renewals or new sales & pipeline projections. Do you know which of your customers, users, influencers, and prospects changed jobs?

Job Change Finder from eGrabber can help you scan and update your B2B and CRM lists faster.

It will flag all those who quit jobs recently or who changed job title . Tracking Job changes gives your account manager a good reason to follow up. It can find you a new contact as a replacement in the same company. It can tell you which company/title the person moved to and can get their updated contact information. So you can get them to buy your product/services again and keep your sales on track. This way you can ensure renewals and sales growth.

For Marketing Agencies/ Consultants:

If you are a marketing agency/consultant who is looking for new sales or have clients with customer & prospect lists that are out of date due to COVID-19 Layoffs. Are you helping them update and cleanup their lists?

Then, we at eGrabber can work through Marketing Agencies and Consultants – partner with you and act as your back-end for such projects. If you want a fast and an automated way to update B2B lists, we have Job Change Finder.

We have been in the B2B list building for 25 years now and have worked with thousands of reseller partners going back to ACT! And Goldmine days.

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