How to Leverage Back-channel Marketing to Engage Non-responsive Decision Maker Targets

How to Leverage Back-channel Marketing to Engage Non-responsive Decision Maker Targets

Are you putting in a lot of your time and effort in crafting a perfect email sequence to catch the attention of the prospect you found to be a perfect fit. Did you reach out to them with confidence that they will respond.

Are you in a finite industry with a limited number of prospects and have been following up with the prospect once, twice, three times, eight times or more.

But end up with still no response?

And finally gave up on that dream client of yours who would have been your largest sale of the year?

Yes, that really happens to every cold email marketer out there. A lot of the eBooks and websites push cold email templates that work. But the problem is they don’t because the theoretical foundation of most cold email ideas are outdated.

In today’s world, the B2B decision maker targets receive a lot of spamy emails from reps multiple times a day. Decision makers can easily spot a cold-email and instinctively put their finger on the delete key. So chances of a reply are very low, even on best-crafted emails.

But when a decision maker gets an email from an internal employee, their mindset is different. They know it can be a career or team impacting email. So they will spend a few more seconds on your email that simply stands out. Learn how to leverage coworkers email and increase sales opportunities.

Cold email marketers who leverage this decision-maker back channel psychology can get more appointments when compared to others.

Here is how you can do it

Step-1: When building a list of decision-maker also build a list of back channel coworker emails
Step-2: Craft a cold email to decision-maker and send it
Step-3: If you don’t get a response, forward email to coworker with your super nice pitch to get it forwarded

You will be amazed at see how well this back channel works. Now go back to all the B2B decision maker targets who did not respond, and see if you can leverage back channel to get to them.

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