New Way to Get Clients for IT Outsourcing Business

New Way to Get Clients for IT Outsourcing Business

Are you in a software outsourcing Company looking for leads?

What are you doing to market your engineers to decision-makers that have a budget to hire, but can’t find people?

Because outsourcing companies are finding a lot of success using a new time-saving process where 90%+ of cold-email are to CXOs/VPs actively looking for talent they have.

A process that might work for you at this point in time is sourcing leads from job boards.

Now build your own list from job boards which is a great source to identify companies that are hiring now or by definition, companies that are growing and have money to buy your services if they need them. This way you can get a new set of leads every month.

The leads you get this way can’t be purchased from ZoomInfo or any other source, because the leads disappear in 30 to 60 days, you can reach out to the CXO/VP of those companies when they are hiring or in the next few weeks, as they will still be growing. If you are selling staffing services, then looking for companies that are already hiring those services will be a great solution.

Scan job boards to find out for companies that are expanding their sales & marketing teams. They are a great source of leads. Here is a detailed process on how to source leads for your outsourcing business from job boards.

If you have shortlisted companies to target on Job boards, we have an automated way in which you can build out a list of companies and find CXO/VP contacts.

We can provide you such lists or tools to build such lists

JobGrabber is a list building automation tool that works with Job-boards and LinkedIn, to build lists of CEOs and Managers that are hiring in any specialty. The tool helps build lists twenty times (20x) faster than lead generation teams can build manually.

To get a pre-built list of CEO/VPs hiring your particular Speciality Call us at +1-866-299-7314, or email [email protected]

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