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How to Find Business Contact information of C-Level Executives?
LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find business contact information of CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CXOs, VP-level, Director-level, Founders, Owners, etc. from company websites and enables you to speed up the process of prospecting. Our advanced lead generation software helps you to build a list of top level executives with their email address and phone number with the following steps:

Step 1: Enter "Industry Name" in keyword box. Example: Computer Software.

Step 2: Select "Find companies (w Input - Industry)" script and click on the Find button.

Enter Industry Name and find Companies

The results are displayed in the LeadGrabber Pro browser.

The results are displayed in the LeadGrabber Pro browser

Step 3: Click on Grab button to extract company profiles along with Company name from the search results to LeadGrabber Pro grid.

How to find business email lists

The extracted company profiles are displayed in the grid.

Step 4: Select the list of company names in the grid and click on "Append => Append Management / Contact Information from Website".

Append Management / Contact Information from website

Step 5: LeadGrabber Pro searches and displays the names of C-level executives for the selected companies in the grid.

Displaying C-level executives for selected companies

Now, you have a list of C-level executives with name and company name.

Step 6: Using LeadGrabber Pro, you can now find the business contact information such as email address, phone numbers, postal address and time zone, etc. of C-level executives.

Select the records in the grid and click Append > Append Selected. Check the options that are to be found [Append Email / Phone / Postal Address / TimeZone].

Displaying C-level executives for selected companies

LeadGrabber Pro performs deep-web searches and displays the business contact information of C-level executives in no time.

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