Job-Change Finder

The fastest way to know which past customers moved to a new company and are new prospects for you.

Job-Change Finder

Do you know which of your contacts quit & moved and are now new prospects?

People change jobs every 3-4 years. Any list of B2B contacts decays and goes out-of-date by 25% to 33% every year. Most businesses do not realize the power of this change. Each contact who moves to a new company is a potential lead for a new account.

Each of these people know you. They have interacted or worked with you before, and there is a good chance they trust you and will work with you again.

Do you know which of your contacts quit & moved?

Selling to somebody who knows you is at least 3x easier!

They have already worked with you. You know them. They trust you. They trust your company. They can get you inside a new account. They may take you along with them wherever they go. They may expand your services with new requests you never get from anyone else. They are more forgiving to issues that may arise.

Selling to somebody who knows you is at least 3x easier!

How to find out who left? And where have they gone to?

The hard part is finding out who left? Next, is finding out where they went to and what is their new contact information. Email validation tools cannot tell you when people have moved, especially when their email is being polled by a colleague. Sales Navigator cannot tell you who’s moved beyond 90 days. LinkedIn cannot give you alerts when accounts are older than 90 days. The only solution used to be a combination of time-consuming manual methods of identifying people who moved. Until now.

Introducing the Job-Change Finder Service

Upload your CRM contact list. Our service will scan your CRM contacts and tell you who has moved, where they have moved to, and gives you their new contact information and company demographics.

What do you get with Job-Change Finder?

Instant new leads from your CRM. Boost pipeline

The customers, users and prospects in your CRM are already sales-qualified or marketing-qualified. 1 scan of your CRM contacts by Job-Change Finder gives you an instant list of new leads.

Higher sales conversion rates

Job-Change Finder identifies customers who have moved to new companies so you can approach them to purchase from you for their new company. They have already experienced your product or service and these warm leads convert at a 2x-3x higher rate than normal sales leads.

Warm introductions, and not cold leads

Job-Change Finder gives you the contact information in their new company, so you can start a warm conversation with them. These conversations are better than cold leads because you have a shared history with them. These leads have a much shorter sales cycle than sales leads from any other channel.

Instant introductions to new companies

Job-Change Finder helps you identify when champions and power users move to new companies. They are the easiest and best prospects to engage. They join a new company looking to make an impact and bring you into the new company, side-stepping any incumbents and competition.

Deeper Account Growth

Job-Change Finder identifies the users who move to new positions and job roles. They may move to new departments, new regions or have bigger budgets. You can expand your reach within existing accounts.

What does each Job-Change Finder report include?

Job-Change Finder Merge-Ready Report

Who is Job-Change Finder for?

New Business Dev

Identify decision makers who are moving to your next top target accounts.

Identify movements in opportunities lost and lost prospects. Get another chance to close new business.

Track competition’s customers and learn when stakeholders have left.

Marketing, SDRs, Sales Ops

Get new trial users and inbound inquiries from users who left to new companies.

Setup discovery meetings in new companies with people who purchased in the past and now moved.

Identify prospects who are ready to buy, to make an impact in their new org.

Target smarter. You get demographics of new companies. You can reach out when these match your ICPs.

Account Management

Spot Upsells. Get people who are promoted or get additional job roles.

Get higher sales conversion rates, follow clients to new accounts. Side-step competition.

Get referrals to new divisions and regions when key stakeholders move inside their companies.


Keep checks on stakeholders. Prevent churn before the replacement has been hired.

Increase retention. Know where your champions and net promoters are.

Why buy from eGrabber?

  • Unparalleled Leads Research Expertise

    eGrabber R&D team & company was founded 1996, in San Jose (Silicon Valley, USA) and is a US Corporation. We have 25+ R&D Engineers located in USA and India.

    We have been in the business of B2B leads research for 20+ years and have developed unique contact research domain expertise.

    We have been building top-notch, automated internet research tools which use expert-systems logic and deep learning algorithms. (See all our US Patents).

  • Our proprietary 6 Step Job-Change Finder Lead Research Process

    Our 6 Step Job-Change Finder Lead Research Process
  • Several US Patents for eGrabber's web & lead research techniques

    The whole research process is Human-Driven and Software-Assisted - with one complementing the strengths of the other.

    1. US Patent # 7,822,732 - Issued Oct 26, 2010
      Method and system to enable searching for lead & contact information on the web.

    2. US Patent # 8,495,151 - Issued Jul 23, 2013
      Methods and systems for determining Business email addresses with name & company.

    3. See All eGrabber Patents
      Patents granted to eGrabber by United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Prompt Phone & Email Support

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: (408) 516-4566

  • Always Reliable!

    We are 70+ employee company head-quartered at San Jose, CA, USA and located in India too. We have been in the business of leads research for more than 20+ years. We have a big support & training team available thru phone and email. We are available in PST/EST/IST business hours. Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How is this different to Sales Navigator?

Job-Change Finder solves two problems that Sales Navigator doesn’t for finding new prospects.

  1. Sales Navigator only flags people who changed jobs in the last 90 days. It doesn’t tell you if the person is in a different company than you show in CRM. We help you get visibility to all prospects that changed jobs since they last interacted with your company
  2. Your company probably has several thousand past customers & prospects in your CRM. Is someone finding LinkedIn-ID for all the CRM contacts and providing you job change feeds? Job-Change Finder automates that process

How am I charged?

Job-Change Finder service is a research service, but automated. You are charged based on the number of records that need to be scanned.

How long do you take to scan and deliver the changed records back?

How long depends on the number of records you need scanned. Typically for 2,000 records you get them in 2-3 business days.

What fields are updated?

  • Status - QUIT / Promoted / Not Moved
  • New Company name
  • New Email Address
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Company Employee Size
  • Company Industry
  • Company HQ & Phone

In what format do you accept the records?

Send us the records in excel or csv format. The following fields are mandatory:

  • Contact name
  • Company

These fields are optional, but enhance your results

  • CRM Record ID - helps when you need to merge back any new data that we give you back
  • Last date of engagement with the contact
  • Job Title of the person - giving this will help us flag those who got promoted, or have a job title change

In what format do you return the records?

You will receive the records in an import friendly format, with

  • Job-Change Status
  • Updated fields ( see question above for all the fields )
  • Contact Name in full, as well as broken up into first name, middle and last name
  • CRM Record ID which you supplied
  • Companies / Job Title / eMail address that you supplied as input - these are to help you merge during import, if you choose to do so

We Mark the Following Job-Change Statuses

  • People who Moved
  • People who are now Decision Makers
  • People who got Promoted
  • People who got new Job Roles
  • People who are working in more than one Company