The Fastest Way to updateYour B2B & CRM Lists

Identify who QUIT and who got promoted

  1. Know which of your customers, users, influencers, and prospects changed jobs
  2. Know which company & job title they moved to. Get their updated contact info
  3. Get their replacements in the previous company

Scan your Lists with eGrabber’s Job-Change Finder…

  • You will know who Quit / Moved
    Our tool tracks them down through social media and updates their current employment status.
  • You will have their New company & job-title
    You also get their latest verified business email address, corporate phone number and LinkedIn ID.
  • You are alerted to Promotions & Job Role changes
    Your list is updated with the latest job title.
  • You will know who Replaced them
    Our tool finds who possibly replaced them in their previous company.

What types of Lists can you Update?

1. User Lists

For SaaS companies, your users quitting their job is an early warning sign that the renewals are at stake.

2. Key Executive Lists

Scan your Customer/Influencer lists to uncover when key decision makers leave. Renewals contracts might be at stake.

3. Opportunities Lists

Scan your opportunities to find threats to your sales forecasts.

4. Prospect Lists

Scan prospects lists for champions who move to new companies.

5. Lost Pipeline

Scan lost sales pipeline and opportunities of the previous quarters. When the key decision makers move, then you have a chance for a new deal.

6. Deal Blockers List

Track your Deal Blockers so that you can re-enter the account when they leave.

What Business Alerts do you get?

Sales Pipeline Threats

  • Executive change
  • Champion Quits
  • Influencer Quit / Role Change

New Business Opportunities

  • Deal blocker Quit
  • Key Influencer Promoted
  • Existing Customer moved to new company
  • Org change in lost pipeline

Renewals Alert

  • Decision makers changed
  • Users Quit
  • Deal blockers promoted

How Job-Change-Finder works?

Step 1: Import your list

Import your List

Step 2: We find those who Quit and Promoted

Find those who Quit and Promoted

Step 3: We update the new contact info

Get updated New Contact Info

Step 4: You have the new information to act

All New Updated Contact Information

You get 4 new, actionable lists for 4 departments

Account Managers

List of all who quit or changed Title – gives your account manager a good reason to follow up.

Account Managers

Renewals / Subscriptions

List of all replacement contacts in the same company – so you don’t miss monthly sales forecasts.

Renewals / Subscriptions


List of demographics of users, and customers, so that you can build new prospect lists targeting the same demographic.


New Business & Sales

List of all old customers who moved to new companies, with their new contact information

New Business & Sales

Job-Change Finder is designed for…

Sales & Marketing Teams

You get old prospect lists cleaned up.

You get new business opportunities from Customers who Moved to new companies.

You get new prospect lists to create fresh pipeline.

SaaS Companies / Renewals Teams

You get Alerted to Threats of Account Churn, because key influencers has quit.

You get replacement contacts to save renewals.

Your sales forecasts are not based on missing people.

Marketing Agencies

Agencies have new opportunities to clean up the lists of their clients.

Generate new marketing pipeline for their clients in days.


2000 Contacts

1 License for 1 year
2,000 contacts
Use anytime in 1 year

7000 Contacts

1 License for 1 year
7,000 Contacts
Use anytime in 1 year

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Job-Change Finder users get Fantastic Support

Dedicated Support

Our support is one of the best around. Free Phone and email support available during the subscription period. Paid personalized training is also available.

FREE Updates

You can get free upgrades to new versions through the course of your subscription. Minor live updates are automatically downloaded and applied by the software.

Dedicated Training

Free monthly re-training webinars available so that you can keep newbies trained and discover new ways to use the tool.