Job Leads - List of US Companies Hiring Software Engineers Now

How eGrabber Adds value to Job Board Listings

eGrabber offers you the hot list of IT Outsourcing Leads that enables you to get new clients faster.

eGrabber provides the following that you will not get from any Job Listing:

  • You get a Verified Company List without Duplicates

    Companies post multiple open positions on job boards; and, they post the same job on multiple job boards too. When you put together all the companies from various job boards, you will find that almost 90% of them are duplicates. We scrutinized all the job listings and compiled a list for you after removing the duplicates.
Get Verified Company List without Duplicates
  • You can Reach & Win Potential Direct Clients

    Staffing & recruiting companies also post job ads in various job portals. We have removed such companies and provide you only the list of companies that can be your potential direct clients.
You can Reach & Win Potential Direct Clients
  • You can Target companies by Company's Employee Size

    Many businesses want to target small companies or companies with the desired head count. You can quickly sort the companies based on the company size.
Target companies based on company size
  • You can Target companies based on the number of job openings

    It helps you to target better when you know the total number of job positions that companies are currently hiring. eGrabber’s list provides you the number of job postings by each company.
Target companies based on the number of job openings
  • You can Target Companies in Top Industries

    Companies from different industries hire software engineers for their IT & Tech teams. The list enables you to target companies in top industries that are actively hiring software engineers & developers. You can also sort the list by industry.
Target Companies in Top Industries

Learn how Staffing Companies & Outsourcing Companies benefit

In these pandemic times, businesses that are currently hiring are the best bet for Staffing Companies & Outsourcing companies as well. That makes job boards a fool-proof channel for targeting new clients. Read more...

You can continue with your existing channels of lead generation. What we tell you here is a very smart way to build high-probability prospects from job boards. Learn more...

You can do all of this - it's just that nearly 80% of companies repeat across different job boards and filtering out duplicates is overwhelming.

Well, we have done all the dirty work for you - removed duplicates, categorized them by # Job openings, Industry, Employee size and found their CXOs/VPs/Directors as well. Contact us for any list.

List of Top US Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now

eGrabber’s list of US companies currently hiring software engineers helps IT Outsourcing & Staffing companies to get new clients faster.

The list of companies hiring software engineers comes with the Sales Nav URL of C-level / VP-level decision makers in these companies.

What does this list of companies hiring software developers include?

  • Each company will include the following, if available:
    • Company Name
    • Titles of Open Positions
    • Number of Job Openings
    • Company Size
    • Company LinkedIn ID
    • Website URL
    • Direct Link to Company Decision Makers (Sales Nav URL)
  • If you want to build custom lists based on specific location, industry and job titles, contact [email protected].

  • The list of companies hiring software engineers will be delivered via Excel Spreadsheet

    Companies Hiring Remote Workforce - Company Details

Where did we build the list of companies hiring software engineers from?

The companies in this list are handpicked from job listings and verified. We also provide an audit trail for you to see from where we got the company information.

We built them from:

  • Job Boards: We have picked up companies who have posted ads recently looking for software engineers, software analysts, architects and other tech professionals.
  • Social Media: We have picked companies looking for software engineers from job postings on LinkedIn.
Handpicked Companies List from Job Boards & Social Media

You will get a sample list of companies - if you additionally want names of decision makers, do let us know during the demo.
We can also build you a sample list with the exact decision makers you target, in the demo.

Custom ListBuilt to your specification

Contact UsWe can build list of companies hiring
any skillset, title & keywords
You can specify
  • Any Job Board Search URL
  • Any Skill Set
  • Any Hiring Job Title
  • Any Industry
  • Any Employee Size
  • Any Decision Maker
  • Any Specific Requirement
Contact us for a quote[email protected] or (408) 516-4566.

How can I get a Copy of this List?

Click the button below and request a copy. Or email Sam - [email protected] (we also work on weekends). Or message Chandra on LinkedIn.

List of CXOs / Decision Makers