How to Find Prospects Who are Active During the Holiday Season

How to Find Prospects Who are Active During the Holiday Season

Finding it tough to get prospects online?

Yes, it’s Christmas season. But how would you know who’s at work?

Try these 2 techniques to find prospects who are active during the holidays:

Tip 1. How to Find Prospects who are active on LinkedIn

In your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, search for your prospects and click on this tab:

How to find Prospects

You will get everyone who’s still active, and thinking about work. Works even better when you target Owners and CEO’s – they never take off!

Tip 2.  Get Alerts when Your Prospects Post / Share anything

In your Sales Navigator home page, have you used the “Lead News” or the “Lead Shares” button?

Get Prospects

You will get articles, shares and posts from your Leads.

If you see nothing in the list on the right, then you have to do one more step. Find all your top leads who you are trying to land a deal with and Add them to a Lead List as shown below:

Find Prospect lists

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Happy Hunting during the Holidays!

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