How to Build Targeted Sales Leads From LinkedIn

How to Build Targeted Sales Leads From LinkedIn

Are you still searching Google to find work email IDs of your prospects?

Here is an automated way to Google and find verified work emails

The LeadGrabber Pro tool is an expert researcher that builds prospect lists from online directories, professional & social networking sites, and websites along with verified work email IDs.

It intelligently copy-pastes name and company from any website listing or excel

It does live research on google and the deep web to find missing contact information – email, phone, decision-makers, etc

It verifies the live or dead status of all email IDs by seeing if the email server exists and if it accepts the email ID.

You will know all the email IDs returned were verified and accurate. Your bounce rate will be incredibly low and your response rate will be one of the best you have ever experienced.

No other tool on the market does live research and returns live emails. Everyone else will give you instant results from Database. The data can be months to years out of date. The person might have quit their job during covid and the email will be bouncing

Checkout out LeadGrabber Pro if you are concerned about protecting your website reputation and email domain reputation, but still want to do cold email campaigns.

eGrabber has been in the B2B lead list building business for 25 years. Longer than any other company. We have the best and most accurate list-building tools.

Download LeadGrabber Pro Now!

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