How SDRs can Quickly Build Targeted B2B Prospect Lists on their own

How SDRs can Quickly Build Targeted B2B Prospect Lists on their own

Most of the sales reps who do prospecting want to do it just quicker. If the process seems to be a little longer, they often give up and would rather prefer buying B2B lead lists. But often unaware of the fact that they are actually choosing the hard way to end up wasting their time and most of their money on buying lists that don’t work.

Buying B2B prospect lists might be easy. But sales prospecting and email marketing always require choosing B2B prospect lists with relevant information that can be used for high levels of personalization.

Purchased lists do not provide either of these. Using a readily available list of leads is like sending just a write-up without any personalization. They are outdated by the time of purchase and hardly provide any enriched information or value.

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Here’s why you should build your own B2B prospect lists.

It helps you to get:

  • High-quality leads
  • Accurate information
  • Unique and targeted business leads
  • Decrease spam rate

These leads that are built on your own will meet your lead qualifications. They are more likely to buy your products/services. There are more benefits of building your own B2B prospect list.

With our experience of working with a lot of B2B companies, we can say that building a B2B prospect list can yield a higher conversion rate, lower CPA, and a shorter sales process.

And fortunately, there are ways you can generate high-quality targeted business leads, with current and accurate details, within your budget. Let’s check them out. 

How to Build B2B Prospect lists using LinkedIn

There are more ways to build a B2B prospects list than just using the basic lead search filters. Some of the best ways are:

1. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a gold mine of B2B prospects.

If you are already a part of LinkedIn groups that you want to target. you’ve already got all the power to see the whole list of your co-group members!

Even if you are not a part of any LinkedIn group that you want to target, you still have access to the LinkedIn group members!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has an advanced lead search option that lets you to make a search using the groups search filter. This helps you to see all the LinkedIn group members even if you are not a part of it.

Now that you have access to the group members, the next step would be to reach out to them right?

It is a known fact that a lot of prospects use LinkedIn groups for the messaging feature, which is a key advantage of LinkedIn groups. You can manually send out a message to each of the fellow members of the group. Build a relationship initially and take up your conversation from there.

But that is going to take a lot of manual human effort which is a really slow and tedious process that might take days or even months together to reach out to all of the LinkedIn group members. A manual process lets you reach out only to a few customers a day, meaning less business.

If there is an automated list building software such as LeadGrabber Pro, it lets you start prospecting immediately. You will be able to quickly build targeted lead lists resulting in more business. The list building software not only copy-pastes the information of your prospects to a spreadsheet but also finds the missing work email addresses and phone# of your ideal prospects and verifies the same. Use the other search filters such as,

  • Geography
  • Title
  • Seniority level
  • Function &
  • Company head count

to fine tune your prospect search

If you are wondering how to build a lead list, then targeting LinkedIn groups finely can help you build super-targeted lead lists and double your prospecting efforts.

2. Use LinkedIn Likes to Generate New Sales Leads

LinkedIn posts are one of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. You can leverage it to attract & engage your prospects, and drive sales.  

“LinkedIn LIKES” marketing is one successful lead generation method that I used to generate new sales leads. It helped me to personalize emails effectively, generate targeted business leads and get great results.  

What is ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ Marketing?

LinkedIn is the only professional network that gives precise data about user interests and activities. ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ marketing helps you to find your prospect’s interests and also find prospects with similar interests. If used effectively, it can become a powerful lead generation tool especially for people who use LinkedIn for sales prospecting

Leverage LinkedIn Likes for B2B Lead Generation:

Engage with your Social Media Audience
This helps you to convert your LinkedIn Likes into new targeted sales leads. You can target selected audience and engage with them.

Target your Prospects where they Flock Together
Follow experts and relevant hash tags that your prospects would be interested in. This helps you to target your prospects more accurately as they are found at one place based on their interests.

Here’s how LeadGrabber Pro can help you build your email list using LinkedIn Likes.

3. LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has a channel of Free B2B leads. LinkedIn shows attendees of all Events (& webinars) your prospects are attending!

To get attendee list using LinkedIn Events, you just have to know how to search for the right events on LinkedIn and get the attendee leads.

Export LinkedIn Event attendees in no time using LeadGrabber Pro and get all the attendee leads for any event you search. Reach out to them before your competitors & increase your sales opportunities. learn more about the steps to get attendee list using LinkedIn events.

4. Find Coworkers Email Address

Building prospect lists the ordinary way fetches you just your target prospect’s email address. SDRs should start building lists with their prospects’ coworker emails along with their prospects email addresses. Using coworker emails, sales development reps can reach multiple contacts in the same company, increase engagement rates and increase the chances of sales conversions by 5x. LeadGrabber Pro provides hundreds of coworker emails & company emails for free. Here’s how to leverage coworkers’ emails and increase sales opportunities.

5. Find New Prospects Invisible to List Buyers

Using live social media search filters like LinkedIn, can enable you to find recently promoted & hired decision-makers, not available through list builders whose list are 6+ months old. LeadGrabber Pro is the best sales prospecting software that helps sales development reps quickly build B2B prospect lists and acquire new clients. It helps you to quickly build fresh B2B prospect lists from the websites, professional & social networking sites and online directories, etc. in no time.

With a click of a button, LeadGrabber Pro copy-pastes the search results into the grid. You don’t have to manually copy-paste anything. The software intelligently gets you the name, title, company, business email, phone, web URL, etc. in a spreadsheet format.

What’s more? LeadGrabber Pro also appends business email addresses of your B2B contacts. Select the records that don’t have business email & phone and click on Append Email & Phone. The built-in patented email appending technology helps you to instantly append business email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts. LeadGrabber automatically verifies the business email addresses.

You can build your B2B prospect lists in no time!

With a click of a button, you can transfer your business contact lists to Excel, SalesforceAct!, Outlook, etc.

Benefits of Building B2B Prospect Lists with LeadGrabber Pro

LeadGrabber Pro helps to:

  • Build your own B2B prospect lists easily & effortlessly
  • Build B2B prospect lists for niche markets
  • Build your own trustworthy B2B Contact Database
  • Build an accurate B2B Prospect list & make more sales conversions
  • Save a lot of time & money

With LeadGrabber Pro, B2B prospect list building is a breeze. You can build your business contact list in no time and jump-start your email marketing campaigns, book more qualified sales demos and appointments. Setting sales appointments and demos is no more a hassle with LeadGrabber Pro. The sales prospecting tool helps SDRs to find hard-to-find qualified sales prospects (the right prospects with the authority to buy), reach them with a compelling message and set sales appointments with ease. It enables SDRs to book 3x more qualified sales demos & appointments. 

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