How to Solve Sales Prospecting Issues & Win More Sales

How to Solve Sales Prospecting Issues & Win More Sales

The Internet and social media have made sales prospecting far more effective than the traditional sales prospecting strategies in the past. However, there are some sales prospecting issues that hinders sales reps from becoming top performers. This blog will help you learn how you can solve sales prospecting issues and win more sales.   

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Sales Prospecting Strategies – Traditional Vs Present-Day

Though the traditional sales prospecting strategies are still in practice, some of them aren’t effective and doesn’t give you the expected outcomes. Some of the old sales prospecting methods are adverts on print media, sales letters, door-to-door sales, article submission, networking events, referrals from past customers, etc.

However, the latest sales prospecting strategies are completely online. You can prospect for sales on the Internet including online directories, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, email marketing, association websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums and so on.  

Sales Prospecting Issues

Yes, the old order has changed; the prospecting strategies used by today’s sales reps are a lot different from the old. But, the challenges remain more or less the same. Finding the right prospects that match your ideal customer profile is still a major challenge for most of the companies. Around 40% of the sales reps say that sales prospecting is the most difficult part of their sales process.

Some of the sales prospecting issues are:

  • Finding the Right Prospects
  • Generating Leads Consistently
  • Reaching your Target Audience Quickly

Finding the right prospects

The present day sales prospecting strategies offer you a lot of options & sources to find prospects. But the key is to find the right prospects who are the right fit for your product or service and who are likely to buy.

Prospecting for sales on online directories, websites, social & professional networking sites and other sources involve a lot of time & effort. You need to manually sift through hundreds of web pages to find the right prospects. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task. That is why sales reps are finding it difficult and some are even averse to sales prospecting. But, you cannot do away with it. Without prospects, whom do you sell your products or services?

Generating Leads Consistently

The next challenge is generating leads consistently. You need to generate enough number of leads so that you can reach the maximum number of your ideal customers and increase the chances of making more conversions. Generating good number of leads on certain days and ending up with few or no leads won’t help you. It can dry up your sales pipeline. You need to consistently generate qualified sales leads to feed your sales pipeline, which means you need to spend more number of hours on the Internet if you are prospecting manually.

Reaching your Target Audience Quickly

Generating leads alone will not guarantee you success. You need to reach your ideal customers as quickly as possible or else your competitor will. You might ask what is the big deal in reaching prospects. The truth is that finding business contact information of your prospects on the Internet is not an easy task; especially, if your target audience are C-level executives and decision makers.

You can’t find their business contact information such as business email address or phone number on the websites or social networks. Searching for decision maker email address and phone number is another huge task that adds up to the burden of busy sales development reps.

This is where top sales performers stand out from the rest. They use sales prospecting tools to solve sales prospecting issues and win more sales. Sales prospecting tools help you to speed up prospecting, save a lot of your time and get more time to reach out to the prospects.

Sales Prospecting Tool to Win More Sales

LeadGrabber Pro is a sales prospecting tool that helps you to speed up sales prospecting & win more sales. The sales prospecting tool helps you to find the right prospects that match your ideal customer profile, append verified business email addresses & phone numbers of your prospects and reach your potential prospects in no time.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to:

  • Find the right prospects in no time – C-level executives & Decision makers from online business directories, corporate websites, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, association websites, etc.

You don’t need to spend countless hours on the Internet to find your ideal customers.

You can automate the entire process where you schedule it once and you start receiving your prospect lists on your inbox every single day (even on your holidays & vacations).   

  • Reach your Prospects Instantly – With a click of a button, you can find verified business email addresses & phone numbers of decision makers & C-level executives from your target companies. You can reach your prospects before your competitors.

In addition to your prospect’s verified email address, you also get hundreds of your prospects’ coworker emails for free! Reach multiple contacts in your target company to increase engagement rates & sales conversions.

Sales prospecting is a breeze with LeadGrabber Pro. It takes care of finding your ideal customers, appending their verified business contact information and send you the prospect list to your inbox. You get all the time in the world to reach out to your ideal prospects, increase engagement rates & sales conversions and increase sales revenue.

LeadGrabber Pro is a must-have tool in your toolkit. A lot of top sales performers have it.

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