10,000+ US Companies Hiring WFH & Remote Employees

Get List of Companies alone, or lists with C-Level/VP decision makers you target.

10,000+ US Companies Hiring WFH & Remote Employees

You will get a Sample List of Companies - if you want with Decision Makers, Let us know during the demo.
We can also build you a sample list with the exact Decision Makers you target, in the demo.

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Companies Hiring Remote Workers / WFH & Expanding

Do you sell products or services to companies hiring remote workers?

eGrabber has built a list of 10000+ US companies hiring remote workers and employees - from Job postings, Press releases and numerous other sources on the Internet.

The list of US companies hiring remote workers comes with the C-level / VP-level decision makers managing remote teams.

We have a team that has built this exclusive list of companies hiring and is constantly updating it with new companies hiring remote teams.

If you have a product / solution for remote workers, you can jumpstart your sales engine right away with a list of companies with remote teams.

What do the list of 10000+ companies hiring remote workers include?

  • The list of companies hiring remote employees will be delivered via Excel Spreadsheet
  • Each company will include the following, if available, Name / LinkedIn ID / website / Industry / Company Headcount

    Companies Hiring Remote Workforce - Company Details
  • Choose from the 10K+ list of US companies with remote teams based on the following Filters:

    Choose from the 10K+ USA Hiring Companies based on following Filters

Where did we build the list of companies hiring remote workers from?

The companies in this list have been hand-picked and verified that they have people working from home. We also provide an audit trail for you to see from where we got the company information.

We built them from:

  • Job Boards: We have picked up companies who have posted ads in the last month, looking for people who can work from home
  • Social Media: We have picked companies who talked about how they were working from home, we picked them from news feeds, twitter feeds, popular posts on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Press Releases: We have also picked companies from press releases found on the Internet and company channels - filtered only to find companies which are very proudly saying that they are enabling remote work
  • Secondary Research: We have tapped the research of other people who have successfully identified companies who have shifted their workforce from office to home
10000+ CXO's - B2B Leads List

How Fast Can you Build 500 Companies?

Research Required to Build 500 WFH Hiring Companies

How we researched the companies that are hiring remote workers?


  • We Researched Job Boards

    We searched recent job listings from top job boards, websites and built the list of companies that were currently hiring remote workers for USA-only job positions. We broke down the searches by different US states and regions and built the list of companies that hire remote workers.We picked job titles that are most frequently sought after.
Search Job boards postings
  • Verified company is new (not Duplicate)

    Companies advertising on job boards typically post more than one job ad. We scrutinized all the job listings and eliminated duplicates from the list. But before we eliminated the duplicates, we also segregated their job titles to build specific lists such as Sales & Marketing,IT-Tech companies hiring remote workers, etc.It will help you to pick the target companies you want.
Verify company is new to list (not Duplicate)
  • Verified Job is WFH/Remote

    We handpicked companies that posted the job type as remote/WFH. We removed those companies which are hiring only for temporary remote work. It ensures that your list only has companies that hire remote employees.
Verify job is WFH/Remote
  • Found Company Demographics

    Giving you just a bunch of companies would not help you much, if you didn’t have the criteria to shortlist your target industry. To prioritize and customize your sales pitch, we have added company demographics such as Industry, Company Size, Location, Timezone, Number of Employees, Company Website, LinkedIn Company Profile.
FIND Company Demographics
  • Add Company if qualified demographics

    When you call us, you can tell us your company’s qualifying demographics, and we will add those companies to the list you want to purchase. We will also give you a way of transferring those companies onto your LinkedIn in a tagged virtual group, so you can refer back to them at any time.
Add company if qualified demographics
Companies Hiring Remote Workforce - Research Process

You will get a Sample List of Companies - if you want with decision makers, let us know during the demo.
We can also build you a sample list with the exact decision makers you target, in the demo.


REM–CL-1000Buy Contacts & Remote Companies 

1,000 CXO-VP Hiring Manager
500 companies
$1.50 / Company + Name Lead
Select Expanding Companies
by Industry / Head Count
Includes Excel with
Company Name / Phone
Industry / Head Count
Person’s Name & Title
Direct Email & Corp Phone
LinkedIn ID

REM–CL-500Buy only Remote Companies
(No Contacts)

1,000 Companies
$1.00 / Corporate Lead
Select Expanding Companies
by Industry / Head Count
Includes Excel with
Company Name / Phone
Industry / Head Count
Includes Tagging Companies
in your LinkedIn Account
for direct contact via LinkedIn

REM–DM-1000Buy only Contacts
(You provide Companies)

$1.00 each
CXO-VP Hiring Manager
You pay $1.00 per contact
You select number of decision makers you
want in each company you provide
Includes Excel with
Person’s Name & Title
Direct email & Corp Phone
LinkedIn ID
$995 minimum order

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